Angie Hills

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Angie Hills
Angie Hills.png
Angie Hills at the Red Carpet 2014 at the Grammy Awards 2014
Background information
Birth name Angelina Vanessa Hills
Born July 16, 1991 (1991-07-16) (age 28)
South Pole City
Origin Antarctica
Genres Pop, rock, hip hop, electronic, dance
Occupations Singer, musician, producer, actress, model, songwriter, dancer
Years active 2008-2011, 2011-present
Labels Club Penguin Music Records
Associated acts Meaghan, Cadence, Ethan (rapper), Peng Guin, Tim and Tom
Notable instruments
Red electric guitar, keytar, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboard, ukelele

Angie Hills is a singer, actress, songwriter and model from South Pole City. Her biggest inspirations are Cadence and Meaghan, she always dreamed of being best friends with them since she was 18. Her best friends in her schooldays are Bree and Abby, however, she has new best friends. Currently, her best friends are Cadence and Meaghan. She is very popular almost around the globe and she is officially called the pop princess dubbing the next Cadence. Like Meaghan, she loves Peach technology and she even has her own icePhone. She has been very underrated in acting and music to one of the most popular singers today.


Early life[edit]

Angelina Vanessa Hills was born on July 16 1991 and was originally born in penthouse in South Pole City when she was a chick. Her family moved to the suburbs outside of South Pole City when she was 2. She didn't have much inspirations as a chick but she did listened to several songs at age 9, however, her parents wanted her to become a waitress. She was the second most popular girl at school alongside her friends Bree and Abby. Many boys have a crush on her especially Jet Pack Guy but she rejected it. At age 13, her family moved to Club Penguin Island for a better life.

When her baby sister '"Charlotte"' hatched, she was excited to have a sister in her family because previously, she lived with a lot of boys except for her mother. She began her career in acting in 2008 where she had her first starring role in Penguin High 3. She was only allowed to write child-friendly songs, she wrote her first album "Follow" but her label shut down which caused all of the albums to wipe out. She didn't mind, she focused on singing lessons and auditioning for movies and shows. She graduated from high school at age 18 and did the same thing she did when she was 17.


2008-2012: Follow, acting & wipeout albums[edit]

After the movie was released, she was only allowed to write child-friendly songs for ages 8 to 20. She released her first album "Follow", however, her label shut down which caused all of the albums of "Follow" to crash or wipeout. Despite this situation, her parents forced themselves to get their daughter to write any kind of songs she wants to.

In 2009, she participated in many dancing competitions and she hidden her awards under her bed. Her parents didn't find out until 2010, they were very proud that Angie won many awards so they encouraged her to follow her dreams to become a singer. She auditioned for many reality competition shows that evolved singing or dancing but the judges despised her because they think Becky Nivaj is "way" better than her. During the hiatus in 2011, she landed as a job as a waitress but she later got fired in June 2011. That same month, she auditioned for the CP Factor. Unlike the other judges that hated her, the judges liked her singing skills. She mostly made it through lots of rounds in many episodes, in the last episode, she went into first place which made her received an award. She started acting again in many movies and shows which also made her received an award at the Oscars 2012 for best actress.

2013-2014: Superstar, new career, popularity & first tour[edit]

In August 2013 before the summer jam started, she bumped into Meaghan when she went to the Night Club now renamed the Dance Club. Angie introduced herself to her saying that how she loved her music and wanting to be a singer. Soon they became best friends, Meaghan led her to the Club Penguin Studio which is a secret room that only singers, dancers and other penguins that are celebrities only. She spotted a few singers in the studio much to her excitement. Dj crow spotted her and Angie agreed to sign up in Club Penguin Music Records where she recorded her first professional song. The other songs she did previously weren't professional so Angie changed her stage-name to Angie Hills, using her first and last name. She also befriended Cadence that same day and she became her other best friend. The next day, she created a PengTube account called "AngieHillsVEVO" where she'll upload her videos. Many of her singles hit number 1 or 2 in the Club Penguin Music Charts almost around the globe. She had many views and likes on her PengTube account. She released her first successful album "Superstar" which had techno, rock, pop and dance in it. She was even the 2nd penguin to reach over 1,000000 views on Pengtube on the title track "Superstar". She had her first tour on December 5 to December 22 2013 alongside her supporting acts Ethan and Meaghan. After the tour ended. During January 2014, she did some extra tour dates on the countries that she missed, has done commercial performances around the world, and she did extra shows for countries she has performed in. She also visited her family when during the day before she did another performance Club Penguin Island. She started working her next album "Angie" on February 19.

2014-2015: Cancelations, Angie and a new child[edit]

In February 25 2014, she announced her album in a sneak peek with Angie Hills saying "This album is full of love, passion and finding out who you are." By this sneak peek, many of her fans are excited for her new album wondering what's its going to have in it. Angie had a hard time thinking of singles ever since she started on February 2014, her original singles are "I'm a pet 4 u", "Bad Girl", "Born to make you love me" and "Flawless". However, she realised that it'll ruin her image of being a appropriate pop sensation so the studio agreed to shut down those songs and start again. She successfully made new songs before they were released. In April 3 2014, she released her first successful single from her second studio album. The song was called "Nice" which reached #1 in the South Pole City Billboard Top 100. It was also uploaded on ""AngieHillsVEVO" on Pengtube. On April 5, the music video was released and it was the first video on Pengtube to reach 1,000000 views. On April 10, her second single "Dark Cat" reached #1 almost on every country alongside its music video and a song of it that received 1,000000 views on ""AngieHillsVEVO". On April 17 2014, she released her third single ""The Arts"" reaching number 1 on the Club Penguin Music Charts alongside its music video and audio that has 1 million views on Pengtube. On April 25 2014, she released her fourth single Rarity reached number 1 in the South Pole City Billboard Top 100. That next day, she released her song on PengTube and got 1,000,000 views. The same thing happened the day after that. She released the music video of Rarity and 24 hours later the music video reached 1,000,000 views on PengTube. On May 1 2014, she got married to Ethan Dubbs and in an interview that same day, Angie says that she'll release a new song after her honeymoon. On May 15, she released her fifth and final single Love Angel reached number 1 in Puffle'and. After a few days, she released the song and the music video gaining 22 million views. On June 15 2014, she had a baby boy named Will that hatched at 10pm and had a welcome party for her son. After the party, Angie officially stated in the secret studios, she said that she'll temporally stop making new songs but she's might be available to record her songs for her current album and her future album. In September 2014, she finally releaesed her album "Angie".

2015-2016: Second tour, another child[edit]

Angie released a few new songs in 2015 and had music videos on her YouTube channel. Angie toured again until 2016 April. On May 12th 2016, she had a daughter named "Hope". After the birth, Angie annouced that she'll take a hiatus in 2016 to work on a new album


From 2016 to 2019, Angie worked on an album trilogy with her husband Ethan Dubbs.

Personal life[edit]

She lived in a family of 6 which included her mother Emma Hills née Jolin who worked as a doctor and she is very good at advising penguin's health. Her father Spencer Hills worked as a film director which caused him to move to different places to film. She has 2 brothers named "Hunter" and "Bob" whom she was close with when she was younger. Her little sister's name is "Charlotte". There has been several rumours around the internet whether Kai Hills is related to Angie or not but in a interview with Aunt Arctic, Angie stated that Kai is just her cousin so the penguins left that rumour to rest. Her brother Hunter had a son called "Billy" in February 2014 making the baby her nephew.

She lived in a wealthy family ever since she was a chick.

In 2008, she dated Jet Pack Guy ever since they went to the prom together, in mid 2009, they broke up because they both found somebody new. She dated the most popular guy in the school Brodie from 2009 to 2010. After she went to the senior prom with rapper Ethan, they started dating ever since the prom in February 2010. In September 2013, Ethan proposed to her and luckily, she said yes. They got married on May 1 2014 and they went on a honeymoon from May 3-10 2014. A week later, Angie announced that on her website, she's having a baby and she keeps her maiden name as her stage name still so penguins won't get confused. On June 15 2014, Angie's baby hatched who is a boy named Will. The couple Angie and Ethan is excited that they have a baby to have. The next day after Will's welcome party, Angie officially stated in the secret studios that she will temporally stop making new songs but she can record new songs for both her current album and future album if she's available. On May 12th 2016, she had a daughter named "Hope".

Physical appearance[edit]

Despite wearing different outfits everyday, here is her official trademark outfit as of 2019 (except for the hair and colour):

Hair: Wavy black hair in a loose bun above with two loose bangles, sometimes with a white lily on the right.

Colour: Old blue.

Top: Strapless checkered yellow and black crop top.

Bottom: Short denim skirt.

Microphone colour: Glittering yellow (Superstar era), cherry pink (Angie era)





  • Ethan Dubbs (before dating)



Quotes about Penguins[edit]

  • (Gary) "Oh yeah, he invents cool gadgets for the island."
  • (Aunt Arctic), "I know her, she interviewed me a few times."
  • (The Director) "Who is she?"
  • (Sensei) "I would love to learn to be a ninja like him but I'm far too busy with stuff."
  • (Rockhopper) "Who is he?"
  • (Cadence), "Oh yeah! She's so cool!"
  • (Meaghan) "She's like my best friend ever, she is very cool, gotta love her music!"
  • (Ethan Dubbs) "He's a nice guy and a loving husband."
  • (Kai Hills) "He's really excellent with computers."

To Ethan Dubbs[edit]

  • "Oh, hey Ethan!"
  • "Are you sure?"
  • "Awww, how sweet!"
  • "No, I don't have feelings about my ex-boyfriends!"
  • "Heey."
  • "Yessss, I would love to marry you!"
  • "How do I look?"
  • "Ok, I'm ready."

To Meaghan[edit]

  • "What up BFF?"
  • "That album of yours is like totally cool."
  • "C'mon, lets go."
  • "What if he finds out?"
  • "Trust me, you wouldn't like it."
  • "Guess what? You're going to collaborate with me!"
  • "Delete this photo!"

To Cadence[edit]

  • "What up Cadence?"
  • "I love your songs."
  • "No, I'm not going to model in this bikini. It'll ruin my image."
  • "Lets part-tay!"
  • "That was totally ice!"
  • "Hey there!"
  • "You rock!"

To Tay Tay[edit]

  • "Oh cool, I cannot wait to try this outfit."
  • "How does my outfit look?"
  • "Will this bikini attract Ethan more?"
  • "Hey Tay Tay, I was wondering if you could make an outfit for me."
  • "Oh cool, I can't wait to wear this beautiful dress to the Grammies."
  • "It needs to be about 20% hotter."
  • "I would be more than happy to model in this outfit for you."

To Kai Hills[edit]

  • "What up Kai?"
  • "Hey Kai, I was wondering if you could help me with my macbook."
  • "You're only 6 months older than me."
  • "I bet you have a crush on your friend."
  • "You know, we're almost feeling like siblings. Not cousins.
  • "Yeah, Becky is a total brat."
  • "Kai! I need help!"



  • Her best friends in her schooldays are Bree and Abby.
  • Her favourite party was the Summer Jam 2013.
  • Her purple puffle arrived in a package in December 1 2013 since Angie ordered it.
  • She owns a purple puffle named "Vinyl".
  • She despises Becky Nivaj.
  • She can't stand the show "Antarctican's Next Top Model".
  • She released her Christmas album "The Christmas Superstar" on December 23, 2013.
  • She is related to Kai Hills as her cousin.
  • She was the second most popular girl during her schooldays.
  • She is a model in the Penguins Right Now magazine.
  • She is one of the largest fashion icon in Club Penguin Island.
  • She has a big case of Arachnaphobia (fear of spiders).
  • Her curent best friends are Cadence, Bree, Abby and Meaghan.
  • She thinks Cadence is really cool and considers her of her other best friend.
  • She was class president in 10th grade.
  • She was a cheerleader in high school alongside the other popular rich girls.
  • She is mainly innocent so she doesn't swear that much, like Marzia.
  • She despises, hates (and many other hate words) The Fashion Police and Mabel.
  • She laughed so hard when Mabel was used as a tennis ball.
  • Tapestrea despises her music.
  • She's a huge fan of Meaghan and especially went to her concerts.
  • She has a family
  • Her favourite colours are purple and pink.
  • She was a member of the FCP (friendly, cool and popular) clique in high school similar to the popular girls group in Dork Diaries.
  • In 2011 when she immediately landed a job as a waitress at the pizza parlour, she hated it because her boss was mean to her.
  • She has a nephew named "Billy" who was born on February 11 2014.
  • She plays many instruments.
  • She's fluent in French.
  • She has two brothers, a sister and parents (see more in personal life).
  • She's not just Antarctican, she is also of Japalandese, Puffish and Frankterran descent.

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