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Angry Terns
Angry Terns logo.png
The first logo of the game.
Type App
Effects Happiness.
Source Rover Games
Cost to buy 100 coins

Angry Terns is the #1 app selling in Peach Inc.'s app store on icePod, icePhone, and icePad. It was created by an unnamed penguin (who is known to live in Yow Kingdom) and was published by Rover Games. It is a very popular game, with many spinoffs and products.


Angry Terns was first thought of by an unnamed penguin, who lived in Yow Kingdom. He knew how to make apps, and was taking an app class at his school. He had an assignment to make an app, any kind of app. His friend was a tern, and his friend gets angry very easily. So the penguin created Angry Terns, which was a puzzle game. The story was that a group of walruses stole the terns' eggs, and the terns wanted revenge. So they built a large cannon, and fired it at the walruses' fortress. The game was really fun, and got the unnamed penguin an A+.

His classmates said he should make it a real app, so he did. He sent the idea to Rover Games, which at the same time was in trouble. The unnamed penguin sent them the designs, and showed them everything. With no hesitation Rover Games bought rights to Angry Terns in 2008, and started to further create the app in 2008.

In 2009 Angry Terns appeared in Peach Inc.'s App Store, and had 50 downloads the first week. The next week the app had 200 downloads, and the third week had 700 downloads. Suddenly Angry Terns became the fifth top ten app, then suddenly become number one.

The app was very famous, and demands for more versions were needed. So Rover Games had more versions made, including Angry Terns Seasons.

In 2011 merchandise for the game popped up in stores all across Antarctica. The first merchandise were stuff terns, and walruses. Soon cups, key chains, shirts, plates, and more merchandise were made. During the time the time the merchandise were made, Rover Games was loosing money due to a court session.


In the game multicolored terns' eggs are stolen by hungry walruses. Players must fire the terns out of a cannon, and try to hit the walruses who have sheltered themselves in forts. The forts are in all sorts of different shapes, and sizes. The forts are built from wood, or ice, or stone. Wood is easiest to destroy. Players can destroy walruses by either hitting them directly, or causing debris to fall down on them.

At the beginning of the game, only the red tern is used. But further into the game players unlock different terns. There are red terns, blue terns, yellow terns, green terns, black terns, white terns, and orange terns.

Some walruses are harder to destroy than others. For instance small walruses are destroyed with one hit, and larger walruses take two hits. Some walruses protect themselves by wearing armor, and others wear crowns and take several hits. In some levels there are bombs, and rocks that help destroy the walruses.


Angry Terns has won many, many awards. They got rated #1 App in Antarctica, the Rover App Gold Medal, and Commercial Product of The Century. Angry Terns has won so many awards, that a special museum had to be built to hold all the trophies and medals. The museum was built in Nilo, and it receives many tourists. However in the last few months of 2011, another app has been rising. Angry Terns didn't pay attention to their new competition, until in September 2011 they lost to the new competition. The new app was named Mad Cows, a complete rip-off of Angry Terns.

Other Kinds of Media[edit]

Since 2011, merchandise for Angry Terns has been sold throughout Antarctica. The first merchandise to appear were toy versions of the terns, which came in small and large. Then key chains, cups, figures, pillows, and more came out.

The merchandise were created when Rover Games was loosing money, to a law suit. They were sued for copyright infringement, by a guy who obviously just sue for money. However the judge called Rover Games guilty, and that they had to pay a fine of 250,000 gold coins. To save themselves from going bankrupt, Rover Games pulled a stunt. They borrowed two million coins from a Yowien bank, and paid local factories to start assembling Angry Tern toys. The toys were put into stores two days after Rover Games paid a company to make the toys.

Angry Terns CP[edit]

Angry Terns CP is a game made by Rover Games. The idea for it was created long back when Angry Terns Seasons was released, but after a month of work, the scripts broke and the game was cancelled. In late 2010, Rover was called by a penguin reminding them about Angry Terns CP, and soon, in 2011, it was scheduled to come out on 2012. It wasn't released in 2012 because of errors. But, in late 2012, it was once mentioned in a sneak peek for a bunch of new stuff and a new game, and in January 23, 2013, the game was finally released.

Theme Song[edit]

The theme song, and some of the other songs, are actually songs from F Summer Tunes. Rover Games had bought rights to the album, after Feey1 quit the music business. The main theme song is "Walk In the Park", which seemed just right for the theme song. Before they could make the song officially the theme song, they had to ask for Feey1's permission. Being the kind sport he is, Feey1 let rover Games use the song.


  • This is a parody of Angry Birds.
  • Many companies want to buy Angry Terns.
    • A illegal betting website has been created, for companies to try to out pay each other. This is sort of like practicing for the greedy companies.

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