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Angry Terns Holidays
Angry Terns Seasons logo.png
The official logo of the game.
Type App
Effects Happiness.
Source Rover Games
Cost to buy 125 coins

Angry Terns Holidays is a spinoff game of the popular app: Angry Terns. It was once again created by the unnamed penguin, and published by Rover Games in fall of 2010. It received better ratings than the original, and excited fans of the game. In the game, players must use the terns to stop the walruses from destroying different holidays. The game had more of a storyline to it, and is said to have a better foundation than the first one.


Since the release of Angry Terns in 2009, Rover Games and the unnamed penguin had been discussing a sequel to the game. The unnamed penguin, who now had been going by the name of Oculto, was given the task of creating the next Angry Terns game. Oculto had been thinking about creating a holiday special of Angry Terns, but he was stuck on deciding which holiday to pick. Eventually he decided to make a game that involved all the major holidays, so that he wouldn't have to go through the stress of choosing one holiday.

The next month, September, Oculto finished creating concept art and a group of test levels for the game. He showed Rover Games the designs, and had them play the test level. The company agreed that it was smart to include all of the major holidays in the game, and thus Angry Terns Holidays came of age. Production on the game started on September 27, starting with the Christmas levels. Oculto and his team were pressured to finish the game before October 20, which would be a highly difficult task.

Eventually, Angry Terns Holidays was released on October 25. It featured Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, and April Fool's Day. It received many good ratings; however, the gameplay was a bit poor. Players complained about the screen freezing a lot, their status being deleted, and the app "killing" their device. Because of this, Oculto and a group of technicians had to spend a month fixing the glitches they looked over. By December 14, the app was completely fixed.


In the game, like the original, players shoot multi-colored terns out of a cannon; in an attempt to take back eggs from hungry walruses. This time, however, players can purchase and gain upgrades for the cannon. Upgrades make the cannon aim better, shoot faster, and even an automatic aiming system.

In the Christmas levels of the game, the walruses throw snowballs in some levels. When terns collide with these snowballs, they fall out of the sky. This makes it more difficult for the player to aim correctly. The same thing happens in the other levels; however, instead of snowballs, the projectiles are objects that best resemble the holiday.


Here is a list of holidays featured in Angry Terns Holidays (each holiday has 10 levels, besides Christmas; which has 25 levels):

  • New Years
  • April Fool's Day
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas


Angry Terns Holidays received many good ratings, nearly as much as the original game. Players liked it because there was more storyline, and the levels were harder to defeat. In the month that it was released, Angry Terns Holidays was the #1 App of the Month in Antarctica. Because the game received such good ratings, Rover Games decided to update the app every now and then; adding more/updating the levels. Rover Games also hired some computer coders to make an online version of the game, which allowed more to play the game. It also made Angry Terns Holidays the second app to have an online version.

Theme Song[edit]

The theme song to Angry Terns Holidays is not precise. Rover Games decided to make a theme song for each holiday; therefore, the game had multiple theme songs. The most popular was the New Years theme song, which can be listened to below.


  • Feey1 Pie's music was not used in Angry Terns Holidays, or any future Angry Terns games.

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