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Anna Harriet Fjord
Anna Harriet Fjord.jpg
"Give. Me. My. MAP!!!"
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Health Can't really spell, read, or tell left from right... So, pretty bad condition.
Status Searching for adventure
Location Outside
Parody of Lindsay from My Sim's Kingdom/Agents
Birth date September 18, 2000 (2000-09-18) (age 19)
Occupation She's a young illiterate lady, do you expect her to have a job?!
Feather color Purple
Interests Exploring, studying, trying to read, boating
Allergies Onions, radishes, fire ants
Friends Not many
Enemies Snatchers, Evil dooers
Archetype Good Guy

The infamous, illiterate Anna Harriet Fjord loves maps. She has a map of almost every place and loves trekking. She is a young penguin with an eye for adventure. She can't tell her right from her left and will stop at nothing to become and explorer (and get a cool super agent jet!). She is illiterate, meaning she can not read or write. She wants to build things and become a great leader- right when she learns how to spell the word apple. She lives in the residential servers of Club Penguin and usually gets lost there.

Early Years[edit]

When she was just a chick, she began drawing places. Where ever she would go, she would draw it.

She was mobile as soon as she could waddle. Everywhere, she would walk. Walking here, walking there, and wandering off. That got her into some trouble. She would get lost and mostly scared. With her trusty maps, she'd normally get back to where she belonged.


Anna is probably the most carefree penguin you'd ever meet. She loves maps. Maps this, maps that. She wants to be a secret agent for the EPF and get a jet when she is older (even though the EPF does not supply aircraft or even jet packs to agents). Her parents Harriet and Kenny Fjord love her dearly, but want her to become more cautious of her actions. Her sisters Crystal Fjord and Jennabell Fjord are very simple and elegant unlike Anna. She has less smarts than her sisters. She lacks in the ability to read and write like her sisters and she also is bad with school. She only cares about maps and her Antarctica Stones comics which gets her into more trouble!


Anna is a chatty penguin who loves talking to her sisters about her travels. She likes helping out town citizens in need with troubles such as lost items, stealing cases, and the casual "Help the puffle out the tree!" routine. She is an avid citizen who loves to visit the traditional Club Penguin locations, though she normally gets lost..


Donning a flouncy brown ponytail, dressed with glitzy blue sparkles everywhere, walking in stylish buccaneer shoes, Anna can not be missed. Indeed, she is purple penguin with a hint of adventure. She has her signature striped blue shirt on along with her map of Club Penguin island.


  • Parody of Lindsey from My Sims' Kingdom/Agents.
  • Her favourite colors are all warm.

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