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Anna Ice
Birth name Anna Adriana Hannah Ice
Born April 26, 1986 (1986-04-26) (age 33)
Origin United States of Antarctica
Genres Pop, dance-pop, R&B
Occupations Singer, songwriter
Years active 2006–present
Labels Fourth Order Records
Associated acts Penguin Band

Anna Adriana Hannah Ice, better known as Anna Ice is an R&B, pop-rock and dance-pop singer from Centriepistula. She started her career as a background singer for the Penguin Band. Currently she is the band The Cold Side of the Arctic and has released 1 studio album in the band while being signed to Fourth Order Records as a band, though Anna also is signed to a solo contract. She has released solo material ever since 2006, and has collaborated with the likes of DJ Melodie and Delaine.

Recently she collaborated with DJ Crow for his album In Search of Lost Time (2017), which resulted into a surge of her music being purchased again.


Early years[edit]

Anna Ice (birth name Anna Adriana Hannah Ice) was born on April 26, 1986 in Centriepistula. She was not interested in singing or music as a child that much. But, her parents abused her older sister Lacey Ice (birth name Lacey Macy Stacey Gracie Tracey Casey Ice) and, to let her feelings out, she wrote music and songs. That is what inspired her to get into it. Soon Anna's parents started abusing Lacey more so that Anna called the police and they got involved. Anna was only 12 and couldn't be told what had happened to her sister, and to this day, she doesn't know where or who her sister is. That was the inspiration for her band, The Cold Side of the Arctic's song, Come Back to Me. She says that she "would love to meet her sister just to know that she is okay" according to sources. Her school grades were good as she was in top set, but Anna said that "I never enjoyed Art or Maths and that's why I failed both of them". Although she failed them, she made outstanding progress in English, Dance, Music and Drama. (For some reason, art was a separate class.)

Teenage years[edit]

As Anna had not been active in the Performing Arts in school, she had nothing to put on her CV for a career. Anna had connections though and was a regular at the Dance Club. When Penguin Band played their first gig at the Dance Club, Cadence gave her a job as a runner. This meant she had to give them coffee, give them their set lists, tune their guitars, etc. "It wasn't a good job, but it was a start." Anna had said when asked about it on one of her many CPTV interviews.

One day when Penguin Band were in town, Anna excused herself from Franky's dressing room to use the bathroom. As she left for the bathroom, she dropped her favourite bracelet with polka dots on it. Franky, being kind, followed her to the bathroom to give it to her, but waited outside the door for her to come out. As Anna dried her flippers, she started singing a song. "The words were something like 'And I set fire, to the rain. Watched it burn, then touched your face'." Franky had said when he was quizzed about it. Then Franky invited her to be a back-up singer for them.

Anna became a backup singer for Penguin Band and soon became more famous. Penguins in the Night Club were saying things like "Hey, who's that girl?" and one night, Franky introduced her to everyone. People cheered for her so much that she then started a small solo career with Fourth Order Records. She performed every night at the Dance Club, and when in town, was the opening act for Penguin Band. One night, after performing her song "Peaceful", Anna was spotted by fashion designer Popo Panelle and asked her to model a few issues of Penguin Style. Of course, Anna could not miss out on this opportunity and said yes.


Early career[edit]

When she was just 11 Anna and her friends Chez (who is now not her friend), Lottie, Elly and Patricia started a girl group called The Inuettes (a play on the word 'Inuit'.) with only one song called Inuit about the group. The group split up due to arguments between Chez and Elly. When she was 14, she recorded countless videos of herself singing to upload to PengTube, but because of her insecurity she never did upload them. "Those videos are still on my laptop at my parents house, you know." she laughed in one of her interviews with CPTV.

2009-2010: Are You Sure?[edit]

Are You Sure? is Anna and The Cold Side of the Arctic's first studio album. Anna has said that "The tracks were inspired by the work from artists such as Meaghan, Katy Spitz and Penguin Band. The songs included their first song, Peaceful, a song called Little Boy, and the title song, Are You Sure?".

2011-present: Current work[edit]

At 15, her and her friends Laila Snow and Faery Cake started a band together called The Cold Side of the Arctic. It included Faery on guitar and back-up vocals, Laila on drums and Anna herself singing. Their first single, Peaceful was out in 2007, the year the band was formed. It was number 1 in Centriepistula and made the Top 10 in other countries.

Charity work[edit]

In 2011, Anna and her friend Evie recorded a studio song which is a parody of the Wiz Khalifa song called Waddle with Swagga. It is a single for the charity, "The Puffles Without a Home Foundation". Anna was quoted saying "We love puffles, and it's unfair that they sometimes get treated so badly and that many people don't come and adopt them. We put this song out so that people would donate to the trust and also see that if we have puffles, then maybe they can adopt themselves." (Puffles, by default, are considered property unless granted custody of themselves by some form of law, will, deed, or proclamation.)

She currently has two puffles, a green puffle called Jacko and a purple puffle called Maggie. Evie has been said to have two puffles aswell, a yellow puffle called Marley after Marley Grogan and a black one called Matty.

Personal life[edit]

Anna is known for having short relationships. Her longest relationship was her first with Daffy Dog for about 10 months, but ended it after she decided he wasn't the right person for her. Her second relationship was with Rex569 for a period of just 2 days, and Rex ended it for Chez18. Sources say Anna was heartbroken. She has also had plenty of one night stands including Oopsdaisyme, Trinket123, Ali5693 and Ben Eats.

There have been rumors that Anna is in a relationship with member of Penguin Band, Frankie, but she and her reps have denied this. Her representatives said "Anna and Frankie are just very close friends. It would be weird for them to date, being so." There has also been rumors that she has been in a relationship with one of her band members, Laila Snow as they were seen hugging outside the Coffee Shop together and have also been seen together on countless occasions by tabloids, but both have denied the rumor and said that "They would never be together, they are just friends.".


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details Chart peak positions
2010 Are You Sure? (as The Cold Side of the Arctic)
  • Released: April 19, 2010
  • Genre: Pop rock, R&B, dance-pop
  • Label: Fourth Order Records
  • Format: CD, digital download
5 3 8 2 10 13 7 9
2016 Sweet 17
  • Released: April 19, 2010
  • Genre: Pop, R&B, dance-pop
  • Label: Fourth Order Records
  • Format: CD, digital download</small>
5 3 8 2 10 13 7 9


  • She loves the Music Jam and the Puffle Party
  • Her favourite activities include dancing, singing, and playing instruments.
  • She likes coffee and cream soda.
  • She owns an IcePhone.

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