Annelid (alien)

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Worm Guys.jpg
Those over there, are the famous "The Worm Guys" band members.
Title The Slender Worms
Gender Male or Female
Race Annelidae
Faction Good or Evil
Health Helathy
Level 1 - 100000000000
Status Good
Location Planet Anemohs
Place of birth 123 A.D
Occupation Everything (kinda)
Height half size of an average penguin.
Interests Coffee
Strengths COFFEE!!!
Weaknesses NO COFFEE!!!!
Fears END OF THEIR PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!
Friends Other Aliens
Enemies Other Aliens

An Annelid, is a worm-like alien, hailing from the tropical/volcanic/desert planet, Annemohs.


Annelids are tall, skinny, usually slender, with six tiny arms on their abdomens. They have webbed fingers and feet. Their antennas are used for sensing, tracking, or just playing with someone or themselves, if bored. They are also known to have short tails, medium tails, large tails, or even no tail! they are half the size of a normal penguin.


It is unknown where they came in all honesty by everyone.


Today, Worms have their own holidays, culture and everyday lives on their planet. There are even times were they visit Club Penguin Island, Puffle'and or any other penguin/puffle nations, Which some count as cryptids even!. One group of famous Annelids, are a band called, The Worm Guys, which includes band members Neeble, Geeble, Mannix, and Sleeble. They are basically the alien version of the famous Penguin Band.