Anonymity Necklace

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Bureau of Fiction Anonymity Necklace
The item as seen in a player card.
Type Neck item
Effects Provides immunity from all BOF control, with few exceptions
Source Bureau of Fiction
Location Owned by various creatures
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

A Bureau of Fiction Anonymity Necklace is an extremely rare and powerful item given to special creatures at the orders of the Bureau of Fiction. It grants the wearer BOF Immunity.

All Masters of the Universe hold an Anonymity Necklace, but laymen can get their flippers on one through certain methods and actions. Any Master of the Universe is entitled to give anyone a Necklace at any time, for any reason.


Those who possess a Necklace are largely unaffected by BOF actions, like small and medium-scale rollbacks, reversions, mind wipes, tracking/surviellance, IP locating, and certain types of retcon. With most necklaces, only the Masters are allowed to edit the bearer.

The Necklace is made of solid, wafer thin platinum on a golden chain. On the back is a small security chip (like the one on credit cards), and a small antenna jutting out. A bar code, a seal, and other such things are placed there. On the front are assorted words, letters, and other neccesary items clarifying the Necklace's purposes and issue date.

How it works[edit]

An anonymity necklace is a special tag that was intentionally programmed into the Fourth Wall by a previous band of Masters. The presence of the tag on an entity indicates that said entity is in the "exempt class", a class of objects that the Fourth Wall is not allowed to alter in any way. (Masters are, by default, in the exempt class. They do not require a tag to identify themselves as in the exempt class; their names are directly registered into the Fourth Wall by the BoF's supercomputers.) Since the BoF uses the Fourth Wall to make their changes to the universe, this prevents objects in the exempt class from ever being edited by the BoF.

However, the exempt class can be overridden through special Wikia protocols. This involves typing in a long string of commands and passwords directly to the Fourth Wall, through use of a Master's device. Overriding the exempt class may only be done in dire situations, as per Wikia policy, so this almost never happens. Once the exempt class is overridden, all the objects in it are vulnerable to BoF editing.


A select few creatures are given this all-powerful device. Some got them legally, and others... well...




  • Usually, Anonymity Necklaces are simply addressed as "The Necklace".
  • James Kwiksilver is the only being in the universe whose actions are not dictated by the Masters, therefore an Anonymity Necklace has absolutely no effect on him. The reason for this is because unlike all other items in the universe, Kwiksilver doesn't have a file in the Bureau of Fiction which the Masters can edit. He operates entirely on free will.
    • XTUX Hun is unable to be controlled by anyone except Director Benny, due to some intentional irrepairable damage to XTUX's file. Mayor McFlapp often spends countless nights trying to fix XTUX's file so that he can end XTUX's mischef once and for all, but usually ends up damaging the file even more.

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