Antarctic Airlink

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Antarctic Airlink
Callsign AIRLINK
Founded February 19, 2010
Commenced operations July 13, 2010
Hubs South Pole City-Metropolitan International Airport, Club Penguin City-Amherty Regional Airport
Frequent flyer program PolarPoints
Airline lounge ArcticLounge
Airline alliance SkyAlliance
Fleet 53
Destinations 77
Company slogan Linking the nation together
Parent company Air Antarctic
Headquarters 433 Handell Road, South Pole City

Antarctic Airlink is the regional subsidiary of Air Antarctic. The airline was founded by the airline's executives in February 2010.The airline maintains a fleet of 53 and 77 destinations.


As Air Antarctic faced fierce competition from other carriers, such as Club Penguin AirFlights and SkyJet Airways, the airline wished for the presence of a regional subsidiary, to increase the competition with other carriers. The airline's executives then came together and create the subsidiary, which would be named Antarctic Airlink. Many were opposed to the idea, but it did go ahead as planned. The Antarctic Air Trnasportation Association agreed, and gave the airline many slots at South Pole City-Metro Airport. Although many competitors opposed the airline, many penguins thought the opposite. It was known to have better service than all of it's other competitors. The airline is now the third largest regional subsidiary in Antarctica.


  • Pontrier ARJ100 (18)
  • Pontrier ARJ705 (26)
  • Pontrier ARJ1000(15)



RegionalClass on-board Antarctic Airlink offers 22' inch cotton and polyester seating, and an in-flight magazine. Food services are available,including snacks and drinks through the airline's buy-on-board program. Daily newspapers, coffee and tea are also available free of charge. Passengers traveling on a PremiumClub Card also have access to priority boarding and free refreshments.