Antarctic Cities and Municipalities Association

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Antarctic Cities and Municipalities Association
Headquarters Flint Tower, 1300 Icicle Street, Polaris, Eastshield
Languages English
Membership 60 cities
- leader
  • Kenneth B. Kratz (President),*Annalie Reed (Vice President), Orion Freddy ( Speaker of the House)
- members 120 Representatives
Establishment July 5, 2002
- early times 1994-1996
- official start 2002

The Antarctic Cities and Municipalities Association, coloquially known as ACMA is a multi-city organization, founded in Polaris in 2002. The organization is comrpised of multiple municipalities across the Antarctic. The ACMA was created by the Mayors of three cities, South Pole City, Polaris and Club Penguin City in 2002, in an effort to help govern cities. The ACMA is headquartered in the Flint Tower, a 780 ft. tall skyscrapers, with 55 stories where it occupies thirty-six of the fifty-five storiesl

Every two weeks, representatives from cities converge on Polaris for voting, the introduction of ordinances and proposals. Ordiances passed by the organization are required to be universal for all member municipalities and cities, unless the cities are observers. Representatives for cities comprise of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, under the Universal City Law, passed by the assocation in 2006. The most recent city to join ACMA is Mattress Village.


In 1994, the mayors of Polaris, and South Pole City created a tentaive city partnership deal, in which a bilateral meeting would take place every week. By the end of 1995,10 seperate cities aligned with the then-named Continental Cities Union, which was headquartered in Polaris, which is still the home of the ACMA today.

Current Representatives[edit]

City Representative or Observer Deputy Representative Join date (Y-M-D)
Polaris Kenneth N. Kratz Annalie Reed 2008-01-01
South Pole City Orion Freddy Stanley Mafee
Club Penguin City James Patterson Darren O'Connor
Shiverpool Louis Ford Adrian Stone
East Bank City CatZip888 Jason Meiler 2009-01-01
Bern Jacques Formidable Maurice Hammerstein
Snellville (Observer) Fanny Ford N/A
Glassyglow Mark Dickson Walton Freedon
Enderby City Jacob Reginald Enderby III Karl Wolfe
Penguville James Flack Walter Farley
Ternville (Observer) Amelia Catherine Hatter
New West City Idoreconise Allen Fink
Beachville Allen Fink Jana Donn
Penguiki Darren Wall Adam Penguinson
Googolplex (Observer) Stevie Falcon I James Techno
Mojave Emily Bach Franz Brunswick
Sealville Warren Tusken Demi Musty
Zurich Maddieworld Francois Montagne
Snowville Sam Rudi Vanna Fox 2009-01-03
Newton Town Joyce Aller David Acton 2009-01-03
Saint Moritz Frank Mort Donna Artford 2011-01-01 (Jan 1st 2011)
Aquarius Sir Thomas Aquarius Lyndon Pannel
Frostize Kirk McKirk Dan Dolley
Inland Graham Bill Rana King
Las Puffles Oscar B. Greatman Brendan Taylor
New Happyface City Landon Morton Maurice Julian
Ice City Anna Garcia Diego Dellas
Pengu Town Allen Carten Michael Hain
Kingston Harry Drift Adam Waynes
Mattress Village (observer) Gopper1 N/A 2011-04-15
Jing Jongs Town (Observer) Jing Jongs N/A 2011-11-15

Universal City Law[edit]


  • Yoenah has tried to apply for this several times, but it is resoundingly rejected as a media stunt and lame bid for recognition.
  • As an observer, Mattress Village is not affected by UCLs passed in the Association, but it does vote and propose laws for the Association. (Obviously, they never pass. Ever. Ever ever ever.)
    • The Mattress Village Representative actually bunks in the Flint Tower,that is to say, he actually lives there. Since the weekly trip from his hometown to Polaris would take too long and be too expensive, he has a small room of his own in the tower.
  • Some have considered moving the headquarters from Polaris to South Pole City, because more moderate observers fear that Polaris is "trying to usurp South Pole City" as the dominant municipality on the Antarctic mainland.

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