Antarctic Coast Guard

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The logo for Antarctic Coast Guard
Type Coast guard
Head Dan Beronews
Job Search and rescue, Law Enforcement, Sea defence
Members Aprox. 50,000 creatures
Headquarters Heptagon

The Antarctic Coast Guard, the ACG or sometimes simply the Coast Guard, is the Coast guard of the United States of Antarctica, tasked with Search and rescue, Law enforcement on the high seas and defence of the seas of the USA. It was officially established by the Antarctica Military Act 2000 along side the Antarctic Navy, the Antarctic Army, the Antarctic Air Force and the Antarctic National Guard. It is currently lead by Patrick Johnson.


The officially established by the Antarctica Military Act 2000 along side the Antarctic Navy, the Antarctic Army, the Antarctic Air Force and the Antarctic National Guard. It's role was law enforcement, search and rescue and the military defence of the seas of the USA. As the Coast Guard, it operated a Brown-water navy to patrol the coastlines of Antarctica, which was large effective, with many lives being saved out sea and the oceans policed.

The Antarctic Coast Guard and the Antarctic Navy, along with several naval militias, had their powers reduced by CNIC, where an amendment to the law which created the AIA allowed CNIC to effectively take over the role that those branches previously filled. It was here that the former Admiral of the Coast Guard, John Brown, retired, leaving very little opposition. However the CNIC Reform Act 2010 largely made the amendment redundant, introducing several reforms which limited the powers of CNIC and expanded those of the ACG and the AN. It is possible that the Strategic Defense Bill could possibly make similar reforms to the EPF and the AIA, with more powers regarding defense going to the Army, National Guard, Air Force and Marine Corps.


The USCG removes some power from the CNIC involving water, much to Tail's delight. Though Dan still has all power. They make sure the waters you boat on are safe. The USCG also protects major trade routes like the SABER from penguin pirates that would want to steal from traders.


Here is a list of some known boats used in the USCG.

  • The Jerry Jester- The largest vessel in the USCG. Contains satellite communications, and internet access even at 10,000 miles away from the nearest civilization.
  • Sea's Guard- The fastest boat in the USCG. Can reach speeds of over 20 knots.
  • Mosso Joh- Another small command vessel, it can reach speeds of 16 knots.
  • Gary Wild- A large transportation vessel. It transport fish, crab, O Berries, and Pizza Plants to stranded penguins and needy towns and countries.
  • Smooth- A small scout vessel of the USCG. It scouts for enemy ships and has some of the best radar in the USCG.


Here is a list of very honorable captains in the USCG.

  • Patrick Johnson
  • Dan Beronews
  • Jerry Hills
  • Kenneth Ashe
  • Larry Tan
  • Candace Trops
  • Mary Gills
  • Samson Fonds
  • Joesph Joe
  • Jack Daring


Commonly used weapons are old Snowball Guns or lazer guns. The sea vessels hold large cannons on board, mostly used to scare pirates. Though the USA has been putting extreme restrictions on the weapons the USCG uses.


Sailors in the coast guard are given ranks. Here is a list of them, from highest to lowest.

Rank Job Pay Uniform
Admiral Leads the entire cost guard. 30,000 Gold Coins a month. Admiral jacket.png
Supreme Captain Leads 1-5 ships. 26,000 Gold Coins a month. Supreme captain jacket.png
Captain Leads 1 ship. 22,000 Gold Coins a month. Captian jacket.png
First Mate Is 2nd in command of a vessel. 18,000 Gold Coins a month.
2nd Mate Is 3rd in command of a vessel. 14,000 Gold Coins a month.
Deck Hand An ordinary sailor, sometimes a rookie. 10,000 Gold Coins a month.




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  • The Jerry Jester is commanded by a captain named Jerry who comes from a long line of jesters.
  • The USCG have also battled leopard seals, and any creatures that would eat penguins.