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Antarctica Wide Racing
Type South Pole Wide
Industry Racing
Founded 1990
Headquarters South Pole City,
Area served Antarctica
Key people Dupply Ford
Revenue 6 million coins
Employees 2,000
Website www.acrc.ant

The Antarctic Car Racing Challenge or ACRC is a massive car race that stretches all over the Antarctic continent. It is an extremely dangerous race that only the best dare to compete in.


The race was founded in 1990 by Dupply Ford. Dupply Ford was a retired racer who craved for the biggest, most challenging races. So he founded the Antarctic Car Racing Challenge in 1990 and challenged racers to compete.

20 racers competed in the first race, their race cars are now in the ACRC Museum. Dupply Ford found that his company wasn't making enough money to keep the race going. So he started to advertise products during the race, charging companies to put up posters and billboards on the track. This wasn't enough, so he decided to start a TV show called Ford's Crazy Racing. He charged companies to broadcast commercials during the show.

This allowed Dupply Ford to hire more engineers to design the racetrack. The company grew in popularity, as more and more penguins begin to watch the TV channel and pay to go to races.

Suddenly during the 2001 competition, a driver shot a competitor that was in front of him. The victim lost a lot of blood, barely surviving. Dupply Ford's race began attracting a lot of bad media, driving away his audience. To make matters worse, the victim sued his attacker and the ACRC organization. Despite their best efforts, none of the lawyers Dupply Ford hired were able to convince the judge. Dupply paid out thousands in damages. It looked like it would be the end of the ACRC.

In order to regain money, Dupply started a second, smaller business selling pastries. He also took out loans from various banks. Combining the profit from the pastry business and the borrowed money, he hired engineers to design special nonlethal, harmless weapons that drivers could use against their opponents without the risk of death. Dupply figured that this would appeal to viewers.

In 2005, the ACRC began holding races again. Dupply's weapons made the competition popular with younger audiences. Many fans were buying tickets, watching the TV channel, and buying souvenirs.


Male Racers[edit]

Name Won Races Lost Races Notes
Jerry King 16 28 Jerry King was one of the first racers in ACRC. He got 5th place in his first race.
Lane Hundle 30 12 Lane Hundle won the second race. He is a great racer and his picture hangs in the ACRC museum.
Dan Shirmtz 30 1 Dan Shirmtz has never placed lower than 5th. His impressive record intimidates opponents.
Larry Vines 12 76 Larry Vines is a very kind racer. He doesn't have many weapons on his car, and he rarely ever wins.
Miller Fars 76 0 Miller Fars has never placed lower than 7th. He is very popular and has made a lot of money from selling action figures of himself.
Farley Gills 40 12 Farley Gills is a old racer. He is rather slow, but is an expert and has never placed lower than 10th.
David Crouch 20 20 David Crouch has lost as many games as he has won. He doesn't race much as he has a music career to handle.
Dasf Jr. 76 5 Probably the best racer in the entire organization. He never places higher than 5th. He likes to cook in his spare time.
Donald Flipper 21 40 A rookie racer. He is very young and is also an author.
Bob Slicey 33 17 Not the best racer in the company. He enjoys running the food booth while not racing, and cooking in his food truck he drives in around the USA selling food.
FЯED CЯAZY 10 45 The craziest racer in the whole company. He makes web shows and has stared in a movie. He has been pulled out of a lot of races for using weapons.
Greg Dans 21 19 A rookie that is really bad at racing. He does for a living, which explains why he still lives in his parent's basement.
Ty Die 41 13 An amazing racer who's picture hangs in the ACRC Museum. His car is Ty-Die colored and so is his suit and helmet.
Calvin Cool 51 25 A great racer who enjoys watching wrestling matches on his TV. He sometimes is a judge for wrestling games.
Daniel Stone 29 28 A horrible racer who has almost been not allowed to compete in the race. He has no fans(not even his parents), and lives in his grandmother's basement. He sometimes works at a coffee shop across the street from where he lives.

Female Racers[edit]

Name Won Races Lost Races Notes
Melessa Foyoh 41 12 She is one of the best racers out there. She has many fans, and she was the first ever female racer in ACRC.
Jennifer Dares 32 24 She isn't really into racing, but into daring stunts. She is a daredevil when not racing and is one of the best female daredevils in the USA.
Lilly Farns 63 13 A really great racer. She has many fans and designs website while not racing.
Milldra Dockings 34 21 She races for a hobby, unlike other racers. She's a cook at a restaurant in Yow Kingdom.
Miss Gears 23 12 She hails from a family of blacksmiths and is a very good mechanic. She also works on the ACRC's engineering team.
Hilga Dine 56 13 She is an amazing racer who has many fans and races in the race every 2 years. She has performed many stunts in the races before, for she is daring.
Kaylee Quals 22 10 She spends most of her time running her store, but whenever the store goes low on cash she races in the ACRC. It seems she wins every time she races.
Madelin Hawk 19 1 She is really bad at racing. She races only to help a homeless shelter and she lives in Snowzerland.
London Findal 34 12 She has been a fan of racing since she was 5. She races for the thrill of the dangers and obstacles. She has been pulled out of many races for using weapons.
Cardlight Rock 51 13 She is one of the best racers in the business. She sells toy versions of her car and herself, and also runs her own clothing line.
Red 'Riding' Hood 43 13 She is a awesome racer who has many fans. She has raced for 24 years and is trying to get into a singing career. She has earned the nickname: Riding.
Samantha Shay 36 5 Another amazing racer who has only lost 5 games. Though she is great at racing, she has a job as a clown at a circus.

Deceased Racers[edit]

This section includes male and female.

Name Won Races Lost Races Died How and When
Kayla Jelly 65 13 She died when her car malfunctioned and swerved off the course. She died on March 31st, 2009.
Josh Runs 31 10 He died when another racer shot his tires with a pistol. The tires lost air and his car went out of control, then crashing into a light post. He died on February 2nd, 2005.
Danny Hooper 26 13 He died when a a racer broke into his flower shop and burned it down. He died April 21, 2010.
Jessie Red 43 15 She died when a missile hit her car and blew up. The murderer has not been found yet. She died on December 5th, 2011.
Lilly Stockings 50 24 She died when she was watching a race and stood on the bleachers. She accidentally fell down and hit some concrete. She died on August 3rd, 2003.

Racing Track[edit]

The course is divided into multiple legs, which are each completed over the course of two days. The entire race takes about two weeks. The first leg begins at South Pole City. Later legs wind their way through Trans-Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula. The final leg takes place in Club Penguin, and consists of ten laps around one of the R servers.

A picture of a small part of the race.

During the race, racers must jump massive gaps, maneuver through obstacles, and make sharp turns.


The ACRC company hires some of the best engineers in the continent to build race cars and other machines.

Each year the cars get faster, safer, and more sophisticated. In recent years, Dupply has begun to work less on the cars and more on advertising, hoping to fully recover the company from its debt.


Despite strict regulations, racers often utilize weapons against their opponents to hinder or eliminate them.

  • Spike Wheels- Used to ram against someone's wheels and ruin them. Also ruins paint jobs and leaves massive massive scratches on cars. These have become illegal to use while racing.
  • Glue Blaster- Use to blast wheels and slow down car. This weapon has an unsettling record of causing car crashes. It can also be used to blind drivers.
  • Spike Balls- Shot from underneath a car to another car to pop the wheels. It often completely destroys race cars.
  • Flame Thrower- This sets fire to opponent cars, possibly causing them to explode. The weapon is forbidden in the race. After a controversial incident in the 2006 race, the ACRC is quick to disqualify and prosecute any racer who dares to use the weapon.
  • Oil Pour- Used to slick the road for opponents. This is another major cause of car crashes. If set on fire, it poses a dangerous hazard.


Advertising became a big deal in the ACRC after their 2001 lawsuit. The ACRC is filled with commercials, posters and billboards, and special merchandise.


The Antarctic Wide Race has its own TV show called Dupply's Crazy Racing. The channel is where all penguins can watch the race, other races, history of racers, and more. It is also the leading source of money to the ACRC.

Banners and Signs[edit]

Since the lawsuit, banners and signs advertising products have been hung near the race track. All racers must advertise products on their vehicles. ACRC normally receives at least 10% of the sponsor companies' profits.

Some common sponsor products/businesses are energy drinks, tires, record companies, and restaurants.


Merchandise is popular among younger fans. It includes hats, foam flippers, toy cars, T-shirts, action figures, and reusable cups. Merchandise has helped the company get out of its debt quickly, as it is sold all over the continent.


The ACRC has one logo so far, but the company is currently thinking about updating the logo.

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