Antarctic Environmentalist Movement

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The Environmentalist Movement (AEM)
HeadquartersUnknown, most likely deep inside Club Penguin's forests
Official languages English
Demonym Environmentalists
Environmentalist Various environmentalists, like Saraapril and Kimberly Livingston for example
 -  Unknown Most likely 2005 (around the time CP was founded) 
 -  2016 estimate Unknown, possibly millions

The Antarctic Environmentalist Movement is a movement created by many environmentalist throughout Antarctica, one of them likely Saraapril, who plot to take control of the world governments and to create an evil system in which nature prevails over the penguins and in which penguin rights are endangered. They are currently a really active movement and get many new members every day. Many people who support them state that "nature should be protected and that the penguin activity of harming nature and its creatures should be made punishable by law".

The environmentalists favor green energy, protecting the quality of the environment, planting trees and plants and protecting animals from being harmed by penguins. 90% of the members of the environmentalists claim to be vegetarians or vegans, and they refuse to eat fish and instead eat solely vegetables and fruits. There are many environmentalists called ultra-environmentalists, who go as far as to supporting the fact that other animals have more rights than penguins and that penguins are not worth as much as other animals. They support restricting penguin rights and greatly increasing the rights of other animals to the point other animals rule the society.

Those who oppose the environmentalists call themselves anti-environmentalists and they seek to end the environmentalist movement and many of them seek to give penguins more control over other animals. Ultra anti-environmentalists believe penguins are in every way superior to other animals and believe other animals don't deserve any attention, but many other anti-environmentalists just believe that the environmentalists are up to no good but still believe animals should be treated nicely. Notable anti-environmentalists are Penstubal, and many others. There are rumors Spike Hike is an anti-environmentalist as well due to how much work he has done to melt a lot of snow on Club Penguin and make the island a lot warmer.


The Environmentalist Movement was founded in 2005 by an unknown person/some unknown persons, one of them most likely Saraapril who is a devoted environmentalist. The Environmentalist grew by size and capacity over the years. By 2016 the Environmentalist Movement became one of the largest in Antarctica, and the anti-environmentalists are trying to stop them (many penguins claim Saraapril's jerkiness and her idiocy has caused them to join the anti-environmentalists).

Notable Environmentalists[edit]



  • Saraapril is a devout environmentalist. Even before the environmentalist movement was actually founded, she was still a devout environmentalist and never gave up on her environmentalist beliefs.
    • Many penguins claim she made them join the anti-environmentalists.
  • It is speculated that they have a relation to the Illuminati, but this is currently unproven.

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