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Antarctic Express
Antarctic Express 6-car set R67 in Mackerel Station.
Key details
Type Train Route
Level 65
Location N/A
Inhabitants N/A

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Shinkansen service of the Antarctic Express. This is the Local super express bound for Grand Pole Station. We will be stopping at all stations except EmoStation before arriving at Grand Pole terminal. The conductor's room is at car number 4. Thank you.
— An announcement onboard a Shinkansen Series 0 local

The InterContinentinal Railway Co. runs several high speed and freight train lines. One popular example is the Antarctic Express. The line is a high-speed express, Shinkansen and maglev train route traveling from Club Penguin to South Pole City with several stops on the way. It is a fast way to get where you need to be, connecting several local train/subway systems all across the continent.


The Antarctic Express used to be a popular trans-continental ice-skating route during the High Penguin Confederacy. When the Antarctic Inudstrial Revolution happened at the end of the 17th century, ice skating lost its popularity to sports like hockey and soccer. The Express closed down for a few years in 2001 until late 2003, when G converted it into an intercontinental train route, when conversion was finished, Shinkansen was introduced thanks to a team of eccentric engineers who had taken a vacation in Japaland. It is now the fastest way to travel besides plane. In the video, it is a gameplay showing the ride, done on a a mysterious train simulator game from the human State of Japan.

Itinerod Circuit[edit]

In 2004, the beginning Antarctic Express was coupled with the Itinerod Postal Circuit to help both lines prosper. The Antarctic Express has been a proud co-operator of the circuit ever since.

Freight Line[edit]

In 2006, freight trains began operation on the railway. Then in 2008, the InterContinental Railway Co. (the company operating the Antarctic Express) built 1548kms of new track for cargo. After reaching half a million pebbles by 2009, it became a rival with Antarctic Sea Cargo, which at the time was waiting for its new fleet order.


The whole line including junctions, crossings and special stops has 33 stops.

Antarctic Express 1[edit]

Station Ward/City/Location Distance (km) Notes Service stops Staion Number
Maritime Club Penguin City 0 km Track starts here Local, Express, Maglev, Direct-Go 1-1
Dorkugal Floor 2, Googolplex 29.1 km Passengers can switch to the other train to go to Tropicalis but can keep going to continue. Local 1-2
Mango Coast Tropicalis 29.9 km Many Tropicalians and tourists use this train to get to other countries. Local, Express 1-2a
Mackerel Shiverpool 30.7 km Trainlady starts here Local, Express 1-3
EmoStation EmotiVille 77.3 km Most "EmotiCons" board this station Trainlady, Local 1-4
Metro-City East Bank City 102.7 km No notes Trainlady, Local, 1-5
Border Crossing (halt) Border of Trans-Antarctica 155.5 km Trains stop at this station so that passengers may take the Skyline to Fruit Island Local, Express, Maglev, Trainlady, 1-6
Portside Crossing Sealville 165.1 km Creatures can take the Acoola Express from here Acoola Express, Trainlady, Local, 1-7
Vicks Pengu Town 209.1 km At this point, most penguins who want to go to Eastshield (may) step off here and take the Trainlady or the Acoola Express line up through the Trans-Antarctic Mts, unless the train is skipping this station. This is the last stop in the state that is shared with the Trainlady line Trainlady (redirects to terminus), Local, Maglev, Express 1-8
Doomsday Junction 90/150 244.8 km Trains always skip this location due to rockslides, unless asked to stop/the ATS (Automatic Train Stop) turned on. This does not work now due to the construction of the 90150 tunnel 1-9
Glory Depot Sunshine Fjord 299.4 km Depot for limited express, running to the east of the Express N/A 1-10
Southern Quarry Unknown 308.3 km A series of mines that produce pebbles for the USA Local 1-11
Jack's Lantern GourdZoid 322.6 km A detour track going to South Pole City is available directly after the GourdZoid stop. There is a special train going to SPC. Local, Fast, Express, Rapid, Maglev, SPC-Detour, Direct-Go 1-12
Northern Quarry Unknown, same as Southern Quarry 349.1 km This is the other side of the mines Local, 1-13
Fish Slap Ulaansnowtar, West Pengolia 395.5 km No notes Local, Express 1-14
Slapper Junction Fishwow, East Pengolia 406.2 km This is the end of Antarctic Express 1 (CPC-Pengolia). To get to Antarctic Express 2, take a skyline to Ternville and down to Chinook, where you will get a ticket. Shinkansen services are through to Antarctic Express 2 via Fishwow Central. Local, Maglev, Express 1-15

Antarctic Express 2[edit]

Station Ward/City/Location Distance (km) Notes Service stops Number
Chinook Chinook 450.9 km No notes Local, Express 2-1
Flake Junction Flurryville 454.1 km No notes Local, 2-2
Jadis Crossing Snowbourne 495.5 km No notes Local, 2-3
Yule East Yeti 516.0 km No notes Local, Express, 2-4
Celsius Crossing Frostborough 562.4 km No notes Local, 2-5
Abominable West Yeti 595.9 km No notes Local, Express, 2-6
Royal Freezlandian Fanon City 614.1 km Local, Fast, Maglev 2-7
Bahnfrughalt Deer Mt. 655.8 km Located in bridge 2-8
Shindig Sea Crossing Happyface Harbor View 720.5 km No notes Local 2-9
Vladick Unknown castle 755.9 km No notes Local 2-10
Boots n' Bags Halt Area 52/Boot Camp 788.3 km No notes Local, 2-11
Joinville Plaza Joinville Plaza Polaris 801.9 km No notes Local, Express, Maglev, DirectGo 2-12
Pike Penguville 840.2 km Local, Express, Maglev 2-13
Carp Crossing Snowville 870.4 km Local, 2-14
Rocket Junction Snellville 890.9 km Local, Express, 2-15
Midway Crossing Inland 911.1 km Local 2-16
Grand Pole South Pole City 954.2 km End of Track. Continues onto Antarctic Express 3 (Eastshield Loop) Local, Express, Maglev, DirectGo, SPC-Feeder 2-17, 1-12a, 3-1

Antarctic Express 3[edit]

Station Ward/City/Location Distance (km) Notes Service stops Number
BlizzGo South Pole City/Blizzardville 962km Local, Feeder station for SPC 3-2
EastCapitol Inland 964km Local, Express 3-3


Ticket cost follows the following rules:

  • Tickets cost (in fishes and pebbles) one hundred times the number of stations the train in question will be stopping at, plus fifty times the number of stations the train in questions is passing.
  • Deluxe tickets can be used up to five times. However, they cost the total of the costs of all the train rides they've been used for, plus an initial cost of 200 fishes.
  • Family tickets is the same as the cost of a normal ticket. They cost 1500 Fishes and they can be used until it expires. To renew it costs 500 Fishes. 10 pebbles are paid per adult and 5 per child.
  • Young cards are for young adults aged 18-25. Costs 750 Fishes. Renewable every year. Costs 25 fishes to renew. Young cards are used for discounts. 20% for normal tickets and deluxe and 10% for first class upgrades. Family cards excluded.
  • Police/Staff ticket enables free travel in standard class. First class requires the standard upgrade. Issued to Antarctic Express staff and police officers. They must be renewed each year for free.
  • Elder class are for elders aged 50 and over. Costs 750 Fishes. Renewable every year. Costs 25 fishes to renew. Usedo for discounts. 20% for normal tickets, deluxe, 10% for first class and 40% for family cards.
  • Freedom class enables free travel (excludes first class). Costs 3000 fishes. Renewable every two years for 100 fishes.
  • Freedom class plus enables free travel on all classes including first. Costs 10000 fishes. Renewable every two years for 1000 fishes.
  • A first class upgrade to a ticket costs 750 fishes extra, a round trip upgrade costs 250 coins extra, and a first class plus round trip upgrade costs 925 fishes extra.


  • Antarctic Express trains travel at a max. speed of 300 km/h (the Shinkansen can go as fast as this and their Maglev are faster than this, the Shinkansen has a maximum service speed of 260 km/h), far over the wind speeds of the AiringJet Current and the minimum speed of walking. Numerous safety features, such as advanced suspension, are installed in the train to keep passengers safe and comfortable. They are replaced by airtight bags in the Shinkansen services. Their Shinkansen trains can withstand the AiringJet Current.
  • The Antarctic Express uses high speed trains. They're much faster then rival high speed trains such as the Acoola Express which travels at 150 km/h. The Terrastar can travel to speeds of of 186 MPH. And their New Way Shinkansen service has services of the fast Hope (max. speed is 300 km/h), the semi-fast Light Ray (max. speed is 285 km/h), and the local Echo (max. speed is 260 km/h).
  • The Antarctic Express Co. has slowly begun to replace all their old trains with new maglev trains to achieve higher speeds in 2009 (faster than Shinkanen). Some of the new trains have achieved speeds of 581 km/h, faster than the wind speeds of an F5 tornado.
  • In train lines, Shinkansen Day is celebrated every 1st of October, commemorating the first run of Japanese Shinkansen trains. There is no express and maglev; all trains are Shinkansen trains. The Shinkansen cars are built in Japaland, and then shipped to the Antarctic Express.

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