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The Antarctic Express in the Mccoon Island forests is a lift service operating from the foot of the mountain to the hut several meters below the peak. Its main purpose is to give riders a glimpse of the forests that consist of alpine trees and several fur pine ones. Snow usually consumes most of the forest during the winter therefore the service only operates during the summer season. The chairlift is owned and operated by the regional Mccoon Island mayor, which is the ONLY task the mayor has to do.


Gualapeda Straits era (1960s-1980s)[edit]

When the then-named Makkoon Island was part of the Gualapeda Straits, the island needed to have more exports as it only has timber as an export. As the Gualapeda Straits was looking for tourism income, the government decided to build a chairlift there to service between the foot of the mountain to several meters below the peak. The chairlift began construction in August 1969 and ended in late 1970.

The first batch of tourists were unable to get off during the fifteen-minute ride. However, in 1972 a hut was constructed near the peak in which hot chocolate and pizza was served. In the summer of '74 the chairlift hit the 1,000 visitors mark in one day.

In 1975 the AE chairlift celebrated their fifth anniversary by allowing passengers to use the chairlift for free. Sadly, the chairlift broke that very day due to overload of passengers. Still the passengers celebrated with the management.

The AE chairlift undergone another renovation in which yet another hut was constructed. Known as the "Pitstop Station", this is usually the gathering point for most tour groups (large bookings receive their own gondola).

Colonial Antarctica era (1980s-2000)[edit]

When Mccoon Island was annexed by Colonial Antarctica the island was not paid much attention to. The chairlift operated for one last day before it closed down on October 19th, 1984. During that very last day, a record-number of 10,000 rode the chairlift. People were allowed to reside in the gondolas and huts constructed.

The people who resided in the huts have to get down through sledding with puffles and huskies. People living in the gondola would have to have all their groceries and whatnot delivered by mail, in which they would use a pulley system to bring the purchased items/received mail up.

In 1991, the CA government noticed this problem and ordered the immediate evacuation of everyone living in the gondolas. By a week everyone living in the gondolas, mostly hobos, were cleared, some even deported to the mainland. Penguins were still allowed to live in the huts, though.

In 1993, eighteen of the thirty-seven gondolas broke down and fell onto the snow. The rest fell due to poor (in fact no) maintainence by 1996. The huts' quality detiorated indeed but the residents had renovators fix it.

The gondola line was destroyed. But it will be repaired soon.


They stop at frequent points, such as the Tree Station and more. It takes 1 hour to complete the whole chairlift full run without stopping. Here are the stations:

  • Tree Station

This is where you could explore the not so deep, snow part of the mega-forest.

This is where you could drink hot cocca over a hot stove.

  • Tutup Station

Further up, where the snow gets thicker and the scenery gets nicer.

  • Upper Tree Station

Where the most scenic view of the ride could be seen.

Where the deepest snow is found for passengers to step. It covers to part of their leg, and flippers tottaly submerged.

Following that, there is no other stops and will return down. You have to sit the chairlift back down.

Design and Operations[edit]

It is some kind of chairlift, but is kinda dangerous. No ski gear allowed, only sightseeing, unless you intend so then yes they do allow. It costs 200 coin per station.

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