Antarctic Highway Network

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Antarctic Highway Network
A1 heading northbound in northern Happyface State.
Key details
Type Highway System
Level 100
Location Antarctica
Inhabitants None

The Antarctic Highway Network, or AHN, is the highway network of the Free Republic Union, and is run by the Land Transport Ministry of Antarctica, connecting all of Antarctica. It is the only highway network that connects the whole continent, and includes the US Interstate Highway System, Freezelandian Highway System, and the Acadia Highway System.


In 2002, shortly after the Free Republic Union was founded, leaders decided one of the best ways to stay united was a transportation system. Construction started in 2003, mostly to just expand or connect the roads, since many roads were already built, though many new roads were built to connect the isolated parts of the USA that people had started to move to.

After three years of construction, the highway network was completed. It was named the Antarctic Highway Network, and has allowed easy travel between Antarctica. In South Pole City that year, the leaders of the USA, Freezeland, Archet, Lisboagal, Acadia, and Liguria signed the Treaty of Inland, which allows access through border checkpoints easier.



A1 Frostborough - Chetwood - Hashville - South Pole City - Newton Town

A2 Shiverpool - Lincon Port - South Pole City - Sunset City

A3 Itsy Bitsy Tiny Micro Town - Ulaansnowtar - Mcdonalds City - South Pole City

A4 Chetwood - Sunset City

A5 Lincon Port - Frostize - Fanon City - Frostborough


Like all highway systems, the Antarctic Highway Network is built with one goal in mind, transport penguins from one place to another in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Thus, all highways in the network are divided highways, part of a set of guidelines set by the the Land Transport Ministry of Antarctica which allow for fast and safe travel. The network is well funded by the governments of the Free Republic Union.

Antarctic highways are usually patrolled by law enforcement, with the exception of sections far away from any settlement. Usual speed limits are between 60 and 70 miles per hour, with the highest being 80 mph, where the road is straight and less trafficked. Officers tend to go easy on the limits between 60 and 70 mph, and these are regarded as mere suggestions. However, officers are stricter about the 80 mph limit.


  • It's a parody of the Asian Highway Network.
    • It is also a partial parody of the US Interstate Highway System.