Antarctic Marine Corps

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Antarctic Marine Corps
Antarctic Marines
Military overview
Formed 2000
Jurisdiction Antarctica
Headquarters South Pole City
Employees 3,000,000
Annual budget 500 billion AD

The Antarctic Marine Corps is the special forces branch of the United States of Antarctica Military. This branch is tasked with infiltrating enemy lines and specializes in remote operations


It is integrated into the Antarctic Navy and like the other military, does not answer to Dan Beronows, despite common belief. It is currently composed of 3,000,000 creatures and is the primary force for expeditionary operations used by the USA. The AMC is the smallest of it's type across Antarctica. Their forces are approximately a fifth of the size of the United States of Antarctica Military.

It was formed after Colonial Antarctica, along with the United States of Antarctica Navy, United States of Antarctica Coast Guard and United States of Antarctica Military. Although similar to the Army, they are light infantry, unlike the army, who rely on heavy equipment and the Marines' training is tougher as well.

The headquarters of the Marines is the Heptagon, located in South Pole City.



Antarctican Marines are equipped with state of the art equipment. Dorkugal recruits serve as chief technicians, providing weapons such as Deletion Missiles. Marine tech is notable due to being much more advanced than private sector technology, as well as being the most advanced of all branches of the USA's military.