Antarctic Peninsula

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Antarctic Peninsula
Flag of Antarctic Peninsula
National name State of Antarctic Peninsula
Country USA
Capital city Shiverpool
Largest city Shiverpool
Formation 2000s
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles
Other info
Population 75,000,000
Neighbours Happyface State, Trans-Antarctica, Weddell, Sub-Antarctica

The Antarctic Peninsula is the second largest state of the USA by population. It is located on the coast of the Antarctic continent, on the Antarctic Peninsula just as the name suggests. Being one of the largest states in the USA, it houses many port cities and has been nicknamed "The Long Arm of the Trade" due to its many trading posts. The tip of the peninsula is only a small distance away to islands such as Club Penguin and King George's Island.


Variation of Antarctic Peninsula flag (colours inverted)

The Peninsula had a long history. It was one of the earliest places on penguin settlement on mainland Antarctica. It was where the first descendants of Sigurd and Bacchus lived. The Antarctic Peninsula was located where the former Land of Asgard was. As the area grew, many more penguins began to live there. The Peninsula was a good place to live, but hard to get to. Just north of the South Shetland Islands is the feared Drake Passage, and the even more treacherous Cape Horn. Both are difficult to navigate because of the strong current, narrow straits, and severe storms. Even so, the Peninsula still attracted many penguins, especially to the coastal regions. In the early years The Peninsulan Slav'ens was formed, which was a small country located on the Peninsula. The years went by and many more countries took it's place.

In the Colonial Antarctica War, the Peninsula was a major battleground for the Revolutionists and Loyalists. In 2000, when the USA was formed, the Antarctic Peninsula became a state of the USA.


Much like Sub-Antarctica, the Antarctic Peninsula's economy is based on shipping. Every major coastal city in the Peninsula has a port. Another part of the economy is tourism, since many penguins from all over Antarctica come to the Peninsula to see the Peninsula's beautiful scenery. Also, farming is another part of the economy, since the soil is fertile.


It is a major car manufacturer. It houses Strait City. The Peninsula is also home to many major shipping ports. Many ships come in and out of its ports, importing and exporting various goods from a far. It also ships many products from inland Antarctica to other overseas places, like the Ninja Archipelago and Shops Island. In addition, the state is also home to a large fishing industry. Many boats and ships go out to the coastal seas and fish out many loads of fish to be delivered around the continent.

Counties and Places[edit]

A map of the Peninsula, with all the counties listed.

Bold refers to the capital of the county.

Capital County[edit]

Intake County[edit]

  • Intake - Second largest city in the state and also wealthy, due to being located on a major trade route. Also a major port city.
  • Rasingston - A peaceful town.
  • Dancefloo - A city that has the most nightclubs in the USA. It is nicknamed "The Dance Capital of the Continent".
  • Lincon Port - A small port which has direct services to Cookie Island and Shield Island.

Viking County[edit]

Olympia County[edit]

  • Olympia - It covers the entire Mount Olympia. Hosted the first Olympic Games.

Waffle County[edit]

  • East Bank City - the largest city in the state with an incredible amount of wealth.

Independent Cities[edit]



  • Berries
  • Fish
  • Shipwrecks
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