Antarctic Song Contest 2014

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Antarctic Song Contest 2014
"Feel the Music!"
ASC 2014 logo.png
Final date January 12, 2014
Venue Flag of the Seal Islands.svg The Great Arena, De Groot, Seal Islands
Presenter(s) Jane van Odore
Elisabeth van Odore
Host broadcaster Flag of the Seal Islands.svg Zeehondeilanden Omroep (ZEO)
Debuting countries Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island
Stoland.png Stoland
SandilaFlag.png Sandila
PengviaFlag.png Pengvia
FrosthuaniaFlag.png Frosthuania
SuomeFlag.png Suome
PengmarkFlag.png Pengmark
AEI flag.PNG Ðo'rland
Withdrawing countries DoggyLand flag.PNG Shepherd Island
Winning song Ed Island Flag.svg "One Night"
Antarctic Song Contest
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The Antarctic Song Contest 2014 was the second annual Antarctic Song Contest. It was held in De Groot, Seal Islands and was won by Ed Island with the song "One Night".


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The Arena in De Groot.

The Sealien public broadcaster ZEO announced that it had chosen De Groot as the host city for the 2014 contest. The contest is being held at the former shipyard in The Great Arena. It was declared in early August that the city of De Groot would contribute to the budget with 44 million Seal Archipelago Dollars.



Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation Place Points
01 SandilaFlag.png Sandila English Samuel Christopher "Up" - 8 58
02 Bandera de Lisboagal.png Lisboagal Portuguese Kennith Stardish "Poderoso" "Mighty" 7 65
03 Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca English Angela Yukonopov "As Long as You Love Me" 6 65
04 SuomeFlag.png Suome Finnish, English Mariaa Mättelmaan "Lumi on kylmä" The Snow is Cold 5 89
05 FreezestoniaFlag.png Freezestonia English Olivia Green "They Said" - 10 55
06 ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island English Denise Drogo "Golden Whispers" - 4 99
07 Puffepelago.png Puffepelago English Branko Vasic "Down the Road" - 16 33
08 PengmarkFlag.png Pengmark English, French, Danish Boxes/Boxes "The Douze Points" The Twelve Points 9 55
09 Magyaria Flag.png Magyaria Hungraian Christover Andres Amit Nem Tudom "What You Don't Know" 19 26
10 Flag of Castilla.png Castilla Spanish Yolanda Flores Morelos "Corazones Escondidas, Vidas Secretas" Hidden Hearts, Secret Lives 15 39
11 Stoland.png Stoland Stolish Branislav Stánkowski "Starożytna Piosenki" The Ancient Song 17 30
12 MAI.png Margate English, Chinese Ling Qing Hong "爱是等于金" Love is Golden 2 113
13 USA flag.PNG USA English Joven Ham "Do You?" - 13 44
14 Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island English Andrea Morales "One Night" - 1 172
15 FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre French Louis d'Uolingue "Les Choses Que Nous Avons Pensées et Faites" The Things That We Have Thought And Done 14 41
16 Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland German Ludwig von Ahn "Sie Hatte Das Auto Praktisch Behalten" She Had Practically Kept The Car 18 27
17 AEI flag.PNG Ðo'rland Icelandic Joanna "Fyrir þig" For You 12 44
18 FrosthuaniaFlag.png Frosthuania English Aviljei "Stop" - 21 25
19 Flag of the Seal Islands.svg Seal Islands Dutch Jamila van Shok "Doorgaan" Go on 3 104
20 Moon Island Flag.png Moon Island Chinese Chen Huo Bian "我們的祖國 -- 彎月島" Moon Island Our Homeland 20 26
21 PengviaFlag.png Pengvia English The Horned Potatoes "We Want Potato" - 22 16
22 FlagROSn.png Snowiny Serbian Ricard Tompson, Jovan Ivanovich, Stevo Stasich "Divota" Splendor 11 50

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