Antarctic War on Terrorism

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Antarctic War on Terrorism
"He the Dictator" Nexonan terrorist propaganda, targeted at the former king of Snowiny, Robert Smith.
Date 23 September, 2014 - 24 September, 2016 (de jure), 1 June, 2018 (de facto)
Location Around Antarctica
Result Pengslo Trials begin in the capital of the UPI for Penlandic and Nexonan criminals.
  • Thousands of terrorists executed
  • Nexon and Penland granted more rights

AxlePowers.png Axle Powers

Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles
Munijochempire.png Munijoch
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island (From April 2015)

USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra
Flag of Castilla.png Castilla
FrancterreFlag.png Francterre
UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Flag of the Seal Islands.svg Seal Islands
SouthJoseonFlag.png South Joseon
MaLOLaysiaFlag.png Malesia
Freezelandflag.jpg Freezeland

NNM symbol.jpeg Nexonan Liberation Movement (defeated)
REPT.png Red East Pengolian Terrorists (surrendered)
SlumoliaFlag.png TaliBEAN
WBLogo.png WhiteBloods
WCR.png Walrus Crime Ring
LittlePenland.png Penland (self proclaimed, after June 2016) (surrendered)
Yowien Empire flag.png Yowien Nationalists (self proclaimed, after June 2016)
PuffaliaFlagNew.png Puffalia (self proclaimed, after May 2016)
S.H.A.R.K. FLAG.png S.H.A.R.K.
Flag of North Joseon.png North Joseon
Asaina flag.png Zhou
East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia[a] (surrendered)
NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png Simon McClark
NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png Miranda Chaikov
USA flag.PNG Spike Hike
AcadiaFlag.png Brant Esser
AcadiaFlag.png Travis Howe
Tropicalis Flag.png Penguino Lagois IV
SlumoliaFlag.png Osama BEAN Larkin
NNM symbol.jpeg Zho Kaijan
East Pengolia image flag.png Bolsheevic Penguinsky
600,000 40,000

^[a] East Pengolian support for the terrorists confirmed on December 24th 2015 after assassination of REPT leader.

The Antarctic War on Terrorism, also known as the Antarctic War on Tyranny, is a large-scale currently ongoing war involving many Antarctic countries either through fighting in the war or supplying one of the combatant sides with military, medical or intelligence aid. It technically started 23rd September, 2014, when the Newdeal Civil War began, but it can officially be said to have began 1st November, 2014, when the Short War began. It eventually spread to a large scale Antarctic war involving tons of nations. Although most of the terrorists/scarerists are not allied whatsoever, they were all deemed as enemies during a 2014 UAN resolution.

In December 2015 the war escalated with the terrorist attacks on South Pole City on November 30, 2015. The US president stated his country will fight to the death to end those terrorists once and for all. Simon McClark, Brant Esser, and president of USA Spike Hike convened in Shiverpool and both agreed the war will go against all forms of terror existing in the world; and that they will fight crime as well, dragging walrus armies directly into the war on terror.

On August 10th, 2016, Little Penland and United Provinces signed a ceasefire, which on August 24th, 2016 was turned into a formal peace treaty, officially ending the war in Penland. Small insurgencies and battles continued in Penland up until the end of September, by when resistance to the UP in Penland died out as polls carried out by the UP government showed 66% of Penland's population agrees with the peace treaty.

The last few months of the war, before September 24th, 2016, were very quiet and uneventful mainly because the counter-terrorist operation proved to be very effective. By the end of September, most terrorist groups gave up fighting. East Pengolia and the Western Union previously held talks together in which they would outline cooperation between the two regarding economy, therefore establishing diplomatic relations between the two nations. An embassy was opened in East Pengolia's capital and East Pengolia would have an economic boom after the end of the war and after East Pengolia outlined its interests in friendship with the UP; with the golden age for East Pengolia ending in 2021.

The war is thought of to have officially and ceremonially ended on 1 June 2018, when the Long Friday Agreement between the government of the United Provinces and the terrorist group Little Penland came into effect. Under this agreement, the Little Penland group completely disarmed and its leaders were given clemency, while most notorious killers were to be given a fair trial according to the law of the United Provinces.

First Phase[edit]

War in Penland (since January)[edit]

In January 2015, the Snowinian Informative Service reported about the activity of numerous terrorist groups in and around Penland, in the southwest of Snowiny. The news didn't come as a surprise to the Snowinian government, as Penland was always an unstable region. To defeat the terrorists, about 5,000 Snowinian soldiers were sent to the area to aid the 5,000 troops already stationed there.

However, the Penlandian force were much larger than expected, so the Snowinian government sent 14,000 more Snowinian and Western Union soldiers to the area. By mid January the number swelled to 100,000, the largest number of troops deployed in Antarctica. Over the next four months the troops would engage in multiple battles with Little Penland, including the devastating Battles of Deste Servin, before killing its leader on May 9.

Two Battles of Deste Sevrin (Jan 13 - Feb 23, 2015)[edit]

On January 13, tensions rapidly escalated in the Toplica Region of Penland in the east. The town of Deste Sevrin was besieged by Penlandian insurgents, leading to the First Battle of Deste Severin, with 5,000 Penland troops facing 24,000 Snowinian troops. Snowinians were wrecked in disaster, and quickly withdrew to the outskirts of the northern village of Hasbrew. On the morning of January 15, over 100,000 Snowinian troops arrived on the scene, facing about 25,000 Penlandian irregulars. The battle was extremely bloody, and lasted 39 days, becoming the longest recorded battle taking on a single place, with no breaks. The battle finally ended after the 39 days, with 70,000 dead Snowinian troops (with 37,000 dying of hunger and no-sleep) and all the Penlandian irregulars killed (500 tried to retreat, but got followed and killed by the Snowinians).

The 39-day battle was nicknamed "The Nightmare of Sevrin" and was deemed a national tragedy, and Snowiny's biggest military defeat in over 400 days. Though the battle was won by the Snowinians, most Snowinians refuse to call it a victory because of what happened during the battle. This military defeat was considered humiliating by penguins worldwide, both that support and dislike Snowiny, and by some national leaders as well. A national day of mourning was called on Feburary 24th and a rally took place in the Emperors' Avenue in the Snowinian capital (The Emperors' Avenue was the original mansion of the former Osloven emperors, where they lived). People carried banners "NO TO TERRORISM", "END WAR", and Snoss, North-Joseonan, and Zhouese flags were burnt. This caused an international shock.

Aid to Terrorists by Snowzerland, North Joseon and East Pengolia[edit]

Snowzerland, North Joseon and East Pengolia have been secretly giving aid to the terrorists for war. On 26th January, 2015, the Snowinian Informative Service (SIS) agents operating in Snowzerland discovered this and the Snowinian government quickly denounced the aid providers, and claimed them to be provoking a "larger war". These countries reluctantly admitted they aided terrorist groups and they said they would stop, but this was a bluff. They did not stop aiding the terrorists. Agents have not yet found out that they are still aiding the hostiles.

Operation: Put This to an End[edit]

On April 24th, 2015, Snowiny, Margate, Frankterre, Shops Island, Rusca and Acadia started the Operation: Put This to an End. The idea was to finally end months of pain, suffering and war in one operation. The most high tech military equipment was used by all the countries and Snowiny and Frankterre are currently collaborating to make a large new bomb missile with very high tech powers. The operation has began at 4:20 PM Snowinian time and it is currently ongoing pretty well with rapid victories in Penland, Nexon and Munijoch. The missile project between Snowiny and Frankterre is not yet finished and it is expected to take a month or two to finish the first one, after learning the entire formula for it, then produce tens of thousands of them within the next 3 months after that. With the need to produce tens of thousands of the bomb missiles, hundreds of new factories and jobs will be opened as well all around the participating countries AND the Circular Powers.

Shops Island had originally tried to stay out of the war, only sending military equipment and humanitarian aid where it was needed. But, on April 20th 2015, a terrorist attack was carried out in Vonkouver by the NNM. President Lavender realized that he could no longer stand idle to the threat of terrorism, and mobilized the military (that which was not already on Planet 1984) for the war.

Bombs Finished, May 2nd 2015[edit]

The bombs have been finished by Frankterre and Snowiny. Thousands of large, outstanding bomb missiles with very high tech powers were released. The first ones have been shot at Puffalia and Puffarus, then at Bow Tieland Liberation Movement bases. After two days, both surrendered. All Circular Powers have been given those bomb missiles and are attacking Penland, Puffepelago and other terrorists. The mission is succeeding so far.

Treaty of Zurich[edit]

On 2nd December 2015, Margatian President Frederick Mueller made a deal with Snoss Kaiser Swiss Ninja regarding trade and diplomatic relations between the two nations, and the Snoss also announced their support for the anti-terrorist cause of the War on Terror; however they refused to send troops or conduct airstrikes. This resulted in improved relations between the counter terrorists and the Snoss.

Second Phase[edit]

January Crisis[edit]

Main Article: 2016 January Crisis

In late November of 2015, the Red East Pengolian Terrorists carried out a series of attacks in South Pole City, which left 250 dead, the worst terrorist attack in USA history. Over the next few months, the USA, Margate, Shops Island, United Provinces carried out airstrikes on terrorist bases in East Pengolia, which killed the REPT leader. However, as East Pengolia was supporting the terrorists, they said that an East Pengolian official was killed, and gave the USA and Margate an ultimatum. The countries rejected it after intelligence found otherwise.

On January 5, a Snowinian fighter jet was shot down by East Pengolian jets, killing all three on board. That same day, three terrorists were apprehended carrying three undetonated bombs near where the Western Union new capital talks took place in Acadia. In return, the United Provinces blockaded the East Pengolian coast, and Western Union countries placed sanctions on East Pengolia, nearly destroying its economy. The UP gave East Pengolia an ultimatum, which they accepted, to save their economy. On January 21, the crisis was considered over.

Third Phase[edit]

After the end of the second phase, the Antarctic War on Terrorism was seen as less fierce then before, and many countries lessened their involvement by a small amount. However, the third phase saw the rise of multiple terrorist groups, including the Puffalian and Nexonan Liberation Movements. Additionally, Zhou aided the terrorists, too, providing around 3,000 soldiers into the fight. With the added strength, the terrorists occupied new areas, which helped add to their war effort.

Aid from North Joseon and Yowien Terrorists[edit]

Since the defeat of the the Red East Pengolian Terrorists in January and February, most countries have officially declared the war over, and have pulled their soldiers from terrorist occupied areas. However, in late April, North Joseon and the Yowien Independence Movement, a group that wants to create a independent Yow under Feey once more, have both joined the fight. North Joseon's main goal is to support the terrorists with financial aid, weapons, and supplies, but they have deployed 20,000 soldiers to aid the terrorists.

Since the announcement, East Pengolia, still recovering from the January Crisis, has picked up the fight once more. On May 1, 10,000 Red East Pengolian Terrorists, supported by the East Pengolian governemnt, faced off against 5,000 Western Union troops. Though the Western Union soldiers fought hard, they suffered heavy casualties, and were evacuated by USA troops. Presidents Simon McClark, and Brant Esser have both promised retaliation. However, plans were put to the side in favor of combating other terrorists since North Joseon's support.

Rise of Terrorist Groups, April - May 2016[edit]

Both the Puffalian Liberation Movement and Nexonan Liberation Movement, who had pledged their allegiance to the terrorists in early 2015, have started to occupy sections of Puffalia and Nexon, respectively. Though the Shopper government isn't concerned, saying that there isn't anything to destroy or occupy in the wasteland, the Margatian government, with help from Western Union forces, have taken action against the Nexonan terrorists. Secretly, the North Joseonan and East Pengolian governments have sent the Puffalian Liberation Movement financial aid so they can "liberate" Puffalia.

Following the lead, and help from the two countries, the WhiteBloods and Little Penland, who has been defeated but given aid by North Joseon, have begun to occupy sections of Munijoch and Penland, respectively. The Munian government, fearing a second WhiteBlood occupation, has started to carry out airstrikes in WhiteBlood occupied areas, with the United Provinces government doing the same in Penland. With the sudden rise of most of the terrorist groups thought to be defeated, leaders have asked their allies for help, fearing a Second Frosian War.

War in Slumolia and East Pengolia[edit]

Since 2009, the UnitedTerrain army has been fighting against the TaliBEAN, with neither side coming out victorious. However, knowing that other terrorist groups have begun to rise from the ashes, the TaliBEAN has been fighting with full force. Since then, the number of soldiers in Slumolia has nearly doubled, and the United States of Antarctica has increased their troops numbers there. Meanwhile, in East Pengolia, where numerous terrorists groups are centered, under the protection of the East Pengolian government, there has been a rise in terrorist activity. The United States of Antarctica has dispatched 25,000 soldiers and started Operation Delta, whose goal is to end terrorist activity in East Pengolia.

Operation Put This to an End II[edit]

Following the deadly attacks in the United Provinces, Western Union countries have started to increase the production of weapons, their military budget, and the amount of soldiers deployed overseas. The increased production of weapons has also created more jobs. Currently, missiles have been completed in Acadia, Amataria, Margate, Snowiny, and the Terra Federation, and have been pointed at East Pengolia, North Joseon, and other terrorist occupied areas. Though Caseuspolis has remained neutral, the United Provinces has created a missile defense system for the country to defend itself.

With the first phase of Operation Put This to an End II begun, respective countries are to focus on a certain area, as to not stretch their troops thin. Currently, it is the USA to East Pengolia, the Western Union and the Seal Islands to Penland, Stoland, and Nexon, Munijoch and Francterre to the WhiteBloods, Culldrome and Castilla to the Yowien Independence Movement, UnitedTerra to Slumolia, South Joseon and Puffle'and to North Joseon, and Shops to Puffalia. The plan is to inflict heavy casualties on the terrorists, and if they do not surrender, finish them off with the missiles. So far the plan has been successful with many victories achieved.

Zhouese Support[edit]

In mid May, the Snowinian Informative Service found that Zhou was aiding the terrorists. Their claims were further backed by the fact that many of the terrorists had Zhouese weapons on them. However, Zhou never responded to the allegations, and most countries though it untrue. Around the same time, Zhoue finally announced it was going to "aid their communist brethren", and send help to the terrorists. After the announcement, Zhou immediately deployed 700 soldiers to various parts of the Antarctic. They have also sent supplies, weapons, and financial aid to the terrorists.

Since the announcement, Malesia, an ally of Shops Island, has deployed their full strength of 65,000 soldiers, backed by Shops, to aid the anti terrorists. Freezeland, knowing they couldn't stand idle to the threat of terrorism, has also agreed to aid in the conflict, deploying 120,000 soldiers to aid the anti terrorists. Both Freezeland and Malesia are to aid Shops to fight against Zhou. Other countries have also significantly increased their number of deployed soldiers, and missiles have been given to Freezeland and Malesia.

Terrorist Occupation[edit]

Since Zhouese support, which has significantly boosted the terrorists' fight against the anti terrorists, the Puffalian Liberation Movement entered the ruins of Triskale, the old capital of Puffalia, destroyed during the Frosian War, and with Zhouese support, starting rebuilding. Currently, there are about 5,000 fighters living in the city and the surrounding area. The terrorists then declared the founding of the Superiorist State of Puffalia, and promised retaliation for the Frosian War. This has shocked many countries, including neutral ones, who have their missiles armed and ready. Shops, which feels most threatened, has also deployed 10,000 soldiers and has carried out airstrikes on the PLM.

In Nexon, the Nexonan Liberation Movement, now aided by 1,000 Zhouese soldiers, has also seen a rise of power. Though the NLM has been gaining ground against Margatian and Western Union forces, holding much of the surrounding areas outside cities, they have not been able to conquer any of the larger cities. However, the number of Zhouese troops combined with the number of NLM fighters has outnumbered the Western Union forces 2 to 1.

Fourth Phase[edit]

Yowien Empire[edit]

By early June, the Yowien Independence Movement captured a significant amount of land in Yow, and established the self-proclaimed Yowien Empire. This has worried foreign leaders, since if countries like Yow, Puffalia, and Nexon are refounded, the war could come to a whole new devastating level that will be more devastating than both the Great Yowien War and the Frosian War. As of now, the Yowien Empire has not made a move yet, as it is under attack by Culldrom and Castillan forces, but many are worried that this has boosted the terrorists' morale.

War in Penland[edit]

In early June, the combined Western Union forces were losing the fight against Little Penland, who were backed by multiple forces. The Western Union called for help, and on June 5, Dragonstone, which had already been helping the anti-terrorists through financial and humanitarian aid, deployed around 3,000 soldiers to the area. This has helped the anti terrorists, since the arrival of 3,000 fresh, new soldiers has been making ground against the terrorists, who are also tired, like their anti-terrorist counterparts.

The Penland Independence Movement and Nexonan Resistance launched massive and destructive attacks onto Penland and placed their troops over there. The governor of Penland (who is loyalist to the UP and is a Snowinn by ethnicity and is unpopular with Penlandic penguins), Bob Emerald, declared a state of emergency. Terrorists started a massive bombing campaign against major Penlandic cities and the war in Penland never got more powerful and brutal than before. McClark declared a state of emergency and ordered the military be mobilized and sent to Penland to battle the terrorists. The battle is not going well and large parts of Penland are occupied. Little Penland then proclaimed the Independent State of Penland. According to the statistics of the 16th of June, over 11,000 penguins have been killed since this part of the war started, which is a massive death toll for the Penland area which has a population of around 1,000,000.

Penland Refugee Crisis[edit]

Since the war began in September 2014, Penland has been one of the hardest hit. Over 80,000 have died in Penland alone, with 11,000 being civilians. This has caused a large amount of people, around 200,000, to flee Penland. Many head for the safer Snowinian cities to the north, while others head south or east, landing at islands like Acadia, Dragonstone, Club Penguin, Yow, and other Puffepelago islands.

In many countries affected, there has been a debate whether to accept refugees or not, since many of the islands are getting overcrowded already. However, Acadia and Dragonstone chose to take in 50,000 refugees each, who were settled in Acadian Alinor and Dragonstonian Alinor, respectively. The United States of Antarctica took in about 10,000 refugees, the Yowien countries took in about 30,000 refugees, and Snowiny itself took in 60,000 refugees.

Tropicalian Support[edit]

Following the Tropicalian entry into the war, over 1,000,000 soldiers were deployed in top battlegrounds across Antarctica. This has heavily boosted anti-terrorist morale in Penland, where the arrival of 250,000 thousand fresh, new soldiers to replace the ranks of the many tired 600,000 Western Union forces currently deployed in Penland, who have been fighting almost nonstop since 2014. This has also been crushing for the terrorists, as they have also been fighting since 2014, and whose numbers are depleted. Little Penland forces, numbering have been pushed the farthest south in months, and it is expected that the arrival of the Tropicalian troops will be the final nail in the coffin for Little Penland.

Asiapelago Battle[edit]

16 days after the attack in Tropicalis, the terrorists took advantage of the incoming troops headed for the battles against Little Penland and revealed to have allied themselves with members of S.H.A.R.K. and the Puffalian Liberation Movement when they hijacked a few military battleships and wreaked havoc on a nearby military base and nearly brought a city to ruins. Support from the nearby Tropicalian colony of Gernomia came just in time when the ships attacked a small town on the coast of one of their islands. Several more refugees fled from the damage and destruction of their hometown and headed for other nations while the terrorists were being beaten back. The island was retaken but the terrorists fled. Tropicalian troops retook the battleships and returned to fight in the war against Little Penland and the military of Gernomia decided to lend a helping flipper.

Aftermath of the Conflicts in Penland and East Pengolia[edit]

In August of 2016, with nowhere to go and no allies for support, along with heavy battle casualties, Little Penland agreed to peace talks with the United Provinces government for the first time. Little Penland agreed to stop its attacks, and in return, the UP granted Penland more autonomy. Many of the remaining 30,000 militants were also pardoned. In late August 65,000 Acadia soldiers, 50,000 of which who have been on the front lines since 2014, withdrew from Penland. They were followed by Tropicalis and Dragonstone.

Seeing a major terrorist group surrender, in September, 50,000 East Pengolian soldiers, backed by 40,000 Red East Pengolian Terrorists, also agreed to peace talks. The UP agreed to stop attacking the country, and also lifted sanctions and agreed to help East Pengolia economically. Coalition forces also pulled all soldiers from East Pengolia.

With major terrorist groups surrendering and many more defeated, the remaining terror groups have been scrambling to keep whatever land they can hold. The defeat of major groups has allowed countries to focus their power on the remaining terrorist groups. By mid-September, the remaining 15,000 Yowien Independence Movement militants have been reduced to controlling a small strip of land containing a few villages and towns, with the rest of their force killed, captured, or fled to Maverick, which is populated by other Yowien loyalists.

The Puffalian Liberation Movement has lost most of their land, and now can only managed to hold the capital of their self-proclaimed country, and its hinterland. Shopper forces are prepared to make a final push to move in and destroy the last remnants of resistance. However, in desperate need for allies, the PLM has allied themselves with S.H.A.R.K., whose members have filled the ranks of the depleted militants.

Official End of the War[edit]

On September 24, 2016, the UAN and other countries declared the Antarctic War on Terrorism officially over. Many terrorist leaders had officially surrendered to their respective countries, and anti-terrorist forces had begun to withdraw. Though multiple insurgencies still existed, they were no longer considered part of the war, and were expected to be wiped out by their respective countries quickly. This declaration brought much joy to Antarctica, as they saw the worst was over with.

Still, the war had brought much pain and anguish to Antarctica. Thousands died, and the land was devastated in many parts. Over 400,000 refugees displaced by the war sought asylum in other countries. This large influx caused a crisis which many called the Refugee Crisis. In addition, throughout the war, many terrorists carried out attacks on other countries, which called large numbers of civilians.

Fifth Phase[edit]

By 2017, most of the terrorists had lost nine tenths of their forces, and had been reduced to holding only small parts of territory in their home country. Many terrorist groups ceased to be a threat altogether. In late 2016, about 75% of the 100,000 soldiers deployed in Penland withdrew and traveled home. In Nexon, Slumolia, and other places, there were similar incidents. Though the terror groups had still not been eradicated, they were now less of a threat to Antarctica.

2016-2017 Penland Insurgency[edit]

After the fourth phase of the war, Little Penland was all but wiped out, and driven underground. However, according to some United Provinces reports, a few villages in the Tip of Penland were home to Little Penland bases, meaning that they still controlled a small section of UP territory. However, in late 2016, Little Penland surprised the UP government by seizing the town of Visla, which was last conquered by Little Penland in the Puffalian-Western War. The UP and some Western Union countries were quick to deploy forces to besiege the town, with WU forces surrounding the territory. However, the siege was been mostly a stalemate, with neither side winning or losing.

Nexonan Insurgency[edit]

After the near total defeat by Margatian forces, the Nexonan Liberation Movement was driven underground, though like in Penland, a few NLM loyal towns and villages existed. Though no military movement has taken place on either side, it is believed the Margatian government has been sending secret agents and special forces into NLM territory to gather information and hopefully crush the remnants of the NLM, before they can rebuild their strength.

List of Terrorist Attacks carried out during the War[edit]

Main Article: List of Terrorist Attacks during the AWOT

  1. Venerito, Penland Train Bomb Attack (December 12, 2014)
  2. 2 SSFR attacks in Parie (January 2015)
  3. January 2015 Sealien Terrorist Attacks (January 25/26, 2015)
  4. February 2015 SPC Attacks (February 3, 2015)
  5. February 2015 Acadia Attacks (February 8, 2015)
  6. 2015 Vonkouver Terrorist Attacks (April 20, 2015)
  7. November 2015 Dragonstone Attacks (November 20, 2015)
  8. November 2015 SPC Attacks (November 30, 2015)
  9. May 2016 Golden City Attacks (May 1, 2016)
  10. May 2016 North Polar City Attacks (May 2, 2016)
  11. May 2016 Winsburg Attacks (May 3, 2016)
  12. July 2016 Tropicapolis Attacks (July 18, 2016)
  13. August 2016 Mcdonalds City Attacks (August 23, 2016)
  14. September 2016 Munijoch WhiteBlood Genocide (September 30th, 2016)

Wartime Propaganda[edit]


  • As it was never targeted by terrorists, Ed Island declined to aid other countries in the war, citing that it would be a drain of resources.

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