Antarctica's Protectors

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Antarctica's Protectors
Antarctica's Protectors.png
The full picture with all the members.
Name Antarctica's Protectors
Type Good Army
Location Wherever evil strikes
Head They don't have a leader, they just consider themselves equal
Job Protecting the continent they call home
Members Kwiksilver, Willy the Penguin, Tails6000, Explorer 767, Eclipse, Ninjinian, Speeddasher, Zone,Star Kirby12
Headquarters South Pole City (Main), Club Penguin City (Branch), Frostborough(Branch)

Antarctica's Protectors are a group consisting of a few very strong beings in Antarctica. They work for the Bureaucrats of the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature, and their job is to protect the continent and the islands that surround it from threats that no one else can. They've saved Antarctica (and in one case the the entire Wikia) multiple times, and each of them are good friends.


  • William Jay Penguin - Willy is the apprentice of Kwiksilver. He's the weakest member of the group (though his alter ego gives him a large power boost), but is still a skilled fighter. Despite many believing him to be just a kid, Willy has proven multiple times that he's capable of taking care of himself. Willy uses martial arts to fight, and has taken down several villains. His greatest strength however is his immunity to Weegee, a skill no other being in the universe has.
  • Tails Maurice 6000 - Possibly the most skilled fighter of the group, Tails6000 is one of the most famous heroes in Antarctica, having saved it from being taken over multiple times. He first defeated Doctor Aye-Que when he was only eight years old, and has since stopped many villains from turning their dreams into a reality. Due to his heroics, there are many villains in Owcatraz he’s defeated who want nothing more than to have his head. However, due to intense training of the Protectors, his strength, as well as the strength of the other members, is always increasing, so villains that may have caused him trouble in the past would just be minor inconveniences nowadays. His speed and strength exceed that of ordinary penguins due to the energy inside his body. He often uses an attack called the “hadouken” to finish off his enemies, but also uses a buster canon when he’s low on energy.
  • Explorer Freddell Antics XIIII – Explorer 767 is probably the most recognizable member of the group, due to his already famous family and job at the South Pole Council. He was one of the first members to join the group, and did so when he first met Tails6000. He often purposely gets on Speed’s nerve by calling him old, which leads to the two fighting a lot. Explorer is also a very skilled fighter, having once defeated the Walrus Crime Ring in an attempt to rescue Turtleshroom. His main weapon is a shovel, that’s so strong that one swing can split a glacier in half, and various Morshu Bombs (fire bombs, ice bombs, stink bombs, and the incredibly powerful ‘’’“Super Morshu Bomb”’’’). His alter-ego BOSS XeXeXe, also gives him a power boost, but it’s very rarely that he achieves this form. When fighting larger beings, Explorer uses his Pie Tank to fight.
  • Malcur 'Speeddasher' Beleri Jr. - Created many decades ago by a scientist working for the High Penguins in an attempt to uncover the secret of immortality, Speeddasher was originally thought to be a demon of some sorts. He was at first a villain who wished to avenge friends who had been murdered by Khanzem. He demonstrated an incredible amount of power when he took out all of the fighters in a few minutes, but he was eventually defeated by Tails6000. After this, Speed realized that revenge would only lead to more revenge, and joined Antarctica's Protectors. In terms of strength, he's the strongest member of the group, having the ability to regenerate (except with when stabbed with a light weapon) and the attacks he can pull off using his Dark Blood and katana are incredibly devastating.
  • Zone Moonlight - Another former villain, Zone was originally the vessel for the King of Sorrow so that the demon could be reborn. He originally served Darktan, but eventually swore allegiance to Nightmare. To be rewritten After the war ended, Zone joined the side of good, but he didn't officially join Antarctica's Protectors until the Power4U Affair. Using his two katanas his fighting skills are up there with Tails and Speeddasher, and has the ability to turn invisible at will. After Kill gave him her power, he also regained the mind distorter ability, which he can take control of other's minds with.


While the following don't do much fighting, they have assisted the Protectors during their battles, by supplying them with various weapons, or in other ways.

  • Toshi Kojima - Known by many as Sensei, Toshi Kojima was originally the training partner of Speeddasher back during the Confederacy. He had assumed his friend had been killed by Khanzem, only to out many years later that he had infact survived. He doesn't do much fighting, but he does give the team useful advice, and even trained Tails6000 so that he could beat Speeddasher.
  • Professor Zlo Shroomsky - The group first met Shroomsky after he abducted most of them to fight in the war against Darktan Anator. He's far from being a capable fighter, but he often sends the group boxes of chocolate and barrels of cream soda, though many think it's more so that they'll protect him rather than an act of kindness
  • Turtleshroom (penguin) - While the dictator has been viewed as a villain by most, he does support the group, and even accompanied Tails on his first adventure. However, like Shroomsky, this was more for his own gain rather than an act of kindness (he planned to steal the gems from Tails once they had collected them all and use them to bring peace and censorship to Antarctica).
  • Uncle Chuckdechuck - Being the one who practically raised Tails as a chick, he tries to support his nephew and the rest of the group as much as possible. He's an expert mechanic and was the one who invented Tails's bi-plane (the one that he doesn't even know how to fly).
  • Hochstadt Gang - Although not exactly part of the Protectors' group, the Hochstadt Gang's main goal is to prevent Swiss Ninja from invading or destroying Antarctica. The Hochstadt Gang supports the Protectors financially and occasionally gives them weapons and ammo.
  • Steven Williams XIV - Richperson acts as the resident smart guy that works on intel and tech stuff, though he sometimes participates in a bit of combat.
  • Lance X. Penguin - He helps the team wherever he can but is mostly busy and doesn't get much of a chance. He has been a great supporter and a fan of them ever since he learnt of their good deeds. He is good friends with Kwiksilver. Lance gives him and the rest of team good advice on time travelling and how to avoid destruction throughout Space-Time by changing the timeline.
  • Hero Mechas - The Hero Mechas are a sub-division of the Protectors that act as their primary option for larger-scale combat. Star, Person, Explorer, and Kwiksilver each have personal mechas, while any of the others are able to pilot DaiTanken and the Tobots.


While most of the penguins have been defending Antarctica since their childhood, the group wasn't officially formed until a bit after Speeddasher's reformation. It was at this point that they got the idea to form the group, due to the many times that Antarctica had been in danger of being either destroyed, or taken over. The Masters of the Universe approved this, and agreed to supply them with the backup needed to save the continent. During the first few months of their formation, they mostly dealed with small threats such as stopping various criminals from getting their hands on a Destruction Gem, to stopping the Walrus Crime Ring's attempted murder of TurtleShroom (penguin). The first real crisis they stopped was at the begining of 2007, when Doctor Aye-Que made a triumphant return in an attempt to take over Antarctica through marketing. Thanks to the combined strength of the fighters, the puffle's plan was foiled, but just barely.