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Flag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png
United States of Antarctica
Flag of USA
MottoBooyah Forever!
Coat of Arms

Location of USA
USA states in colors, gray for Free Republics. Club Penguin is labeled in the top left.
(and )
South Pole City
Official languages English (spoken), and 1337 (written)
Recognised regional languages Leet
Pengydonian (Pengyboo Island)
Ancient Penguinian
Species  Penguins, Puffles, arctic terns, and RocketSnails, a couple of Humans, and many others.
Demonym Antarctic
Government Krytocratic Republic
 -  National Legislature South Pole Council
 -  National Judiciary GourdZoid Council
 -  President (Figurehead) Megg
Revolution Reorganized after the fall of Colonial Antarctica 
 -  Colonial Epic Revolution 1990s - December 31st, 1999 
 -  Articles of Loose Togetherness established (an epic fail) January 1st, 1999 
 -  Consitutuion drafted January 1st, 2000 
 -  The Constitution is ratified by all states, Independence Day October 22nd, 2000 
 -  Treaty of Dorkugal signed 2002 
 -  Great Darktonian Pie War 2008 
 -  2017 estimate 1,992,000,000 
 -  2019 census 2,010,458,322 
Currency Fish (F)
Does not observe.
Drives on the Right.
Calling code 770
Footnotes Many states act like their own nations, with flags, currency, etc.
Footnotes Some penguins complain about the "rule of the gavel", or Krytocracy.
Footnotes The Constitution contains tons of Anti-Mabel clauses; the ACLUM hates that.
Not to be confused with the Antarctic continent as a whole.

The United States of Antarctica, officially the Krytocratic Republic of the United States of Antarctica and often abbreviated as the USA, is a large nation which comprises most of the Antarctic mainland. The USA is made up of eight states, has a wide variety of territories, and oversees multiple free republics. The USA is the second largest country in Antarctica, surpassed only by UnitedTerra in land area. Ever since its foundation in 2000, the USA has become Antarctica's foremost superpower. It has the largest GDP out of any Antarctic nation (26.331 trillion Fish), and controls Antarctica's largest military force. The USA also boasts the largest population of any Antarctic country, having just recently surpassed two billion citizens. The capital and largest city of the USA is South Pole City, although other metropolitan areas such as Cirrus and Club Penguin Island are also very important.

The USA is seen by most historians as the successor to a long line of previous nations and empires, including the High Penguin Confederacy, Olde Antarctica and Colonial Antarctica, the latter being a Puffish colony from which the USA gained its independence in 2000. Since its independence, the USA has played a key role in Antarctic politics, gaining a seat on the UAN Security Council, and helping to establish SATO. The USA is also one of the few countries in Antarctica which possesses nuclear weapons. The sheer size and diverse population of the USA has also made it the cultural capital of Antarctica, incorporating traditions from all across Antarctica. The cultural hubs of the USA are South Pole City and Club Penguin Island, which is perhaps the USA's most prized possession.


Ancient Times

Further information: Sigurd and Bacchus, Land of Lord Guin, Babbelonian Empire, Penguin Empire

The first penguins, Sigurd and Bacchus, two high penguins from the ancient land of Valnor, inhabited Antarctica sometime prior to Year Zero (1000 BC). Through Sigurd and Bacchus' descendants, most modern species of penguins were born. Eventually, in Year Zero, a large number of High Penguins arrived in Antarctica, around Arda and other areas of modern-day Freezeland. Over the course of a hundred years, the High Penguins and the descendants of Sigurd and Bacchus became rivals, fighting over land and power. The descended Khanz Penguins in modern-day Pengolia also decided to go to war. Around 900 BC, the High Penguins beat the other penguin species and took control of Antarctica, creating the dictator-led Land of Lord Guin.

Approximate borders during the Babbelonian Empire, c. 500 BC

After five hundred years or so of this High Penguin dictatorship (HPs are known for their incredibly long lifespans), constant High Penguin, Viking, and Khanz fighting raids and fighting in the country, with the help of Jedi, caused the collapse of the society. A new society, the Babbelonian Empire, led by "normal" penguin species, rose from the ashes, enslaving the High Penguins and taking all land that hadn't already been taken by Asgard, the Khanz, and Snowprus.

After four centuries of fighting between the Babbelonians and the Snowprusians, the later won, but only a few years passed before a new power emerged in 102 BC- the Penguin Empire. Originating in what is now South Pole City, they developed the language of Latin, and within twenty years overtook most of the Land of Asgard and the Snowprusian territory. Vikings from Asgard were forced to the Antarctic Peninsula where they formed The Peninsulan Slav'ens, some High Penguins (those that weren't enslaved) formed clans in North Freezeland, and the Khanz remained in their almost inhospitable land for generations. Unlike the empires of the past, the Penguin Empire also conquered foreign lands, including islands in the Ninja Archipelago such as modern day Snowprus, Liguria, Castilla, Francterre, Lisboagal and half of Puffle'and. There was peace in the empire for a long period of time until the Vikings, High Penguins (with the help of the Jedi), Khanz and Snowprusians brought it to and end in 450 AD with the desolation of Smaug Penguin City.

Over a few decades, chaos ensued with the fall of the Penguin Empire. The Peninsula Slav'ens was rebuilt as Damelaw, by the nephew of the Slav'ens' last king. The Snowprusian Generals on Antarctica betrayed Bacchus and formed the Frozantium Empire, and the Khanz still flourished, while skirmishes among them were still very frequent. The rest of the continent was made up of High Penguin clans, who were adopting feudalism, building castles and taking up other medieval methods, due to more advanced High Penguins immigrating from Valnor. Things went on like this for almost three hundred years, until the formation of the High Penguin Confederacy in 742.

High Penguin Confederacy (742-1912)

Further information: High Penguin Confederacy
The HPC in 742 AD. Within a year, Pengolia would be the only other nation on the continent.

In 742 AD, the two main factions of High Penguins finally unified, after the Battle of Unnumbered Tears ended, with the defeat of Malcur and his forces. Finwe made the Confederate Act on December 6, 742, which formed the HPC, and Kuruk became its first King. Within a year's time, Damelaw and the Frozantium Empire would both become a part of the HPC, leaving only Pengolia until its own fall to the HPC in 764.

Until 1000 AD or so, not much changed. Constant conflict with the Ninja Archipelago ensued, until Nightmare infected all of the HPC's rivers with the X-Virus in 1000. She marched to Ard Mhacha with an army of X-Antibodies demanding control of the HPC, but was defeated by Marcus Kwiksilver and a strange traveler. After that, the HPC and the Ninja Archipelago entered a period of peace. The "colonization age" started in 1492, and started a rivalry among Ninja Archipelago nations and the HPC, with everyone trying to find and claim new islands, inhabited by natives or uninhabited. The Feudal System was very strong until the 1500s, having castles everywhere, as well as all normal penguins as "serfs" under High Penguins nobles (Lords and Dukes). By the 1500s most new settlements were full of "free citizens", though High Penguins were still treated better, and a feudal system was still used in the grand scheme of things. Modern-day Liguria is said to have brought an end to feudalism, by instead promoting art and culture. Democracy started to become popular in some places in the 1600s, causing the HPC to get a parliament, consisting of one High Penguin from each Province.

Khanzem War

See also: Khanzem, Republic of Poleland

In 1900, Arvedui became the the King of the High Penguin Confederacy. Over the years as King, he made sure High Penguin propaganda was everywhere, conveying that High Penguins were the "best" penguin species. Over the course of the first decade of the 1900s, average penguins everywhere got fed up with the High Penguins and their propaganda, sparking protests and independence movements. One of these such movements was started in Pengolia by a young Khanz pastry chef named Whoot Smackler Whoot, whose movement was based on the average penguin being superior to the "Most High Noob-Faces" (High Penguins). Considered a weak leader, Arvedui rapidly lost control of the Confederacy after 1910, as more protests and movements sprung up everywhere, and in March 1913 King Arvedui was forced to recognize the independence of the Republic of Poleland.

A map of Antarctica shortly after "The Penguin's Want" coup happened.

Shortly after Poleland became independent, riots appeared everywhere calling for independence, with many in Pengolia. King Arvedui went to Pengolia to speak to the crowds of High Penguins (and disgruntled Khanz), and was couped by Smackler Whoot and his followers in an event known as "The Penguin's Want", where Smackler Whoot also seized the Crown of the HPC for himself. After The Penguin's Want, Smackler Whoot took on the title of fU|-|r3Rzz! and changed the HPC into Naughtzee Khanzem's Third Reich (though there were no First or Second Reich), called Khanzem for short. Antarctica became split between Khanzem, which took up most of the continent, the Republic of Poleland, and the Grand Ol' Land which comprised of modern day Freezeland and the Antarctic Peninsula (the actual Peninsula, not the whole modern-day state). The Grand Ol' Land was what remained of the HPC and those that remained loyal to it. Two HPs were crowned as Co-Kings (so that they couldn't be couped again), Willman Tabernaclemountain and Harold TrueGuy. Instead of waging war on Khanzem, they chose to instead stay at peace with their significantly hurt nation and ignore Smackler Whoot, who they said was "just a spastic little loudmouth with poor taste in facial hair".

Smackler Whoot started spreading propaganda of his own in Khanzem, convincing "Lower" or average penguins everywhere to help "PWN those Most High Noob-Faces." Khanzem's military (collectively known as the Naughtzee) was built by Smackler Whoot, with the largest forces being the In-Pastry Infantry and Fluffenwaffle (blimp air force). His entire military was pastry-based. Meanwhile, High Penguins from all over were rounded up and sent to Orange Juice Concentration Camps, where they were forced to make OJ from concentrate for the Naughtzees. Japaland, one of the most powerful nations in the Asiapelago chose to join Khanzem as an ally to help them conquer Antarctica, by taking over the Asiapelago. The nations in the Ninja Archipelago were split on which side to support; Puffle'and, Frankterre, and Rusca supported the Good Guys while Liguria, Alemania, Osterreach, and Magyaria supported Khanzem.

Olde Antarctica

Further information: Olde Antarctica, Snowman Empire, STINC

Despite the fact that tensions had boiled over, The Five Senseis of Penguin Island negotiated an agreement between the major parties on the continent to make most people happy, that solution was forming four Kingdoms represented by elements- Fire, Air, Water, and Ice, now known as "Olde Antarctica". Poleland also took place in these talks, but chose to stay independent. Each of the four kingdoms were independent of each other, with their own ruler and laws. The leaders of the four Kingdoms, along with representatives from Poleland and Penguin Island, who both remained independent, would meet regularly at the South Pole Summit to discuss laws for the entire continent. Overall, the nations were a loose federation, similar to the HPC before them. In 1943, the Republic of Poleland joined the Water Kingdom, and their Premiere, Pawel Moscicki, became the new King of the Water Kingdom.

Despite the initial peace among the Kingdoms and the Ninja efforts to keep the peace, King Ohzie Ablaze of the Fire Kingdom invaded the Ice Kingdom some time after he became King in 1945. The war between the Four Kingdoms lasted until 1963, when the Fire Kingdom was on the verge of defeat and King Ohzie abdicated the throne. His son, Scarface Ablaze, was a much more peaceful penguin, so his first act as King was a ceasefire and peace treaty restoring the nation's original borders.

In 1955, Olde Antarctica's (except the Fire Kingdom, who had suspended their visits to the Summit) outdated government system was overhauled, which gave more freedom to cities and regions. Also, in the 1950s and 1960s, a musical revolution came with the discovery of Rock and Roll.

Colonial Antarctica and Revolution

Further information: STINC, Colonial Antarctica
The first flag design used during the revolution. It would quickly be replaced.

Early years (1990s-2004)

Further information: War of 2002, Free Republic Union

The Revolution officially ended on December 31st, 1999, with the signing of many Treaties of South Pole City by Puffle'and, that granted independence to many nations and officially disbanded Colonial Antarctica. On January 1st, 2000, the Constitution was published to replace the epic failed "Articles of Loose Togetherness". It was ratified by the last delegate on October 22nd, and became the base of the USA's laws. Pearface Johnson became the first President in 2000 through unknown means, thought to be appointed by The Club, as Judge Xavier had been. The Club themselves left South Pole City for Penguin Island shortly afterwards. South Pole City was also announced as the USA's Capital after a nation-wide vote.

The first four states were officially formed in 2001, Eastshield, Antarctic Peninsula, Sub-Antarctic Islands and Trans-Antarctica. The South Pole Council declared three wars from 2000 to 2002 to try and gain more territory, the First Hontanan War, the Goveruan-Antarctican War and the War of 2002. The Goveruan War saw Antarctica gain the territory Albergue de Plata, but the War of 2002 was a major loss for the USA, and led to the burning of South Pole City by Freezelandian forces. After the War of 2002, most of the violent members of the SPC were thrown out and replaced by new elected delegates. The Treaty of Dorkugal was drafted in 2003 to cement the friendship between the USA and other nations, and established the Free Republic Union.

Unveiling Club Penguin and founding the PSA (2005)

Further information: Club Penguin, Penguin Secret Agency

Contemporary Antarctica

Progression of the USA's Geography
(Click to enlarge)
Further information: Impeachment of Mariothemovie, Weddell, East Pengolia

States, Territories and Free Republics

The United States of Antarctica is organized into eight official states, although the USA also possesses multiple other minor islands and territories scattered across Antarctica. The USA also holds significant influence over a large number of Free Republics, which are listed below.

Official States

Club Penguin Island, the capital and economic center of the Sub-Antarctic Islands.
  • Eastshield - The USA's largest and most influential state; this massive state covers nearly all of East Antarctica. Eastshield is also home to the Polar District, which itself hosts the USA's capital, South Pole City. Now-independent countries and colonies such as Polaris and New Delphis were carved out of Eastshield between 2010 and 2012, greatly reducing the size of the state.
  • Sub-Antarctic Islands - A loose collection of islands located next to the Antarctic Peninsula that export and import various goods needed on the mainland. Club Penguin Island] is the capital and best-known island of this state. Many countries who have gained independence from the USA or its successors are located among this archipelago.
  • Weddell - A small group of islands in the Weddell Sea. It contains an ice shelf which is useful for transportation. Weddell is the least densely populated state controlled by the USA, and is largely irrelevant to the Antarctic economy or politics.
  • Antarctic Peninsula - The second most-populated state of the USA, after Eastshield. Shiverpool is located here, as well as many other important port cities. The former free-republic of Acadia is located on its shores.
  • Trans-Antarctica - Trans-Antarctica is a relatively small state, yet it still manages to be a crucial part of the USA's economy. Most of the country's mining, forestry, and agricultural industries occur in Trans-Antarctica. The geography and culture of this state is characterized by the rugged Trans-Antarctic Mountains, which have defined the nearby communities and their economic status as a result.
  • Happyface State - A small state that was formerly a free republic. The USA greatly values the small militias that make up the state, and have incorporated them into the larger military. The governor and former king of this state is Happyface141, who is currently Vice-President of the USA.
  • West Pengolia - A small state ruled by a short, angry leader through an iron flipper, and plenty of fish-slapping punishment. The now-independent country of East Pengolia was part of the state of Pengolia before it separated in 2009 after a communist revolution. West Pengolia is the smallest state on the Antarctic mainland, and still maintains a distinct culture from the rest of the USA.
  • Fruitland - The newest, smallest, and least-populated state that was brought into the union on August 4, 2012. The island is full of palm trees and a mysterious Temple of Fruit in the jungle; it is a popular tourist attraction for Antarctic citizens due to its warm climate and exotic culture.

Major Cities

  • Club Penguin City - Fourth biggest city in the USA, located on King George's Island. It lost the 2000 Capital Elections to South Pole City by a single vote.
  • Club Penguin - Inhabited by millions happy penguins despite its small size, this is the second largest city in the country. It has a major port and a silver mine. The island holds the record for most servers installed in an urban location.
  • Snowgo - The Third largest city in the USA, and is well nicknamed the "Snowy City" since it snows there often (during winter months) in snow flurries. It is also famous for it's Ligurian Gangsters, Jazz, it's pie shaped pizza, and lively streets.
  • Snowville - It's a metropolis, inhabited by 95% Emperor Penguins.
  • Ternville - High up in the clouds Ternville is a city like no other. It is home to most of Antarctica's terns, including Mayor McFlapp.
  • EmotiVille - This domed city is the home of the famed Emoticons.
  • Snellville - This hospitable city is inhabited by RocketSnails.
  • Ross Island - A small island formed by four volcanoes. It is inhabited by Adelie Penguins.
  • Penguiki Island - Located in the Warmslate Islands; it is a popular holiday resort.
  • Glassyglow - A large Antarctic city, which is located in Eastshield.
  • Southern Ocean City - A large underwater city-state, which is located far away from the Antarctic mainland. It is largely autonomous, and even has its own seat at the UAN, and its own military.
  • Aquarius - A city in South Trans-Antarctica.
  • Red Island - A medium sized island, inhabited by penguins. Its mayor is Iamred777.
  • PuffleVille - A city which is almost entirely populated by Puffles, and a few visiting penguins. Maybe a few crabs, too.
  • Snow Freezecisco - A big city located in Eastshield inhabited mainly by penguins and also former Tropicalian colony.
  • Snow José - A large city in Eastshield located south of Snow Freezecisco where many of Antarctica's largest technological companies are located.

Uncharted States/Places

Lands on the outskirts of the USA that usually house ghosts, monsters, and hackers. List of uncharted states:


Imperial Forces have raided, destroyed, and caused havoc in the USA. The local defense groups are no match for them. However, they can only wreck smaller towns as the larger districts have more power, so they aren't much of a threat.

Probaly the biggest enemy there is, Darktan can take a state, compared to the Imperial Forces. They're being held off at the Darktonian Realm at the site of the Great Darktonian Pie War, but this leaves the USA undefended, and there's a chance that the Imperial Forces could attack.

The force that wants to grab the Destruction Gems and use them. Tails6000 and Speeddasher always stop them.

Another small force. It's related to the Imperial Forces, as it can only reck havoc on small towns and militas. However, they can invade an unprepared nation easily.

  • Imperial Empire of Snowzerland - Snowzerland and it's fellow German States are a growing force that wish to destroy the USA one day. They already have created Five nasty wars against it in only one year, and they're not quite ready to give up yet. The Snoss even attempted to destroy the USA with nuclear weaponry. In return, the USA almost nuked them with a Deletion nuke. Ever since, the Snoss plan for revenge and will want to strike against the USA again when they don't expect it.
  • North Joseon - North Joseon and the USA have always had a rough relationship ever since North Joseon became independent. They have extremely contrasting political views, and North Joseon constantly threatens the USA with nuclear war.

Free Republics

The USA, as well as territories, has a few "free republics". These republics are under the USA's military and economic protection, but do have the right to freely control themselves and are separate and immune from the USA and its laws, state or federal. To make sure the republics didn't exploit this privilege, their ambassadors signed the Treaty of Dorkugal, stating that the republics would cooperate, help out, and side with the USA. In turn, the USA would continue to protect and help the republics as well. Think of it as a partnership between countries.

The Republic of Freezeland is a maritime in the west. It used to be uncharted territory, but all "hostiles" were expunged and the land was settled and now prospers. Freezeland has the strongest navy in the USA, and provides protection to the west, and when needed, the whole continent. It was claimed to be protected by the USA, but that's a joke, as it's fully independent/controlled freely.

Italics - Freezeland has gained significant status within the Antarctic community that it is considered a fully-independent republic and partially not shelved under the USA as a "free republic".

The Kingdom of Furshire is a couple of islands close to the east shield of the Antarctica, ex-colony of Puffle'and, it has one of the strongest economies and is home of the largest diamond mine of the Antarctica.

An archipelago inhabited by nerds, which only has a support for it's USA.

An eerie land under Semi-Machine Rule, administered entirely by supercomputers. The Geek Empire is infamous for its Hacker's Underworld, the largest hacking area anywhere. They are desperate for tourists. It is not fully accepted by the USA yet, because, quote: "we can't go see those stinking hackers!"

One of the strangest countries in the known world, Waffleland is inhabited almost entirely by Str00dels and other weird penguins. It's culture is very strange.

A cluster of independent nations in the Ninja Archipelago, home to the rich and historic European cultures. It's historic cities, ancient countryside, and beautiful beaches (on some islands) are a popular tourist destination for Antarcticans.

A series of small islands off the coast of the Sub-Antarctic Islands. It supplies water to the country, and has one of the strongest air forces in the USA second only to Ternville.

A beautiful and tropical island in the whole of Antarctica. Its strange sand-filled beaches makes it a popular destination for holidaymakers. Alex12345a, citizen from MAI, signed the treaty in the place of Eve Lendfell, who was sick at the time.

The volcanic islands of Warmslates lie north of the Sub-Antarctic and the Weddell Sea, just south of Club Penguin. Their governor recently signed the Treaty of Dorkugal, holding over a bubbling hot spring as he did so, which is a sign of integrity and honesty in the Warmslate culture. They are currently the most popular holiday resort in whole USA.

A small island off the coast of the Happyface State. It was founded by Barkjon in 2008 and is the home base of the Club Penguin Exploration Group.

A small island founded by Karazachi in 2009. Includes the hazardous Harezan region, as well as the prosporous capital of Mouseport.

A strange country ruled by workers, East Pengolia secedded from West Pengolia and later signed the treaty. They emphasise that they are independent from the USA, much like Freezeland.

An underwater city-state in the waters between Freezeland and The Happyface State and New North Etana. This has led to grow as a important trading center and thus letting the city grow and prosper.

A large country if the seas are included. An island state, they joined after solving The Etana Conflict with help of The Leader.

A country ruled by Akbaboy that is half the size of Club Penguin.

An archipelago country around 11 times larger than Club Penguin. It is located a fair distance from Club Penguin. It has a tropical climate and the main island is self-sufficient.

An island covered in volcanoes. In the northeast there is a small jungle and a city, and in the southwest there is another city. Manbu3 is the current president. Before EDFan12345 and him stopped being enemies, he was Lavaheart Island's biggest threat. Lavaheart Island does not play much of a role on society as most of the Free Republics.

Former Free Republics

The island joined the USA because of the unstable, and getting even worse economical situation. It was led by IrishProvo1916, Triskelle's brother (and rival). However, the country was split into CRWM and DREM, and neither of them joined the USA.

The government was displeased with its status as a "free republic", being placed under the USA's realm when it was a fully independent country. Silently broke away in 2011, but diplomatic relations still continue with it's army still placed in the USA.

The Republic of Acadia is an island city-state that borders the Antarctic Peninsula to the east and north and Sub-Antarctica to the south and west. It used to be a colony of Puffle'and. It has one of the best economies and one of the highest GDP Nominal Per Capita in Antarctica. The Acadian Dollar (ACD) is one of the most valued and traded currencies in Antarctica. It also has one of the best armed forces.


The USA's geographical landmarks are varied and very interesting. Trans-Antarctica contains some of the roughest terrain in the continent, such as the Trans-Antarctican Mountain Range and Hackzon Valley. Sunshine Fjord is also a large tourist spot in the state. Eastshield's Howler Canyon, which is a dried out river canal that connects it and West Pengolia, is home to some of the fastest winds in the country thanks to the strong Pengolian katabatic winds, bested only by the AiringJet Current. Club Penguin Island in the Sub-Antarctic contains an extinct volcano, the remains of which is located inside Diamond Falls. The Hochstadt Canyon, located between the border of the Regiao Lisboaguesa and the Antarctic Peninsula, is a very deep canyon that also gets many tourists. It has one of the most unique wildlife habitats and climate in the USA. In the direction of Club Penguin, there is Megg Street, where Megg was born.



We are honored to provide a fancy, interactive map of the whole continent of Antarctica, updated as of 8/12/2010, for your clicking pleasure.

Click the image below to view the place your cursor highlated.

EastshieldFreezelandRegião LisboagêsAntarctic PeninsulaEd IslandRedlinkClub Penguin (CLICK THIS AND EXPAND ALL ARTICLES ON THERE!!!!!!!)Trans-AntarcticaAuzua MostafiqueFlystoniaWest PengoliaEast_PengoliaDarktonian RealmFRGEmperorlands (the square covers the archipeligo)UnitedTerra!Arda?Freezeland Ocean TerritoriesSub-Antarctic IslandsSub-AntarcticaDorkugalSouth Pole City and Polar DistrictSouthern Ocean CityPolarisDRWMaps IslandHappyface StateHappyface StateAmery IslandGeek EmpireWeddellMystery IslandBakunyumoriaSnowinyAn interactive map of the whole continent of Antarctica, updated 8/12/2010. Click to go to that state or realm!
About this image


The official spoken language of the USA is English.
The written language is Leet.
The main language in Freezeland is Penguinian
Examples are shown below. / eXamPLES r sh0wn Bel0w.*

English: Hey, brother, do you want to go fishing?
Leet: h3y, bro, wanna g0 FisHiNg?
Penguinian:Hey bror, behov til å dra å fisking?

English: Hahaha, that was so funny!
Leet: ROFL, [email protected] was t0taly FUNNY!
Penguinian: Ha ha ha, det var slik morsom!

English: Don't worry, we'll beat them!
Leet: dont WorrY, well [email protected] PWN em!
Penguinian: Ikke bekymr seg, slå vil vi dem!

*The leet shown here is actually the Exaggerated form of Leet, which is frequently used by Str00dels. The standard form does not use any numbers, and is used by most citizens.


The USA is a major exporter of electronics, machines, and other various products. The states of Trans-Antarctica, Eastshield, and Sub-Antarctica feed the SABER with cargo to be delivered to other countries around the Antarctic.


The currency of the USA is the Fish, commonly represented by gold-plated metal coins with the image of a fish pressed into them. The USA's previous currency, the Pebble, was decommissioned due to hyperinflation (today it would be worth around one-twentieth of a fish). Several other countries have fixed their currencies' values to the fish because of its widespread use.

The Fish is equivalent to ¾ of a real US Dollar, which is 75¢.


Main article: Constitution of the United States of Antarctica

Much like other Antarctic republics, the USA's government has three primary branches; the executive branch, legislative branch, and the judicial branch. However, the separation of powers is very blurry in the USA. The legislature is maintained by the South Pole Council, while the executive branch is controlled by the President, Megg, and the Executive Cabinet.

The extremely controversial judiciary branch is run by the GourdZoid Council Hall in Trans-Antarctica, making it the only branch located outside of South Pole City.

The Government was created in 2000 after the fall of Colonial Antarctica in the Epic Revolution.

The Constitution of the United States of Antarctica is the supreme law in the government, establishing what everyone can and cannot do.

Interestingly, the legislature (South Pole Council) and judiciary (GourdZoid Council) are quite childish, frequently argue with each other, and have to be "chicksitted" by the executive branch. The two also play Paintball every weekend.

Even more strange is that the Constitution actually banned a sole supreme court... -so how did they get into power?

The USA is praised for having "the most stable government since the High Penguin Confederacy".



Mostly run by penguins, puffles, and arctic terns. Crabs are quite minor creatures found on the shores of the Sub-Antarctic. ]Snails can be found in Snellville. A small mountain village in Trans-Antarctica was discovered to be the native home of talking pumpkins. The city of EmotiVille was raised out of the ground in early 2008 and is inhabitated by Emoticons.


Like any central location in any universe, the USA is commonly attacked by villains. Although it's usually individual powers, there are times when mobs of a certain kind will attack. In this case, Antarctica's Protectors quickly defeat them, but the Club Penguin Police Department or other local police can handle them if need be using Square Islands-issued weaponry. There is also state police departments, and sheriff departments to help stop crime.

  • Skua groups, bent on eating little chicks.
  • Leopard Seal groups, will eat any penguin!
  • Orca groups, swim in the sea, same motives as seals.
  • Hordes of Raptor Bots that occur a few times every year.
  • Hackers, they're just plain BAD.


There are lots of ways to get around Antarctica. While the most popular form, teleportation, is quick and easy, it doesn't go very far if you have the standard medium-grade one. Since 65% of penguins traveling daily in the USA are seeking a destination farther away than 5 miles, most penguins use a different form of transportation. The list below shows what form of transportation most penguins traveling in the USA will probably pick, depending on how far they're traveling.

List legend:

  • Distance of traveling
    • Form of transportation
      • Obtainability


Penguins in the USA have a somewhat idiosyncratic (though luxurious) lifestyle. Here are some of the everyday aspects of the country.


See also: List of Antarctica Channels

Due to the USA's superior cyber-technology (mostly developed in Dorkugal), most citizens have, along with the major accessories in the real USA, medium-grade teleporters (these allow you to teleport anywhere within a 5 mile radius), server switchers (these allow you to go to a different server if your city is wired, and most of them are), holographic newspapers (these are bought once and can then, using the Internet, be updated to show recent news), and similar things. Most teleportal, Internet, and TV services are provided by large conglomerates, most operating in Dorkugal.

As television is a huge topic, please refer to List of Antarctica Channels for more information.

List of service providers and networks:

  • Internet-related services
    • Internet
      • Internet Explorer 767
      • Pengzilla FireLink
      • H&H Pahoo
      • Eureka!
      • Emperorlands Internet
    • Holographic Newspapers
    • Teleportation
      • SonicGreen (provider of the Antarctic Teleporter Network)
      • Teleporters' Inc. (produces and sells teleporters)
      • Emperorlands Teleporters (makes and sells teleporters for Emperorlands)

Teleportation Controversy

For many years, it was rumored that government officials were hiding something about teleportation. Many factories producing teleporters were closed down by government officials, and several recalls concerning high-grade teleporters were made. Taxes on teleporters and teleportation services were raised up to 47% more than they had been before. Also, it was rather suspicious to give the civilians teleporters that worked only up to 5 miles when teleporting technology allowed penguins to teleport at least 20 times as much as that. The public began gossiping about the suspicious actions of the government concerning teleporters. At last, in the winter of 2008, a scientific journal with a large reputation published a story about the surprising facts the government had recently released. The article stated that the government had recently sent them information about Caxalin, a biohazard that can permanently harm the nervous system of living creatures, thus paralyzing them. It also is quite acidic (pH of -13) and can burn almost anything. Furthermore, Caxalin can only produced during the process of Coagulative Rapid Universe Distortion (C.R.U.D. for short), which is a vital part of teleportation. This was why the government was attempting to limit teleportation around the continent. As of now, new biohazard-free teleportation systems (like the TeleNet) are being invented. The number of teleportations made daily are slowly but steadily lowering, and some teleporters have safety features on them that prevent you from teleporting more than 5 times a day.

However, long-distance (illegal) teleporters are still smuggled to the masses by the Modfia of the Geek Empire, via the Grey Market. The governments of both nations are trying to stop it.


About 41% of penguins in the USA watch a sports game daily. The national sport is ice hockey, and since the USA's climate includes below freezing temperatures, there's bound to be at least 50 hockey games playing simultaneously in the country at one time. Ice Hockey has many professional leagues. The top is Major Hockey League. The two other professional leagues is Ice Hockey League 1 or the IHL 1 and the Ice Hockey League 2, or the IHL 2. The semi professional Ice Hockey leagues include the Ice Hockey League 3. Below it is the regional semi-pro leagues (League Weddell, League Eastshield, League Trans-Antarctica, League Subantarctic and NNE Conferance). County and local teams are always amaeter and compete in their own leagues. Notable stadiums include Club Penguin Stadium (shared by Blue Iceterns, Red Phoenixes, Orenje Firepuffles and Purple Warriors), Aquarius Hockey Place (owned by Aquarius IHC) and Ulansnowtarr State Ice Rink, otherwise known as the Pengolia PWNSOME Rink. Each state has a national team; Trans-Antarctica's stadium is the Pengu Town Oval, Weddell's is Shield Island's Hockey Hall, sub antarctica uses the Club Penguin Stadium, New North Etana uses the Wentley State Stadium and Eastshield uses the Eastshield Empire (shared with Antarctica Magna). Every year each state meets to play the Ice Hockey Conferance. The national teams also compete in the Ice Hockey World Cup.

Gridirion football is also popular, with all variants (Canadian, American and Arena) being popular but a variants popularity depends on the area. American football is popular mostly in Eastshield and the subantarctic state. Canadian football is popular in Weddell, New North Etana and the Antarctica Peninsula. In Trans-Antarctica, the count is so close (54% prefer Canadian football to American) that it depends on which part of Trans-Antarctica. Arena football is popular but it isn't the most popular form of gridirion in any state. For Canadian football, the professional leagues include Football Conferance Premier' (FCP)', the Football Conference Championship (FCC) and the Football Conference League (FCL). There is one semi pro league, the Football Conference League Qualification (FCLQ). Amaetuer leagues are regional. State ones decide who qualifies for the FCLQ. I'll add more!

Soccer (Called football in the Free Republics), Snowball fights, Sledding, Surfing, Baseball, American Football (An alternative is called "Rugby" in the Free Republics), Basketball, and Dodgeball are also played.

Another popular sport in the neighboring country of Dorkugal is the Uber Bowl. This tournament is the Antarctic equivalent of the Super Bowl. However, since it's a Dorkugese contest, most penguins watch the commercials in between. Like the Super Bowl, the Uber Bowl is world-famous because it airs the greatest commercials of the year.

At last count, 78% of penguins tuned in to the last Uber Bowl.

Surfing is very popular on the coasts of every state. The surfing capital of the USA is Mojave,Trans-Antarctica. That is where penguins hold the yearly Surfing Contest. Penguins from all around the USA come to compete. The winner gets a beautiful gold trophy.

Football, also known as soccer, is also one of the top sports in the USA. They are home to the Antarctic Premier League, which houses some of the best teams in Antarctica. The USA has also participated in the UGFA World Cup, where they have reached the quarterfinals in 2010. They have grown soccer stars such as Preston Greaves, Dylan Barius, and Arnold Kirwan.


The cuisine of the USA varies from state to state, whith each state having its own style of food.


Eastshield's cuisine is more diverse than any other state's cuisine is, due to the fact that it comprises of over half the Antarctic continent. In the inland portions of the state, the richest areas with some of the biggest cities in the state, many penguins are able to afford buying meals at restaurants instead of cooking at home, growing their own food, and/or buying food/ingredients from stores. The same, however, cannot be said for the coastal areas of Eastshield, where fish are plentiful. Here, families tend to grow their own food or use the local resources, and occasionally buy food/ingredients from stores as well. The areas between the deep inlands and coastal areas of Eastshield are a mix between the two.



Trans-Antarcticans usually grow their own food, and due to the lack of fish around the coast, Trans-Antarctica's cuisine is very vegetarian. Fresh O' Berries are used in Trans-Antarctican cooking in many ways, and many of them thrive in the mountain ranges in the southeast. Fried fish is very popular as a flipper food here, as is grits.


Antarctic Peninsula

Peninsulan cuisine is heavily based on seafood, due to the large amounts of fish and other edible marine creatures located around the state's coast. Oysters, clam, krill, shrimp, fish, and so much more is caught daily around the coastal areas of this state, and, due to the trading economy that the Antarctic Peninsula has, about 45% of it is exported to other states. Only the Sub-Antarctic Islands have better fish.



Main Article:Cuisine of Freezeland
Cuisine in Freezeland is based on two foods, Fish, and Vegtables. Freezeland has exclusive trade lines with the Victoria Territories, so they have many unique, regional, foods. Such foods include Cabbage, Artemis Carrots, Water Chesnuts, Ginger, Potatoes, Radishes, and New Zealand Yams. Freezelandian penguins love to eat socially with friends or family, but will never turn you down for a glass of Cream Soda. Freezeland customs state that if someone gives you something to eat or drink, you must give food or drink to them. Since Freezeland is a marritime, a normal Freezelandian diet includes Fish, Seaweed, Oysters, Squid, Sea Grapes, and Sea Lettuce. O'Berrys are an expensive delicacy, and common Yule gifts. Freezeland does not house many fast food resteraunts, more fine dining and rotaisserie fish resteraunts, such as Frys Chalet.

New North Etana

The state is often recognised as a "Green" state, because it is full of beautiful green forest, not seen in other states. Crops are grown there, so lots of different fruit an vegetables are used it their cuisine. The big delicacy in Wentley is the Gigante Salad, which consits of the most tasty mix of vegetables ever seen! It might be similar to the Freezeland cuisine, but New North etanian population usually eats green food, which makes them very healthy. Idoreconise signed a new rule - No Fast Food i NNE! 98% of the population agrees with him. When visiting NNE, try also Wentley Algae - tastes yummy!


See also: Integrated School Law

Education is considered an important aspect in Antarctica, since most of high paying jobs like a doctor, engineer, or lawyer require lots of knowledge. Because of that, every town or city has at least one K-12 school and one college. Yes, Kindergartners and twelfth graders under the same roof. The government provides public and other public schools each state. Many other penguins use the private schools in many cities in all states. It was not one of the best idea since it was implemented in Colonial Antarctica. The main K-12 schools in each state are the following:

The most notable universities of each state are:

Compared to that of other countries, USA has the 6th best education facilities, behind Geek Empire, Dorkugal, Lichenblossom, Acadia, and Margate (they are SO obsessed with education, that it's compulsory into college).

Flags, Motto, and Anthem

(Main article: Flag of the USA)

Antarctic Flag ANIMATED (usa cpff).gif

The USA has two official flags, unlike most countries. Each flag was submitted into the legislature and the judiciary at the same time, and neither branch could turn either flag down. So, the country ended up with two flags. This has actually helped a lot, because if you keep two different flags for a flag parade and you lose one, you can always go ahead and fly the other. The second, less-commonly used is shown to the right.

The country's official and full motto is "Boredom is for Wimps and Booyah Forever!" Most penguins shorten this to "Booyah Forever!", though.

The country's national anthem is CURRENTLY PENDING A RE-SELECTION BALLOT. Like most anthems, all must sing along when playing (that means you, Mabel). However, free republics can use their own anthem as a symbol of pride. A free republic that does this is Freezeland, and its anthem is The Snowbourne Rangers.


Currently, the USA is ranked #1 on the warfare leaderboards, excluding the combined forces of the Axle Powers.

  • Army:
  • Air Force:
  • Navy:
  • Deletion weaponry:
  • Nuclear weaponry:
  • Etc.: Recently, the USA has received the Ursa unit from Square Islands, meaning on top of countless personnel, a high density of tanks, jets, and ships, as well as thousands of both deletion and nuclear weapons, they now have a giant robot to pound stuff if they ever have to go to war.

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