Anti-Aircraft Deletion Turret

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The Anti-Aircraft Deletion Turret is an anti-aircraft deletion cannon, used to defend airports and air bases across the continent. The AADT was first developed by Calada, and was first used to defend the major air force bases of Calada. In 2005, the AADT program was implemented on six major air bases and airports in the USA.



After the deletion of four fighter aircraft in 2001 during an air raid on an airfield in eastern Calada, Caladian scientists began developing deletion defense methods, for cities, airports and air bases, as many of the aircraft at airports were in threat of being deleted during war. Thus, the government of Calada set out to build one AADT, to defend the country's most major airport, Torona-Persan International Airport. The project was finished and complete in 2003, after extensive research. The AADT was first implemented at Persan Airport. The first real test of the AADT came when Snoss Air Force fighters fought over the airport in 2004. They were thus deleted by the AADTs as well. In 2005, after a Snoss deletion of US aircraft at Gentoo Island, the US imported many of the AADTs from Calada, and implemented them on Gentoo Island Airport, and the South Pole City AFB, located 35 miles east of South Pole City.

Description and Structure[edit]

The main body of the AADT comprises of the Deletion Turret, the Tower and the Control Room. The tower is made of six foot thick concrete, and is approximately 195 feet in height, not including the cannon itself. Each of the AADTs have both an elevator and stairs as well. The AADTs measure approximately 45 ft. in diameter as well.

The Deletion Turret or the Cannon, is a large deletion cannon located at the top of the building and is controlled by computers and manually. The Turret also has a large dome at the base, which provides many kilowatts of power for a deletion sequence.The cannon, is approximately 78 feet in length, stretched out it's furthest, as it is retractable.