Anti-Hochstadt Gang

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The Anti-Hochstadt Gang
Name The Anti-Hochstadt Gang
Type Loose Collective
Foundation As soon as the Black Knight and Fisxh was created
Location Around Antarctica
Head The Black Knight
Job Destroy the Hochstadt Gang
Ideology Destroy the Hochstadt Gang
Members All of the Hochstadt Family's X-Antibodies
Headquarters To be revealed soon!

The Anti-Hochstadt Gang is a loose group of creatures, who are all X-Antibodies of Hochstadt Family members. Although they usually don't work together, they are often referred to collectively, since they're all Hochstadt Antibodies (with the exception of one, WishFlyX), are part of the same gang and they're all evil.


Some weeks later when the Black Knight became independent, he found out about Fisxh (somehow) and decided to create a group against the Hochstadt Gang (after all, they were antibodies of that gang and knew who his counterparts were!) as soon as he found where Fisxh was. After a week of spying, he finally found Fisxh and kidnapped him, eventually telling him to join his "anti-Hochstadt Gang". Fisxh, out of fear and the desperation to escape from the frightening Black Knight, said that he would join and be the first member. After a lot of threatening, the Black Night managed to extract from Fisxh information about his friend Xellina, whom they persuaded to join. Some months later, with the help of Fisxh's spying skills, he heard about WishFlyX and the same happened to him, apart from the fact that he was not frightened and he wanted to join an evil group. Eventually, WishFlyx got into contact with Xorai, who quickly became part of the gang. It has been many years since this all happened, and the gang is still here to this day.



The Black Knight[edit]

Listen. We got to get those Hochstadts, alright? They've got nothing good for us.
— The Black Knight

Sir XotXreed HoXstaX, better known as The Black Knight, is the "greater evil" X-Antibody of Gottfried Hochstadt, who was the founder of the group. He is the most frightening member, usually because of his mysterious attire.

He was coughed up in 2001 in Swiss Ninja's garden, when Gottfried was 12. Knowing he was an evil X-antibody, Gottfried chased him out the garden. After this, with nothing better to do, he met with other equally lost X-antibodies, and managed to find Nightmare's contacts. He then went to him to be trained as a knight, in order to be more evil. Once that was complete, he joined the Order of the Black Knights, which is where he got his current title. However, he was one of the few Black Knights who didn't join the Imperial Emperor, and has been completely independent since Malcur died in Freezeland. Now he was more evil, he got tips from other members of the Order of the Black Knights, and decided to found the Anti-Hochstadt Gang.


Hey, do we really need to do this, and what if somebody doesn't want to? What if some innocent penguin gets hurt?
— Fisxh

Fisxh is the X-Antibody of Fisch, and is not as evil as The Dark Knight. In fact, he's quite friendly. He was coughed up after one of Fisch's adventures, and instead of a Fish Costume, Fisxh seemed to be a penguin-spider hybrid. It looked like he had a Spider Costume on, but he was able to move the six extra eyes and arms. He scurried off to make his own life, and, being unusually friendlier than most other evil X-Antibodies, he was about to start his own fancy-dress business, when the Dark Knight found him, and forced him to be more evil and be part of the Anti-Hochstadt Gang.

He is good friends with Swiss Ninja and Xellina, and is currently a part of Darktan's Army. He often daydreams and wishes that he was never an X-Antibody, because he really wants to be a tailor. He doesn't usually go against the Hochstadt Gang or even think of them, as he is both busy in Darktan's Army and he isn't as evil as other Antibodies. When he does go against him, he's usually forced to do so.


Pathetic! I take my leave now!
— WishFlyx to Flywish

WishFlyX is the antibody of Flywish. He was coughed up in 2009, and quickly escaped from Flywish's gun. Soon, he joined Darktan's Army, where he became a Greater Minion, and discovered that if he sank his fangs into a fellow creature, he could contaminate them with the X-Virus, which was useful for him. When he does this task, he is assisted by his pet puffle, Jenni. He has an alliance with Mectrixctic. Some time later, he joined the Anti-Hochstadt Gang, even though he technically doesn't count, as his host isn't a Hochstadt. However, the Black Knight went by the logic "the more evil to the Hochstadts, the better!", and let him join anyway.


Down with the Hochstadts!
— Xellina

Xellina is the evil X-Antibody of Bellina. She and Bellina are both evil, since Xellina was coughed up before Bellina was truly evil. They used to be great friends, but now see each other as rivals.


Argh! How I despise that penguin!
— Xorai

Xorai is the X-Antibody of Corai. He has his own small army, and also is part-time in Nightmare's Army.



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