Anti-Monarchy Movement (Snowiny)

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Anti-Monarchy Movement (The Democratic League)
The flag of the United Provinces; the country they wish to estabilish in Snowinian territories
Name Anti-Monarchy Movement (The Democratic League)
Type Revolutionary movement
Location All Snowinian territories
Head Herbert Vincent
Job Abolish monarchy in Snowiny; form a free country, the United Provinces (The Republic of the United Provinces of Snowiny)
Members 92,000 (2013), 752,307 (July 2015), estimated 2,400,000 by January 2016
Headquarters Winsburg, Snowiny

The United Provinces
The Flag of the United Provinces
Snowinn History
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Osloven Tribes
Osloven Empire (976 - 1921)
First Kingdom of Snowiny (1921 - 1947)
First Republic of Snowiny (1947 - 2003)
Second Republic of Snowiny (2003 - 2013)
Second Kingdom of Snowiny (2013 - 2015)
Third Republic (United Provinces) (2015 -)
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Wars and Battles
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The Democratic League was a rebel faction in Snowiny. It began being known as the Anti-Monarchy Movement as well shortly after Robert Smith was crowned king in 2013. The league seeks to introduce a pure democratic government in Snowiny; a united republic where all the current territories of Snowiny, including its mainland itself are provinces (or states) with equal rights in the country. They seek to abolish the monarchy and introduce presidential elections. They also want the country to be named the United Provinces of Snowiny, or the United Provinces, The Provinces or UPS, and to have a vertical blue-white-orange flag; the blue would symbolize freedom, the white would symbolize peace and the orange just makes the flag look better.


Snowiny throughout the 20th and 21st century was in the same status as France had in the 19th century IRL; 7 government changes in one country. The citizens of Snowiny extremely vary by opinion; and Snowiny is consisted of tons of unaccepted cultures as well. The Democratic League, during the early 2000s sought to change that. The country was definitely not on the right path during the early 2000s though. The first 3 years were entirely covered in revolution; and next 5 years had lots of Penlandian and Puffepelagan uprisings. The nation slowly began to progress during the 10s; the first 3 years were marked in huge reform with support by the Democratic League; but in 2013, Robert Smith was crowned king and a constitutional monarchy was introduced. The Democratic League did not like that and it turned into a revolutionary movement; it had very little supporters though; by December 2013 it had only 92,000 supporters.

However, 2014 had been both a bloody and a prosperous year for Snowiny at same time. Snowiny was marked by a huge period of industrial and military growth; but entire Antarctica was, in the first half of the year, in a period of wars. The Shadow of Culldrome, Frosian War, etc. Snowiny did NOT manage to avoid the conflicts. Snowiny was invaded by Puffalian, Puffaruscan, Zhouese and Snoss aggressors; poor tactics during the first two weeks of the wars led to more penguins joining the Democratic League. Tens of thousands joined by the end of 2014. Patriotism rose in Snowiny as well.

2015 had been a worse situation. The Antarctic War on Terrorism just increased the amount of members in the Democratic League by several hundreds of thousands. By the end of the war in May 2015, the Democratic League had 700,000. By July, there were 752,307 members of the Democratic League; and the number is expected to rise to 2,400,000 by January 2016; that is double times more than both NNM and Little Penland had supporters combined. This rise in supporters of the anti-monarchy movement has worried the pro-government citizens of Snowiny and the government itself; and the government wants to take action to stop the movement from growing.

The government of Robert Smith was overthrown in late 2015, and the Kingdom of Snowiny became the democratic United Provinces.


  • It supports abolishing the monarchy in Snowiny.

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