Anti-Pie Society

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Anti-Pie Society
The current logo
Name Anti-Pie Society
Type Activist organisation
Location Dorkugal
Head Grandmaster
Job Denounces the food "pie", the copying of "pi" by "pie" and how "pi" is technically eaten
Members Unknown
Headquarters Floor 45, Dorkugal

The Anti-Pie Society, usually referred to as The Pie Haters, is a coliation in Dorkugal that despises the food pie. The reason for their hatred for pie is the belief that 'pi' (the mathematical figure) should not be eaten. Most of the members are of Dorkugese ethnicty, some even dating back to famed High Penguin ancestors. The coalition has been marked 'safe' by the Dorkugese government, although protests held outside pastries in the Googolplex have caused frustration for many.

The coalition works in a pyramid system, in which the leader, or Grandmaster, would have absolute control over the group whilst others would be based on 'ranks' decided by the Grandmaster. In recent times, however, the Grandmaster would usually be highly corrupted and pass down the throne to his/her family members (making it an anarchy). This has been ignored, although some still harbour feelings against the wicked grandmaster.

The Anti-Pie Society would usually ally with other armies, notable ones including the ACP, STINC (apparently, under the identity of ACP) and even the Eastshield forces. The allies would usually hold protests in their own homebases on behalf of the APS. The Anti-Pie Society would have a total of more than one million members if allies included, while the coliation itself only has around 1000.

Please note that the members hate the food pie, not the mathematical figure pi. They hate how pie copies pi. They also hate how pi is technically, eaten.


Early Beginnings[edit]

The Anti-Pie Society started out in 1955, when Olde Antarctica was the main government. In a small village in the Water Kingdom, a Dorkugese/Lichenblossomese nerd who loved mathematical figures stepped forward to form the Anti-Pie Society after witnessing the consumption of pie days before. It started out with only 10 members, and soon grew to around 180.

Some of the members migrated to other kingdoms in order to expend their network. The Ice Kingdom had 190, the Fire Kingdom with 170 and the Earth Kingdom with 185. Like the Summit, the members from their respective kingdoms would go to a certain area for meetings. The first was held in the August of 1956, as the History of Pastry Demolition book stated.

The government soon noticed this but did not bother at first. Then, the group held its first protest in Shiverpool in the Winter of 1957. The government took immediate action by exiling the group near the tip of what would now be the Antarctic Peninsula. Many members quit after the incident, and the member count downed to around 50.

The society didn't stay in the dark for that long as they held a second protest three months after being exiled. Further protests were held, some of which included the government's 'injust ways', which angered the government. A law was passed in which all protests had to be stopped or anyone involved would be jailed indefinitely. This only sparked even more protests, in which some thirteen were injured. Even though the government arrested all of them, protests held on-site in jail only made the group gain more support. Eventually, the government had to release the jailed members.

Death of Founder[edit]

Ten years passed without any activity. The one who had formed the society and became leader eventually died in a shipwreck in 1966. A memorial was held in honor of the leader, whose title eventually became 'Grandmaster'. His grave was buried next to the headquarters, and to this day, remains. On his will, he stated:

After my death,
I would appoint Jesse McHorman,
to be the next leader of this coliation,
and that all members,
shall bring intimate love for consumption of pie,

Jesse McHorman, only a rookie in the group, became leader. He was appointed leader two days after, but for unknown and strange reasons, died. His will was not yet drafted, therefore, his son, Harold McHorman, was appointed leader. The six-year-old, who was not familiar with the pie, decided to research on the subject and, like his father, grew to dislike the pie. He ordered mass invasion of pie shops across Olde Antarctica. A shopkeeper managed to 'sweep away' the members, his pie shop the only one left in the pile. He would later become rivals with the group.

In June 1967, a law was passed in which 'any disruption to commercial operations of any kind would be banned and whoever disobeys the rule would be given three strokes of the rod'. Strangely, the group followed and did not hold any invasion of pie shops until thirty years later. Instead, the group's vice-leader, also known as the 'Bishop of Pi', shifted the group in a new direction. The group launched attacks on the local government until it was seized. The vice-leader, Thomas Jamboree, was eventually kicked out of the group for corruption charges.

The group remained inactive for three years. Harold has temporarily disbanded the group so as to give themselves a break. In reality, Harold was plotting schemes to attack the remaining pie shop in their hometown. He drafted a total of 287 plans, only two of which became candidates. The remaining 285 are hung up in the company headquarters as motivation posters.

On August the 13th, 1970, the pie shop mysteriously ran out of pies. Ironically, two more pie shops were opened, one of which seemingly gained favorism among the purchasing public. The pie shop owner stood forward to confront the other pie shop owner and assaulted him, causing him to land in jail for two years. The society actually stole all the pies and almost wanted to open a pie shop so as to sell the pies, but were unable to due to the pressure. The pie shop that gained popularity coincidentially opened on the same day. The owner of the pie shop was actually the new vice-leader of the Anti-Pie Group.

The 'Downing' Era[edit]

Downing McHartingson was no happy penguin. He was always in jeopardy, be it his business was failing, his wife divorced him or he stepped on a rake (thus rakes are his worst enemy). Eventually, Downing turned to the Anti-Pie Society to vent his anger. At the same time, Harold McHorman was set to retire after three years of being Grandmaster. He gave an announcement five months prior to his retirement.

Downing entered the group four months prior to Harold's retirement. During 'pie-destruction training', in which members had to destroy pies, he would rank first on the scoreboards almost everytime. During missions, he would prevent the group from being caught. Harold had a very good impression of him. Downing was announced as his heir.

When Harold retired and left the group (although he remained on the group's softball team), Downing took over the group. Having had his anger vented, he no longer found use of the group. However, power overcame him, and he soon began to modify the rulebook so much that, from 30 pages of hating pie, it became 500 pages of hating pie AND caring for the Grandmaster. Only 20 pages of hating pie from the original rulebook were retained.

Several members expressed their concern for his modifications to him, but all of them were kicked out. More members revolted against the leader, but to no avail, almost all of then would be injustly spanked or put in the 'Box of PIES', in which he/she would have to sit through 48 hours of looking at nothing but himself and PIES.

No one later dared to disgrace Downing McHartingson. No one except Prevent Corruption. Prevent learned that Downing was using the group for his own pleasure, and he decided to stand up against him. However, his attempts were futile as he was locked in the Box of PIES for ten straight years. He grew to like pie, but then, as boredom of consuming the same food enranged him, he hated pie more than ever.

No one was allowed to quit the group. Downing eventually became the mayor of the city, and ordered all citizens to obey him. All of them HAD to join the society and attend to him. No one was freed, not even recently hatched chicks. This was the wrath of Downing McHartingson.

On a particularly rainy day in 1980, Prevent grew to have such a hatred of pie that he smashed the metal box open, injuring his flipper. He eventually spanked Downing and his position as Mayor was revoked. Harold, who was ALSO under Downing's corrupted rule (as he was under the softball team), immediately announced the title of Grandmaster to be given to "Prevent Corruption", who later changed his name to Ididit Nocorruption Green. No, he is not an idiot, thank you.

The 'Prevent/Green' Era[edit]

After legally changing his name to Ididit Nocorruption Green, Green decided to revise the entire rulebook so as to eliminate any references of Downing whatsoever. He made the entire rulebook five times longer, with 2500 pages and 9845 rules in regards to hating pie and ways to hate pie. His hatred of pie grew to such an extent that he started developing schizophrenia and believed his colleagues were pies, spanking them like what he did to Downing. Rather than an era of prosperity, the group suffered through an era of even more authoritarian rule.

Ididit Nocorruption Green went on to receive delusions that the government was plotting against the entire penguin race. In 1983, he assaulted a government official, hurting him so badly that the official nearly died from his injuries. Green was jailed in 1984 but broke out within a matter of hours, vowing to kill anyone who sided with authority. He soon reorganised his group so much that the main intention, although still the underlying factor, was no longer to perceive and spread hatred of pie, but to denounce corruption and revolt against it.

Many members tried to quit but they were thought to be "in defiance of the rules" and were locked up in the society's own prison, similar to the "Box of PIES" in the Downing era. Tensions reached its peak in 1986 when the group was ordered to tear down the South Pole Captiol, only to have one-third of the members arrested.

Even more convinced, Green tried to utilise machinery and nearly started a civil war. Thankfully, in 1988, Harold managed to backstab him after acting nice, locking him back in the Box of PIES and throwing him into the ocean, where he floated away to unknown shores.

Harold, now 28, once again became the leader of the group. He decided to focus on public support rather than direct attacks, in order to gain public sympathy.

The Nineties[edit]