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Destroy those walruses!
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction Anti Walrus
Health 100
Level 20
Status Rebelling against walri
Location Anti Walrus Wiki

AntiWalrus is an Anti Walrus activist. Surprisingly, he himself is a walrus and therefore he was shunned by his species and denied entry into the Walrus Crime Ring. He often teams up with Wompus78 when it comes to all things anti walrus.


Early Life[edit]

Nobody knows where he really came from, but AntiWalrus claims that he was born in a place that was neither hot nor cold, but as soon as he could squeak his parents were taken away. As an orphan, he was imprisoned by humans, and was placed into a cage to entertain other humans, along with some other grumpy old walri whom he wasn't fond of. One night, when he and the other walri were moving cages out at sea, the cage door accidently flung open and, desperate for his freedom, he slid out into the ocean, found a large object and clung onto it for days and nights, and eventually drifted to the Arctic Kingdom. Except for a few senior walri and migrating birds, nobody believes this story, however, but it is certain that he was an orphan walrus, and drifted to the Arctic whilst holding onto a raft.

Unfortunately, the raft came aground onto a shoal, and was smashed to pieces. AntiWalrus was about to drown, when he was saved by some migrating birds, who nursed him back to health. This unusual upbringing is probably one of the reasons he is anti-walri. Ten weeks afterwards, however, Arctic Foxes came and scattered the birds (who were going to migrate anyway) and even ate one or two of them. Once they had done the deed, they noticed AntiWalrus huddled in the corner, frightened out of his wits, and, out of pity, the foxes adopted him as one of their own.

This is one of the reasons how AntiWalrus can speak two languages - English (from the birds) and Arctic Foxian.

Later Life[edit]

The foxes then took him to Arctic Fox territory, and lived his childhood there. To make sure he grew up the opposite of naïve (unlike ASTERISK WALRUS), they told him somewhat grim stories of foxes, Arctic Hares and whatnot having miserable deaths due to their being careless and naïve. Walri often starred in these stories, beginning his grudge against walri. He then grew wary of strangers, and suspicious of wide open spaces, because of his former upbringing. He also sharpened his tusks to use as weapons, just in case the humans came back to capture him.

One day, some travelling walri wandered into the area and the Arctic Foxes accepted them in, as long as they left after a week. As usual with his character, was highly suspicious of them. Although the walri charmed him in some ways, he thought them very rough, and his suspicion was well-formed, because on the night when the walri left, they had left their lodgings in an unspeakable mess, and had attacked and injured any Arctic Foxes (usually foxes he knew well) whom they passed by. This is how AntiWalrus earned his hatred and opposition against walri.

However, some years later, he realized that he too was a walrus and not an arctic fox, and to try and overcome his grudge and become more walrus-like, he left the area (not without shedding tears over leaving his adoptive family) to migrate to walrus territory. Unfortunately, when he got there, due to his being not familiar to walrus tradition and society, his habits and foxy accent made him stick out like a sore thumb; this didn't help in overcoming his hatred of walri, and instead made him reluctant to even come out of his walrus-cave. Believing that the other walri knew more than him, he also became quite gullible.

This is how one cold day, he was going to hear a performance of a long walrus song to entertain himself, when another walrus who was in the audience befriended him. AntiWalrus thought that the other walrus was just like him, and began to rely on the walrus on many ways. However, the walrus was using AntiWalrus for its own advantage - namely, its mission was to send off AntiWalrus from Walrus Territory once and for all. Somehow, the walrus managed to persuade him to leave his home for Antarctica, and succeeded.

Current Life[edit]

AntiWalrus became determined to leave, and began to make a raft. The other walrus helped him to find the wood, but whenever he was sent to get it, he would choose the thinnest logs he could find, so the raft had a self-destructive element. By the time the raft was finished, AntiWalrus had began to grow suspicious of him, but as he was seemingly doing him a good turn, he trusted him. He left early one morning, and by evening, he realized he had been fooled - the walrus had guaranteed the wood was top-quality, but a quarter had suddenly broken to pieces, and he knew he was still in walrus territory, so he shouted for help, but nobody came.



AntiWalrus, to his constant irritation, looks just like your average walrus - grey, floppy, and large. The only way he can distinguish himself from other, more evil walri is just to wear a cap saying "ANTIWALRUS" or some un-walrus-ish jacket. Fortunately for him, he is almost always accompanied by one or two trademark bouncers named Bert and Bart, so if any undercover walrus or walrus-sympathizer tries to attack him, he can be protected by these one/two tough penguins.

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