Antics Festival

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Antics Festival
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Inspiration(s) Everyone in the game
Developer Snowtendo
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
August 4th, 2009
Release in the UTR
September 14th, 2009
Release in Dorkugal
September 13th, 2009
Additional info
Genre Multiplayer
Platform Snowtendo Vii
Rating ESRB for Everyone
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Antics Festival is a massively multiplayer online video game where up to eight players compete against one another on insane and unpredictable levels and off-the-wall "small-games" per turn.


The game explains itself before the title screen begins.
Once upon a time, an accidental programming error occurred in the Narrator's Fife, back in the High Penguin Confederacy. The code stated that, one thousand years from the error, a special asteroid was to be granted sentience and great power. This asteroid is called the Decacentinnial Asteroid, and its formation occurred in 2009. So great was the power of this rock, that it fell from the sky after passing a light year from the earth. Gravity was not involved, the asteroid just turned and head straight for the planet. Explorer, who happened to be bored out of his mind, saw the Decacentinnial Asteroid crash, and he approached the crater. Dozens of others had seen it and flocked to the area as well. All of them were intrigued by the glowing space rock, and they all wanted to keep it for themselves. Mayor McFlapp stated they could play a new board game he had invented to see who would get to keep the Decacentinnial Asteroid. He brought out a huge box with all of the necessary supplies. However, just as everyone sat down to play, the Asteroid gave off a brilliant flash of light and teleported everyone inside the game. The Decacentinial Asteroid, which was revealed to be extremely sentient, stated that whoever could win on the Mayor's board game would keep him and become the "Greatest Ultra Steller Mass in the Universe"! ...-but only one can win. Who will it be?


Players take turns spinning a roulette. The number on the wheel determines how far each player goes. When the number runs out, players stop on various Spots which do various things (see the Spots section). After everyone has done their turn, a Small-Game is played, the winner earning money. Spots and items can affect gameplay or drastically change the events and outcome. Players can use these twists as well as Items to best their opponents. The ultimate objective is to have to most Waffles at the end of the game.


Character Gender Species Availability
Explorer 767 Male Adelie Penguin Start
Fred 676 Male Adelie Penguin Start
Rockhopper Male Rockhopper Penguin Start
Gary Male Emperor Penguin Start
Sensei Male Emperor Penguin Start
Cadence Female Adelie Penguin Start
Mabel Female Puffle Start
Tails6000 Male Adelie Penguin Start
Sanity Penguin Male Human Start
Midas Aurumen Male Dorkugese Penguin Start
King Triskelle Male High Penguin Start
Speeddasher Male Penguin Unlockable (play two hundred Item Small-Games total)
Captain Str00del Male Ghost Unlockable (aquire five Waffles in one 20 turn or less game and finish in First)
GANGSTA G Male Penguin Unlockable (in Bugzy's Casino Room, play the Lucky Thirteen small-game and successfully get the Thirteen.
Manny Peng Male Mwa Mwa Penguin Unlockable (in one game, spin at least thirteen sixes, lose a BCR game, and finish in last place)
Sam Rudi Male PWNguin Unlockable (in water ball dodgeball find and hit Sam 5 times, and win)
Communist Poker Face Female Ghost (of a Khanz Penguin) Unlockable (finish in first place with over two hundred pebbles)
Klutzy Male Crab Unlockable (in Small-Game mode, play Klutzy Kapture three times in a row, and win all three)
Willy the Penguin Male Adelie Penguin Unlockable (Finish in first place in at least five games)
The Leader Male Dark Penguin Unlockable (in Small-Game mode, Win Dark Penguin Defence three times, then play, in Small-Game mode, Nerd Attack, and win.)
UBully Male Jerk Penguin Unlockable (in Small-Game mode, Win Nerd Attack four times.)
Ashton Cool Male Jerk Penguin Unlockable (in Small-Game mode, Win Nerd Attack four times, and have 20 Waffles or more at the end of the game.)
Tidalwave11 Male Kanta Penguin Unlockable (unlock five unlockable characters.)
Alxeedo the Awesome Male Macaroni Penguin Unlockable (Win a game, and play three small-games)
The Doctor Male Human Unlockable (Win Leopard Seal Attack ten times)
Alxeedoo1010 Male Penguin Unlockable (Unlocked when Alxeedo the Awesome and Alxeedoo Spammer are unlocked.)
Alxeedoo Spammer Male Str00del Robot Unlockable (Unlock [[Alxeedo the Awesome), and win The Great Darktonian Pie War small-game three times.)
Mayor McFlapp Male Arctic Tern Unlockable (win three Bugzy Casino Games or Chance Moment games in a row)
Director Benny Male Puffle Unlockable (win five Shroomsky games in a row)
Illustrator Keith Male Little Penguin Unlockable (play four Herbert games, win the first and third ones while losing the second and fourth ones -- waffles, items, or pebbles lost in the second and fourth games will be replaced when you unlock Illustrator Keith)
DJ X Male Chinstrap Penguin Unlockable (win three Half VS. Half Games in a row and then win an Item Game)
Star Kirby12 Male Adelie Penguin Unlockable (Complete the game.)
Richperson Male Adelie Penguin Unlockable(Unlock at least 10 characters.)
Mr. West Male Emperor Penguin Unlockable (do the Piffle Schlop 100 consecutive times)
Amigopen Male Northern Penguin Unlockable (Win 10 Free-for-All games in a row)
Natashi Von Maple Female Northern Penguin Unlockable (Win 10 Nerd Attack small games as a nerd in a row)
Snow Male White Puffle Unlockable (Play the PuffleVille Board, and land on an Interrobang Space.)
Mr Cow2 Male Oversized Galapagos Penguin Unlockable (Complete Sea Cheese Sea/PuffleVille with Snow/Fooly (Fooly has to win PuffleVille or Snow has to win Sea Cheese Sea))
Wikipenguino45 Male Emperor Penguin Unlockable (Unlock at least 25 characters)
Copier Guy Male Jerk Penguin Unlockable (Play with Captain Str00del in Str00del's Toy Box, then land on Number 9.)


Antics Festival can be played on various 'Levels, all of which are different.

List of Levels[edit]

Name Difficulty Description Interrobang Space does...
Dorkugal Heights One of Three stars. A straightforward board that goes on three levels. At the top, the player goes back down to the start and ascends again. Waffles are purchased for twenty pebbles at the last space on the top. Five out of six times,stepping on it sends a gush of smoothie liquid surging down a set path, washing anyone who is hit by it back to Start. The other either gives you ten pebbles or causes a Herbert Event on all players.
Str00del's Toy Box Two of Three Stars When a player lands on an Interrobang space, Mister Bean appears and hits a dice block. Depending on what comes up, the player can recieve a free Waffle, switch places with another player, or lose twenty pebbles.
Evil Lake Two of Three Stars When a player lands on an Interrobang, Fords will come up, and take you to the start. However, you'll be given a chance, and you role a dice. Depending on what you get, you either go back to your old square, you go to a shop, you play a single player small-game, or you loosing all your Pebbles.
Angel Island Two of Three Stars Tails6000's island home, This includes his friends and some reason Aye-Que joins herbert in the events. When a player lands on the introbang space, you will be teleported to the master gem, where Fists will tell you to stop Aye-Que robots from stealing the Master Gem, everyone uses their trademark weapon. In example, If your Tails, you can use his hot sauce machine gun. Everyone has either a projectile weapon or melee weapon, projectile weapons are most effective
Mr. West's Condominium Unit 2/3 Play a level you have played in a simulated style. A copy of Antics Festival is installed without this stage in this unit.
Sea Cheese Sea 3/3 This level contains a lot of traps and randomness. It also takes place underwater. Interrobang spaces summon the Propellor Cap Trio, which makes you spin a wheel and a random thing happens. The possibilities are: Get a free waffle, spin the moving wheel again, pebble jackpot, get a rare item, get an exclusive Fooly Candy, lose all your pebbles, lose a waffle, steal a waffle or do nothing.
PuffleVille 3/3 If randomness is what you wish for, Snow and Pals have the board all Puffleified. Interrobang spaces summon Snow or FrostByte, which makes you spin a wheel. The possible actions are: Teleport to another player, get a rare FrostByte candy, do nothing, teleport to the Puffle Shop, or spin it again.


At the end of everyone's turn, a Small-Game is played. The winner obtains money. Some small-games are Spot-initiated and are not played at the end of the turn.


  • The types of Small-Games are Item, Free-For-All, Herbert, Bugzy Casino, Half Versus Half, Battle, Single-Player, Chance Moment and Shroomsky.
  • Item games occur when a player lands on an Item Spot. Instead of having to purchase an item for pebbles at a shop, the player can try and win an item via the events.
  • Free-For-All games have a chance of occurring at the end of each round. All characters compete against one another for a ten pebble prize, given to the last player standing.
  • Herbert games occur if a player, unfortunately, lands on a Herbert Spot and "HSG" is chosen on the selector. Something terrible usually hapens to all losers, such as losing coins, items, and on rare occasions, losing a Waffle.
  • Bugzy Casino games are pure luck and high-risk escapades where a player can either leave with more money or no money, no in-between. They occur if a player lands on a Bugzy Spot.
  • Half Versus Half games have a chance of occuring at the end of each round. Players are randomly divided into two teams. Each winning player on the victorious team earns ten coins.
  • In a Battle game, all players must hand over some money (in ten, twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty increments), and compete for money. The highest winning players (those in first, second, third, and fourth), get shares of the loot. These are activated by landing on a Battle Spot.
  • Single-player games are activated via landing on a Single Player spot. Whoever lands on it plays a quick small-game and earns ten coins if they win.
  • Chance Moment games occur when one lands on a ZOMG spot. These dramatic small-games can actually change the outcome. The player stops a slot machine that can force two players to trade coins, waffles, or items, or cause one player to give coins, waffles, or items to another. It's all up to chance, hence the name.
  • Shroomsky games occur when one lands on a Shroomsky spot. Professor Shroomsky takes whpoever lands on it to single player quiz where they must answer three real-world trivia questions about Antarctic subjects such as politics, math, science, useless facts, etc. . If the player gets all three right, they get a Waffle. If they miss any, however, they must hand Shroomsky twenty pebbles.

List of Small-Games[edit]

Name Type Objective Description
Nerd Attack Half verses half game Shove at least more then 10 Penguins in the locker (shoving fellow Jerks will make you loose a waffle)! If you're a Nerd, survive for four mins. You're a Jerk Penguin- you must shove as many Prepguins, Nerds and Greasers in the locker! Or, plays as a Nerd, and escape the evil Jerks!
Dark Penguin Attack Single player game Survive the Dark Penguin for a min. Dark Penguin attack! Get your Snow Ball Gun and drive them out!
SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!!! Half verses half game Be the last player standing in the arena It's a snowball fight, be the last person standing to win.
The Great Darktonian Pie War Half verses half game One player is Professor Shroomsky, the other is Darktan. If you're on Darktan's Side (you'll recognize yourself because you'll be a Doom Knight), you must steal The Silmaris. If you're on Professor Shroomky's side (you'll recognize yourself because you'll be a High Penguin, you must steal The Shadow Amulate.) Darktan can transform into Maledict, while Professor Shroomsky can summon the High Penguin army. Fight with pies; win as good or evil!
Puf-fling Sling Free-for-All Pull the slingshot by pressing the button as quickly as you can. Whoever launches the puffle longest will win the Small-Game. How far can you shoot a puffle? Time to find out!
Foolish Shuffle Free-for-All Each member of the Propellor Cap Trio hides inside 1 of 5 identical boxes. After shuffling them for a bit, each player must choose a single box. Choosing Fooly's box will get you +10 points, Fuzzle's box will get you +5 points, Folly's box will get you +1 point and an empty box will give you no points. There are 5 rounds! Find the fools hiding in the boxes!
Bumper Balls Free-for-All Control your ball with wonky physics and knock other players off the stage. Knock opponents off-stage in this classic Small-Game
Feed-A-Puffle Free-for-All Feed Snow and his pals some Puffle o's! Different puffles have different values! A wonderful way to look back.
Condemner Says Free-for-All Press a button to strike a pose when the Condemner raises his left arm. If he raises his right arm, don't pose. If he catches you not doing it right, he points at you, which opens a hole in the ground underneath your character's feet! Be the last one standing to win! The Condemner wants to play a game! Be the last one ali- err, playing to win.


Name Picture Cost What it Does
Double Dice 10 pebbles Move further!
Triple Dice 15 pebbles Move even further!
Ultimate Dice 20 pebbles You get to choose how far you move!
Pebbly Candy 10 pebbles Attract pebbles as you move!
Portal Candy 10 pebbles Swap places with another player!
Waffle Candy 20 pebbles Adds another Waffle to the board!
Fooly Candy N/A Only obtainable at the Sea Cheese Sea. It's a secret!
FrostByte Candy N/A Free (On PuffleVille) Available on the PuffleVille board. It's really a secret what happens.
Cheese Nugget 20 pebbles Doubles the amount you rolled if you rolled a 3 or under.



Non-Playable Characters[edit]

Name Gender Purpose
Bugzy Male Bugzy is the host of all Bugzy Casino small-games. When one lands on a Bugzy Spot, Bugzy appears, black bags the player (AKA prohibits the viewer from seeing), steals all of their money, and whisks them off to his Casino. Players can double, triple, or even more upon their pebbles, but if they lose, all of their money becomes Bugzy's money!
Dorkugese Penguins Male / Female There are some Dorkugese NPCs in Nerd Attack, that will try and escape the Jerks.
Prepguins Male / Female There are some Prepguin NPCs in Nerd Attack. They'll run away from the Jerks, but they'll give wet willies, threaten, or pickpocket Nerds.
Greasers Male / Female There are some Greaser NPCs in Nerd Attack. They'll run away from Jerks, but they will threaten, push, or pickpocket Nerds.
Jock Penguins Male / Female There are some Jock NPCs in Nerd Attack. Jock NPCs will shove Nerds in the locker, along with Prepguins and Greasers. They will get into fights with Jerks.
Jerk Penguins Male / Female There are some Jerk NPCs in Nerd Attack. Jerk NPCs will shove Nerds in the locker, along with Prepguins and Greasers. They will get into fights with Jocks.
Lichenblossomese Nerds Male / Female There are some Lichenblossomese Nerd NPCs in Nerd Attack. They are unfriendly to both Jerks and Nerds alike, excluding Jocks and Greasers. They will throw water balloons at Nerds in their range; getting hit by one of these balloons will result in losing 10 Pebbles. They will fire Deletion Missiles at Jerks in their range; getting hit by one of these missiles will result in losing a Waffle.
Clyde Male Mainly he just gives you advice. He can pop up on the screen at any time to give you a hint. He is accessible only with a cheat code (press Ctrl-& and enter "DOOHICKEY" in the new window).
High Penguins Male High Penguin NPCs can be summoned by the player whose controling Professor Zlo Shroomsky in The Great Darktonian Pie War small-game.
Dark Templar Male Dark Templar heal wounded players on Darktan's side in The Great Darktonian Pie War small-game.
The Master Puffles Males and Females The Master Puffles will sell items to you at the item shop.
The Puffle Powerhouse Trio Male The bunch appears a handful of times.
The Propellor Cap Trio 2 male, 1 female Fooly, Fuzzle and Folly make cameos in various Small-Games.
The Condemner ??? The Condemner is the judge during the Condemner Says small-game.