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City of Antilles
Antilles Flag.png

Antilles Public Transport.png
Public transport map of Antilles
Country United States of Antarctica
Area Trans-Antarctica
Headquarters Antilles City Hall
General information
Native name Antilles
Demonym Antillean
Founded 1540
2003 (Incorporated)
Time zone Penguin Standard Time (PST)
Summer time Penguin Daylight Time (PDT)

The City of Antilles is a large, historic metropolis located on the coast of Trans-Antarctica. Antilles is a financial and trading hub and is home to the Miranda Stock Exchange, the largest Stock Exchange in Trans-Antarctica.

Due to Antilles' varied history and late incorporation into the United States of Antarctica, the city possesses a unique and independent culture compared to the rest of Trans-Antarctica.


Antilles was a historical member of the Fanta League, a system of maritime trade between port cities that stretched throughout the Sub-Antarctic. The modern city of Antilles was founded around the time of the League's conception, although the area had been continuously occupied by penguins since the Penguin Empire. As a result of its strategic location and independent nature, Antilles was never part of the High Penguin Confederacy and held a positive trading relationship with its neighbor.

A large portion of Antilles was severely damaged during the Khanzem War, with much of the Old Town leveled by Zeppelin air raids and long-range artillery. The city remained a stronghold for The Good Guys, however, and managed to withstand a siege lasting two years. The city of Miranda was founded in 1924 as a closely related yet independent financial center.

The cities were briefly occupied by STINC-zachal during the STINC War, but were liberated by an Allied Forces operation in mid-1990. Antilles and Miranda regained their independence after the war and did not join Colonial Antarctica under Puffish rule. Due to financial difficulties and relative instability in 1994, Miranda was officially absorbed by Antilles which brought an end to over half a century of coexistence. By this point the two cities had expanded to a point where any physical or visual distinction between the two was impossible, and in many areas a political border was only theoretical. Shortly after the Sub-Antarctic Bypass Route was established with a primary port in Antilles, the Antillean economy in the following years grew significantly due to the larger influx of trade and investment.

After the formation of the United States of Antarctica, Antilles remained an independent city-state but was pressured into negotiations regarding a trade union. Certain political factions within the city pushed for greater integration until a bill of incorporation was proposed by the Antilles local government. Antilles was officially annexed by Antarctica in 2003, incorporated into the state of Trans-Antarctica as an autonomous economic zone.

In the modern day, Antilles suffers from a number of villain epidemics which combat the local EPF on a regular basis.


Located on a small peninsula in the Sub-Antarctic, Antilles is physically separated from Trans-Antarctica by the Antillean Canal which runs between the Sub-Antarctic Sea and Miranda Bay. The canal was dug in the 1960s to reduce the distance required for short journeys around the city.







As a result of the villain epidemics spawned from general city mismanagement or corruption, a number of superheroes have risen to help defend the city. The most prominent of these was a Super Penguin named Silver Bullet, who protected the city for over a decade before retiring in 2011.

Today only a handful of superheroes exist, although none are true Super Penguins. While the city's EPF branch officially supports the activities of certain registered heroes, a number of system abuses has led to corrupt penguins pretending to be superheroes.


As a result of a loophole in the annexation agreement not indicating which county was to absorb the city, Antilles is an independent city. In practice this has little effect on the city's political status within Trans-Antarctica, but grants Antilles greater autonomy compared to equivalent cities in other counties.



Antilles is served by Antilles International Airport, which historically hosted Air Antilles until the airline merged with TransAir in 2008.

Law Enforcement[edit]

Main Article: EPF Antilles

Unlike in most other cities across Antarctica, the Elite Penguin Force branch stationed in Antilles operates openly as a law enforcement body alongside the Antilles Police Department in order to combat the city's crime and villain epidemic. The EPF is headquartered in the EPF Tower, an 80-story building in downtown Miranda.

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