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Gender Male
Race Red Puffle
Health 40
Level 23
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date July 26, 2008 (2008-07-26) (age 10)
Fur color Red
Interests Wearing sunglasses
  • Malusdomesticaphobia
  • Bananaphobia
Friends Zeno124
Enemies Dev66
Archetype Good

Apple (born in 2008) is Zeno124's red puffle. He likes to think of himself as "cool".


How the Fear Started[edit]

Apple was born on July 26, 2008. His parents were unknown. Since he lost his parents, he became a wild puffle.

Apple first found an apple when he was hopping around the Forest. He ran into an apple tree and the apple fell down and hit him on the head. When the apple landed on the ground, Apple looked toward it and hit it. Just then, another apple fell on him. He hit that one, too. Then another apple. Then another, and another. Apple thought the apples on the tree were against him, so he hopped quickly out of the Forest.

How the Second Fear Started[edit]

After the apple incident, Apple looked up and found a banana tree. He was hungry at the time, so he decided to climb the tree and grab a banana. He did so. He bit on the banana, not knowing that he needed to peel it first. It tasted DISGUSTING. It also hurt Apple's teeth a bit. So he ran away from the banana tree, too.

A Great Owner[edit]

On July 26, 2012, when Apple was turning 4 years old, he hopped to the Pet Shop. He saw many other puffles to play with there. It was so fun for him.

Until the very next day, a blue penguin walked into the shop and found Apple.

The blue penguin was then revealed to Apple to be Zeno124. Zeno took care of Apple every day and was sure never to lose him.


Apple is a small red puffle who often wears black sunglasses. A strange thing about him is that when he is blushing, his cheeks turn yellow.


Apple is a "cool" puffle. He embraces this "coolness" by wearing sunglasses. Apple is also afraid of apples and bananas (as mentioned a lot of times above).


  • Despite his name, Apple has a strange fear of apples. He HATES THEM.
    • One time, when Apple saw an apple, he pulled out a shotgun and shot it.
    • When Zeno124 first offered Apple an apple, he bit Zeno's hand.
      • This is when Zeno first found out Apple hates apples.
        • However, when Mcdonalds394 offered Apple an apple, he squeaked, turned about 3 times and knocked Mcdonalds out unconscious. It was sort of amusing to watch.
    • For some reason, Apple also has a fear of bananas.
      • This makes him not like Dev66, who is obsessed with bananas.
  • Apple is one of TwoZenos124's three characters that are based on real Club Penguin characters.
    • The other two are Zeno124 and Dev66.
    • The reasoning behind him being an actual character is that he is Zeno124's real pet puffle in the game.


Individual Quotes[edit]

  • "Squeak!" --Apple, along with most other puffles, squeaks.


(Zeno is about to offer Apple an apple.)

Zeno: You want an apple, Apple? Ha! That sounds funny.

Apple: (gasps) Squeak squeak!

Zeno: Um, okay. Here. Have it. (gives Apple the apple)

Apple: (growls and bites Zeno on the hand)

Zeno: (apple falls out of hand) OOOWWWWW! Well, I guess you don't like apples...

(Zeno is introducing Dev to Apple.)

Zeno: Apple? I'd like you to meet Dev. He likes bananas. A lot.

Apple: (gasps)

Dev: Hi, little guy!

Apple: (backs away from Dev)

Dev: What's wrong?

Apple: (growls loudly)

Dev: (backs away and out of Zeno's igloo)

Zeno: What was that for?!

Apple: (makes a face that seems to say "I dunno.")

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