Arachnid Boy

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Peter Plentar/Arachnid Boy
The spectacular, the sensational! The amazing ARACHNID BOY!
Title The Amazing Arachnid Boy
Gender Male
Race Penguin/Spider
Faction The Defenders
Health 100%
Level Level 50 Superhero
Status Experienced Superhero
Location Unknown

Pedro Plentar, or the Amazing Arachnid Boy is a superhero in South Pole City. Amazingly he is not a boy, he is 23 years old. he keeps the name boy because he began fighting crime at 13 years old.



Pedro Plentar parent's were killed in a car accident after Pedro was born. From that day on his uncle and aunt took care of him. Peter wasn't very strong in physical, by in brains, he had it all. He had a full scholarship to Penguin Academy, and after he graduated, he got another scholarship to Penguin University. He was often picked on by jocks, but was defended by his best friend Perry Hosborn.

During a field trip with his fellow Penguin Academy students, a radioactive spider bit him. He quickly ran out of the room and realize he had amazing powers. The spider gave him amazing powers, like DNA mixed with spider-DNA, can shoot webs from wrists, stick to walls, have spider-sense, super strength and agility.

Pedro signed entered a ring so he could fight a famous wrestler. He easily beat him up. After the show, Pedro asked to be paid by the owners, but they refused after finding out he was a minor. Pedro saw a burglar steal the money and run away and didn't stop him. Once he returned home, he found his uncle was killed. Filled with rage, he hunted down the criminal.

Pedro found him in an old abandoned warehouse (soon to be Walrus Warehouse). Pedro took off the criminal's mask and found out it was the burglar he didn't stop. Filled with guilt, Pedro webbed him up and left him for the police. Peter remember his Uncle's last words to him ,"With great pwnage, comes great responsibility" and understood what that meant.

To make up for his mistake, Pedro became Arachnid Boy trying to save the world from criminals. He took on some ner-do-well baddies like Orange Ogre. In order to make money, he took pictures of himself in action and sold them to the Newspaper the Daily Foghorn. His boss, Theodore Thaddeus Thompson III hated Arachnid Boy with a passion, and it always gave Pedro kicks that he was getting money from him.

Arachnid Boy eventually joined the Defenders, becoming one of the most experienced superhero in the USA.

Orange Ogre[edit]

Pedro worked hard to take down the Underground PWN Mafia and was very successful in curbing crime. He had to manage is social life and his superhero life but eventually had a girlfriend named Berry Brunt. Berry loved him, but Pedro wasn't the best boyfriend because he was always webslinging. Berry's father was also very ill and she and her brother, Barty Brunt, worked hard to take care of him.

Eventually a new criminal, Master-Crime came into the picture. Master-Crime worked hard to stop Arachnid Boy, and was very successful. However a new criminal came into town, the supervillain Orange Ogre who wanted Arachnid boy all for himself. Orange Ogre captured Arachnid Boy and showed him to a bunch of criminals, however, Arachnid Boy woke up before he was unmasked. He unmasked Master Crime and found out that he was Barty Brunt, who needed the money to help his dying father. There was chaos, and Barty was shot. Arachnid boy chased the Orange Ogre to a room and they fought. The Orange Ogre was electrocuted, but when he woke up he was Gregory Hosborn, not Orange Ogre. Pedro decided that Perry needed his father, and let Gregory resume his life.

Skulvan the Hunter[edit]

Bugzy noticed that the newspaper was turning against Arachnid Boy and wanted to tip the favor. He hired the MetaMutant Masquerade to pretend to be Arachnid Boy. She used a bunch of gadgets to mimic Arachnid Boy's strength, agility, and web slinging, and started robbing banks.

The public quickly turned against Arachnid Boy, and he decided to clear his name. At this time, the arrogant bounty hunter, Skulvan was hired to take down Arachid Boy. Even though Skulvan was incredibly strong due to his training, he was no match for Arachnid Boy's super strength, and Aracnhid Boy quickly took him out.

Skulvan found out about HosCorp's human trials for Ovular Orange, so he became the first subject. His abilities were greatly enhanced, but his mental state deteriorated. He began to pursue Arachnid Boy and became a reoccurring villain.

Doctor Shocktopus[edit]

Pedro got a job at the university working for a scientist named Sheldon Shocktavius. Sheldon worked with Pedro's parents and was happy to hire Pedro. However Gregory Hosborne ran a bill that would limit the funds to the university. With inferior equipment, Sheldon Shocktavius got into a freak lab accident that caused his mechanical tentacles to be fused to his back.

For his revenge, he kidnapped the daughter of the owners of Chemicorp, Lisa Adder, one of the popular girls at Pedro's school and demanded an ransom. The parents were willing to comply but Arachnid Boy saved Lisa in time and Doctor Schocktopus became a reoccurring foe of his.

Purple Suit[edit]

One day when fighting Doctor Shocktopus, Pedro was knocked I to a container. The container contained an experiment be Shocktopus, which was a combination of protozoa and nanotechnology intended to bind to a host and increase their strength and stamina. It was in the form of purple good. It latched to Arachnid Boy and took over as his new suit. At first he liked it because 8th increased his powers and didn't require him to undress. However the suit made him more aggressive and nasty. He pushed away his friends and aunt. One day he tried to kill a villain, and realized that he would never do that. He took off the suit before it could further bond to him.

The Centipede[edit]

The Newspaper Chief, Theodore Thaddeus Thompson III was angry that Arachnid Boy's popularity was rising, and wanted to know who he was. He hired a detective named Maisie Gordon, who followed Pedro around because Pedro took the pictures of Arachnid Boy for Theodore. However, Pedro noticed this and misdirected Maisie. Maisie was angry, so she and Theodore teamed up with HosCorp to make her stronger, faster, and more powerful. They spliced her DNA with a centipede, since Centipedes were natural enemies of Arachnids, and gave her a cybernetic implant. The Centipede was a match fo Arachnid Boy, defeating him in most circumstances.


Pedro was about to graduate from High School. He had amazing grades, and became quite popular. Also may girls liked him.

Graduation was two days away, when a new Orange Ogre appeared. Pedro was very busy fighting the new Ogre. The new Ogre is a match to Pedro, who suffers many battle wounds. Due to him constantly fighting the Ogre, Pedro missed one gym class.

Due to this one gym class, Pedro lost 1 credit. That gym class was a mandatory test. He couldn't graduate.

Pedro made up for the loss by attending summer school.

Unmasking of the new Orange Ogre[edit]

During one of their fights, a random mushroom threw a can of beans at the Orange Ogre. The can knocked him out cold. The mushroom quickly hopped away.

Arachnid Boy unmasked Orange Ogre. It turned out to be Ogreno Hosborn's son, and Pedro's best friend:Perry Hosborn!

Trying to protect his best friend, he removed the Orange Ogre costume from Perry and brought him back to the house.

The can of beans also gave Perry amnesia. Due to this, he forgot he was ever the Orange Ogre.


Arachnid Boy fights crime in South Pole City. Since he started, crime rates dropped 50%, and only super baddies fight Arachnid-Boy.

Arachnid-Boy once went through a phase where he spun a web and hid in it, like a cocoon. After he came out, he gained many more powers.

Pedro is married to Mary-Claire Johnson.

Powers and Abilities[edit]


When bitten by a radioactive spider, Pedro gained powers similar to the traits of a spider.

  • Super strength - Arachnid Boy can lift up to 2 tons. Just by knocking a door, he will be break the door. He can also jump higher than a average penguin. When he first discovered his powers, he jumped over a 2 story apartment
  • Enhanced speed and stamina - Arachnid Boy can run faster than an average person. His stamina is also higher than an average penguin. For example, if running a marathon, he wouldn't be tired at the end, whereas a regular penguin would be exhausted.
  • Super reflexes - Arachnid Boy has extremely fast reflexes. This allows him to dodge bullets, pies, and any projectile in Antarctica.
  • Wall-Crawling - Arachnid Boy is able to stick to walls and surfaces deemed impossible to travel on by penguins. For example, he could climb a vertical plane.


  • Master acrobat - Arachnid Boy is a master acrobat. He is an experienced parkour artist, and is able to use this trait in combat.
  • Master combatant - Throughout his years of heroism, Arachnid Boy was able to learn how to properly fight. He is able to take on master martial artist like Doctor Logic and fend for himself.


  • Symbiotic blob - The blob that created his purple suit eventually left him and chose a new host. The blob disrupted his powers and


Arachnid Boy has had many suits, but has also reverted back to his normal suit.

Regular Blue and Red Suit[edit]

His normal suit. Symbolizing patriotism, he has a spider design on the front, webbing design on the flippers, and another spider on the back. The chest are red. The mask's eyepiece is made of a two-way mirror, no one can look inside, but someone can look out.

His mask has a web design, with red in between.

Purple Suit[edit]

The purple.suit was one of many inventions by Sheldon Shicktavius. It was developed to enhance ones physical abilities using both symbiotic microbes and nanotechnology. When Arachnid boy was having a fight with Shocktopus not leaked out of its contained and it went to Arachnid Boy and merged with him. The blob changed Arachnid Boy's suit to red and blue, to purple. The spider became bigger and looked more intimidating. The suit also made Arachnid Boy's webs purple.

The suit made Arachnid Boy more aggressive, so aggressive, he almost killed his enemy. The suit also took control and made Peter go web-slinging at night, without even knowing.

The suit's weakness is high pitched frequencies, which Arachnid Boy used to his advantage. Eventually the sit left him, and found another host.

Iron Arachnid[edit]

Iron Walrus once built a suit for Peter when the Defenders fought Thorn the Tern, who went berserk. This suit was stronger, and enabled Arachnid Boy to fly. Also spider-like legs came out from the back of his costume, to use in combat. Thorn eventually destroyed the suit.

Commander Power[edit]

When Arachnid Boy absorbed everyone's superpowers, his suit changed dramatically, and gained many powers. He thought he was dying, but he had become the newest Commander Power. Commander Power is a disease only one person can get. It comes up every 500 years.

Peter lost the powers and the suit after three weeks.

Auburn Arachnid[edit]

After Peter had a clone made of him, his clone became the Auburn Arachnid. This clone eventually crumbled and died.


Arachnid Boy has been called many names. Some names include but are not limited to

  • Web-Slinger
  • Web-Head
  • Spider
  • Arachnid
  • Handsome Neighbor Arachnid Boy
    • Most used
  • Wannabe Boy Scout


Arachnid Boy tries to help and of lady cross.the street
Arachnid Boy: No, I'm Arachnid Boy.

Arachnid Boy picks up somebody in danger and swings her to safety
Arachnid Boy: Actually, I'm a spid--
Womens sprays ditto spray at Arachnid Boy
Arachnid Boy: MY EYES!!!!! (drops woman and she splats on the ground)

I don't get why ladies hit me with purses, spray me with ditto, and make their puffles bite. And I thought the Fat ones were jolly.

While talking to the Orange Ogre.
Arachnid Boy: Orange Ogre? Why not choose something cool like Green Goblin, or Hobgoblin. Even The Cushion is cooler!
Orange Ogre: MY DAD CHOOSE IT OK!!!!

I've fought vicious villains and almost died and I can't get a date for the prom? Something is wrong with me.

Examining Purple Suit
Arachnid Boy: Purple? Oh well, at least its not pink. Then ALL of my dignity would be gone.


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