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The Arcanti are Swiss's most reserved force, and his black flipper, from which he controls Snowzerland. These troops commit missions in silent, take out important members of enemy forces, and gurad Swiss. These are legendary soldiers, and there are only 25 in Antartica. However, some have departed and joined Nightmare, some have split, and some are still with Swiss. These silent warriors are very feared in Snowzerland and it's provinces.


The Arcanti were started near the beginnings of Snowzerland, when Swiss Ninja came to power. He went directly to Wrath Sensei, a much forgotten ninja, and recruited 20 of his most powerful dark ninjas. These were trained to become elite assassins with the art of deletion, and were also trained in camoflauge, explosives, and all sorts of weaponry. After they were trained, the Arcanti were Swiss's secret soldiers. He used these in the GSWI, to get into cities and to demolish the gates, letting the Snoss in. However, after that, Swiss was fed up with the Arcanti not being able to catch Fisch, so in their place he hired Austin.

Once this happened, the Arcanti were incorporated into the RDA Army, teaching clones of Django Ghent along with other bounty hunters. However, the Arcanti tired of this, and left Swiss's employment, with the best weapons Snowzerland had to offer. As the Arcanti had numbered around 25 by now, they spread out into Antartica. 10 of them live in Pengolia, as they are best suited to live their, and work as random bounty hunters. However, 5 left to join Nightmare, and 5 left to Wrath Ninja. However, 5 remained employed in Swiss's service.

However, in Traveling All of Antartica, they attacked the Hochstadt Gang on the train, and captured a few of them. As they were about to be deleted, a force of EPF agents liberated them, but this promptly was the end of the Hochstadt Gang's EPF support. At this moment, 2 are Swiss Ninja's bodyguard, 1 is in the Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland, and 2 are in the RDA as generals. Currently, they are doing their duties.


These are Swiss's bodyguard, the RDA Army teachers, professional assassins, mercenaries, and great warriors.

The Arcani have metal ninja masks, black/grey ninja clothing, and black capes.