Archet Rangers

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Archet Rangers
The official coat of arms.
Name Archet Rangers
Type Law Enforcement
Location Archet
Head Amdir
Job Law Enforcement
Members 200
Headquarters Wilderness

The Rangers of Archet, also known as Watchers or simply as Rangers, are the law enforcement branch in the area of Archet. They are led by Amdir.

Characteristically elusive and enigmatic, the Rangers spent most of their lives in the wilderness of Archet, visiting towns and villages only when needed. The Rangers were led by Chieftains. The current chieftain is Amdir. Though the Chieftains were designated figures of authority for the Rangers, the scattered police had no official headquarters or capitol. If anyone required help, they always seemed to roll into town at the right time.

The Rangers usually wear grey or dark green cloaks with no identifying ornaments except a small version of their coat of arms, on the left side of their chest. They were equipped primarily with swords, and fire arms, they were quick, versatile, and experienced fighters. Most were High Penguins, though there were some Sroots.

The rangers were known for being pro-Freezelandian. They often conducted ambushes against Euphoric ambassadors and merchants travelling through Archet. Ranger attacks were feared and dreaded by all of their enemies. There were just around 200 of these Rangers at their peak (around 2010), but they could take out large battalions of troops, as seen in Twilight and Shadow when Amluc Riam's army attacked.


The Archet Rangers was created in 1990 a rebel group, to overthrow King George. The Watchers never did overthrow King George, but they did a lot of help in the rebellion at Archet. After the rebellion the Watchers became a crime fighting militia, after the downfall of the local police department. The Watchers were always on the scene when something bad happened, which spooked some citizens. After every rescue the Watchers would disappear into the the nearby woods. In the nearby woods the Watchers created a small outpost to have secret meetings, at that time there were only 60 members. The Watchers grew over time, and by 2004 they had 90 members. Overtime the Watchers become even bigger, badder, and better. In 2005 their original leader died, and was replaced by Amdir. Amdir led the Watchers into their golden age, and the Watchers became better than ever. Crime in Archet went down by 90%, and peace was brought back to the helpless town.


The Archet Rangers use weapons and technology from the early 20th century. They fight using rifles, handguns, shotguns, and some machine guns. Some of them use swords and arrows still, but they are still deadly heroes/herons. The Archet Rangers are sometimes teased by criminals for having such old technology in their arsenal, each teaser died from one of the old weapons.


The Watchers have 256 members in it, and all are very skilled. None of the Watchers, except for Amdir, are known by name. Some wonder if the Watchers are living in plain sight, for instance if they were just normal citizens.


Rank Job
Commander 'n Chief Leads the entire militia.
2nd General Is 2nd in command of whole militia.
3rd General Is 3rd in command of whole militia.
Colonel Deals with recruits, and small issues.
Major Deals with attacks, and other small military events.
Captain Leads at least two troops.
Commander Leads at least one troop.
Soldier Normal, rule-obeying soldier.
Rookie New soldier, doesn't take place in any conflicts.

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