Arctic Kingdom

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Arctic Kingdom of Great Ursus
Arctic Kingdom
Flag of Arctic Kingdom
(and largest city)
North Pole City
Official languages English, Bearese, Hareish
Species  Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, Hares, Foxes, etc.
Demonym Arctic
 -  King A polar bear
 -  Mayor of capital city Santa Claus
 -  (Hareish) Great King/Queen Lightning-wind, Slow-paw

The Arctic Kingdom of Great Ursus (commonly known as the Arctic Kingdom in the country and the Arctic Circle elsewhere) is an unrecognized country at the top of the world. Not much is known about it due to it being opposite to Antarctica on the Earth. Herbert, Norbert and most of the Walruses that live in Antarctica now were born here. The capital of Arctic Kingdom is North Pole City.


Like the name says, Arctic Kingdom is a kingdom. Not much is known about the government. However, it is known that the current king is a Polar Bear.


Arctic Kingdom was established long time ago by a polar bear. Some years later, the Land of the Arctic Hares was agreed to be absorbed into the Kingdom, making it what it is now.


It is rumored that there are many species in the Arctic Kingdom that have never been seen by penguins. Some of the known species are Polar Bears, a few migrating Grizzly Bears, Crabs, and Arctic Hares. There may be Humans, Northern Penguins and Ducks, as well.

States and Cities[edit]


  • Iceland
  • Walrus Island - An island totally overrun by WALRUSES! There are over 9000 of them. They are thinking about seceding from the Kingdom.
  • Alaska
  • Land of the Arctic Hares - Absorbed into the kingdom a very long time ago. It has, curiously, its own leader - the Great King/Queen - but is not independent. Ironically, it had a war with the Polar Bear's state, but reached a truce. Had the Hares won, they may have become independent.


Notable residents[edit]

These are notable persons who currently or formerly lived in the Arctic Kingdom.

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