Area 501

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Area 501
Club Penguin, Sub-Antarctic Islands
The exterior and interior of Area 501's "Emergency Containment Area"
Type Top-Secret military research facility
Location code A501
In use Still in use
United States of Antarctica
Open to
the public
Controlled by Elite Penguin Force
Occupants Scientists, soldiers, MIB Agents
Events Operation: Crustacean

Area 501 is a hidden military base in Club Penguin focusing on alien research, as well as and utilization and weaponization of alien technology. It is a heavily restricted and classified facility, and only soldiers and agents with Top Secret clearance can get in on a need-to-know basis.


Area 501 was built at an unknown time on Club Penguin after rumors of extraterrestrial beings (aliens) became popular. In late 2013, a UFO flew directly over the Dock on T-Servers, prompting Area 501 to launch an urgent Operation to hide it from the public. This facility was known as the "Emergency Containment Area". It hid the view of the UFO from the public eye on the ground, but had no ceiling. Instead, the EPF mandated that the Dock on T-Servers was a no-fly zone for everything during the course of their investigation, including airplanes and Jet Pack pilots. The Emergency Containment Area was demolished once the investigation ended and power was restored to the UFO.

In 2019, a group of penguins on Beakbook pledged to storm Area 501 in order to find out what they are hiding there.


Today, the main Area 501 base is still a classified area. Three branches operate out of Area 501- the EPF, who oversee control of the base and researching alien technology, the US Military, who research and work to weaponize and protecting the alien technology, and the Moose in Black, that protect the base's secrets from the public and occasionally make A501 workers forget things they've seen. Most UFO sightings in Antarctica are recorded here and investigated later.

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