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The Armo Group
Industry Toy
Founded 1989
Founder(s) James Brickle
Headquarters Armo City, United States of Antarctica
Products Armo blocks and sets

Armo is a popular toy line of interlocking plastic blocks produced by The Armo Group.


Armo was created in 1989, after their founder, James Brickle, took note of how his son enjoyed playing with blocks, but would often accidentally topple his creations. This gave him the idea of interlocking blocks that would connect to each other, providing more sturdy structures. Originally, the blocks were sold by themselves, but by 1990 began being sold in sets with instruction books to build them, and the Minipenguin was invented to populate the newly created Armo structures.

By 2007, The Armo Group was basically rolling in money, so they got permission to build an entire city out of Armo blocks in the United States of Antarctica. It was aptly named Armo City and their headquarters was moved there, and it quickly became a popular tourist attraction. In 2008, the Club Penguin theme was released after Armo made a deal with EBUL, in time for Club Penguin's 3rd anniversary. It was the first licensed theme, and quickly became the most popular theme.


A prototype of a basic Minipenguin

Minifigure is a term which refers to the different characters that come in Armo sets. The original type of minifigure, the Minipenguin, was released in 1990, but as more species were introduced, this name became inaccurate, and the term minifigure was created. It should be noted that not all minifigures are necessarily actual figures; some, like Rocketsnails, are built with Armo blocks as part of the set.

The Minipenguin consists of three separate parts; the head, the torso, and the feet, all of which can be rotated 360 degrees, along with the flippers on the torso. The head has a small hole in the top, which allows the penguins to wear hats and wigs, and the flippers have a groove on the inner side which allows them to hold objects.

The head and feet pieces are created with a process called dual molding, which allows the beak and feet to be a separate color from the rest of the penguin's body. All other details are printed on. Aside from hats, other pieces are produced to go between the head and torso or feet and torso. While some of these are items on their own, such as scarves and ninja belts, others are used to enhance their outfit; for example, knight Minipenguins have special parts to add shoulder plating and a more defined bottom of the armor.


  • Blockcraft
  • Builder
  • City
  • Club Penguin - Introduced in October 2008 for Club Penguin Island's third anniversary, this theme features landmarks and icons of Club Penguin culture. It is Armo's most popular theme and has the largest number of sets.
  • Concepts - A program introduced by Armo in 2014 that lets penguins post their own ideas for sets online that others can vote on. If a Concept gets over 10,000 votes, it is reviewed by Armo and may be made into an official set under the Armo Concepts line.
  • Mechanic - Made for both educational purposes and enthusiasts, this theme is mostly based on machines or vehicles, and includes mechanism to make certain components move similar to their real life counterparts. An example of this is Aqua Grabber, which features functional headlights, moving propellers, and a retractable claw. Like Structures, they each come with a display mount and a suggested display style once built, and do not include minifigures.
  • Medieval
  • Mystery Minipenguins - Minipenguins released in blind bags, so you don't really know what you're getting until you open it. 2-3 series are released every year and contain 10 Minipenguins, which usually do not have a common theme except in a few rare cases.
  • Ninjas
  • Outer Space
  • Secret Agents
  • Snow Wars - Introduced in 2009 to promote Snow Wars Episode VI: The Jedi Comeback, this theme features sets based on the popular Snow Wars franchise. This was Armo's first theme based on a fictional licensed property, and would later be joined by Blockcraft and Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R. sets.
  • Sports
  • Structures - A theme not made to be played with, instead being designed to be displayed only. The sets under Structures are all miniatures of famous or unique structures and landmarks from across Antarctica, and none of the sets include minifigures.
  • Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R.

List of sets[edit]


Set name Description Release date
Cozy Cottage Based on the Cozy Cottage igloo design.

Club Penguin[edit]

Set name Description Minifigures Release date
Beta Party Pack Includes four Party Hats, a box for the hats, and a banner saying "Beta Test Party". This is the only set to date that has a Rocketsnail, making it valuable and highly sought after by collectors. Billybob, Penguin (black), Rocketsnail October 3, 2008
Igloo Based on the Split Level Igloo. Penguin (dark blue), Puffle (blue) October 3, 2008
Pizza Parlor Features the Pizza Parlor as it appeared in 2007. Gary the Gadget Guy, Penguin (yellow), Pizza Chef October 3, 2008
Night Club Features the Night Club and Dance Lounge as they appeared in 2007. The DJ station can be removed and replaced with G Billy's drums and Petey K's piano. The Dance Lounge is built separately and can be removed from the top. Franky (country), G Billy (country), Keeper of the Boiler Room, Petey K (country), Stompin' Bob (country) October 3, 2008
Coffee Shop Features the Coffee Shop and Book Room as they appeared in 2007. The Book Room is built separately and can be removed from the top. Aunt Arctic (classic), Coffee Shop Barista, Penguin (orange), Penguin (peach), Puffle (yellow) October 3, 2008
Lighthouse Features the Lighthouse and Beacon as they appeared in 2007. The Lighthouse is fully built and hinges open to allow access to the interior. The Beacon uses the first instance of a light block. Penguin (green), Penguin (purple), Rockhopper (classic), Yarr October 3, 2008
Dock Includes the Dock, the Hydro Hopper, and three inner tubes. March 20, 2009
Snow Forts Includes two snow forts and the Clock Tower. Blue Team Penguin (x2), Red Team Penguin (x2) March 20, 2009
Iceberg Includes the Iceberg and the Aqua Grabber. The Iceberg has Mechanic functions which allows it to be tipped. Puffle (pink), Scuba Diver March 20, 2009
Gift Shop Features the Gift Shop and its second floor as they appeared in 2008. The second floor is built separately and can be removed from the top. As the back wall is removed to allow access to the interior, the Gift Shop's vault is absent. Rookie March 20, 2009
Ski Lodge Features the Ski Lodge and Lodge Attic as they appeared in 2008. The Lodge Attic is built separately and can be removed from the top. Fluffy the Fish (x2), Fisherman, Mullet June 26, 2009
Migrator The side of the Migrator hinges open to allow access to the interior. Bambadee, Rockhopper (classic), Yarr June 26, 2009
Halloween Party Pack Features six Spooky Trees and four Pumpkin Baskets. Bumble Bee, Frankenpenguin, Ghost, Mummy October 2, 2009
Night of the Living Sled Based on the classic short film, it features the sled along with a portion of the mad scientist's laboratory. Mad Scientist, Penguin (black and white) x2 October 2, 2009
Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Set Features the original set for Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, which can be put into the Stage set. Gamma Gal, Reporter, Squidzoid October 2, 2009
Quest for the Golden Puffle Set Features the set for Quest for the Golden Puffle, which can be put into the Stage set. Boris, King Ra-Ra, Yukon October 2, 2009
Stage Features a blank Stage, including the Switchbox 3000 and seating. It is designed for other sets to be purchased and put on the stage to act out the plays, but also comes with various builds to create your own plays. Alaska, Director, Jester, Keeper of the Stage, Shadow Guy, Tin Can 3000 October 2, 2009
Igloo Customization Pack Features various furniture items to decorate an igloo. Penguin (lime green), Rory March 12, 2010
Space Adventure Set Features the set for Space Adventure, which can be put into the Stage set. Captain Snow, Ensign, Zip March 12, 2010
Pet Shop Features the Pet Shop as it appeared in 2009. Pet Shop Worker, Puffle (black), Puffle (blue), Puffle (green), Puffle (pink), Puffle (purple), Puffle (red), Puffle (white), Puffle (yellow) March 12, 2010
Dojo Features the Dojo as it appeared in 2009. Blue Belt, Green Belt, Ninja, Sensei, White Belt March 12, 2010
Magic Sleigh Ride Features the Magic Sleigh Ride. Elf, Santa Claus December 3, 2010
Gariwald's Mansion Candy Ghost (blue), Candy Ghost (green), Gariwald VIII, Gary the Gadget Guy, Ghost Catcher, Ghost Penguin (lime green) September 27, 2013


Set name Description Release date
Aqua Grabber Fully functioning model of the Aqua Grabber, complete with working headlights and retractable claw.
Pizzatron Desktop model of the Pizzatron 3000, with a lever activated mode changer, motorized conveyor belt, and a compartment for pizzas bases to drop down from. Toppings are represented by individual studs.

Mystery Minipenguins[edit]

Series Minifigures Release date
Series 1 Astronaut, Cheerleader, Construction Worker, DJ, Fish Costume Guy, Football Player, Knight, Lifeguard, Pajama Penguin, Wizard
Series 2 Alien, Cocoa Bunny, Cowboy, Firefighter, Hockey Player, King, Prehistoric Penguin, Referee, Snowboarder, Viking
Series 3 Barista, Clown, Jester, Jetpack Pilot, Karate Guy, Leprechaun, Miner, Robot, Secret Agent, Swimmer


Set name Location Notes Release date
Castle Fullmoon Frostborough, Freezeland
Googolplex Dorkugal
Town Center Club Penguin, USA
South Pole Capitol South Pole City, USA
Tops Tower New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra



  • At least one penguin has built an entire igloo out of Armo blocks.
  • Due to Armo's popularity, many others have tried to make money by producing and selling their own construction blocks, which are compatible with Armo sets. These brands are nowhere near as popular as Armo and usually of inferior quality. The most well-known one is Elbo.