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The Armo Group
Industry Toy
Founded 1989
Founder(s) James Brickle
Headquarters Armo City, United States of Antarctica
Products Armo blocks and sets

Armo is a popular toy line of interlocking plastic blocks produced by The Armo Group.


Armo was created in 1989, after their founder, James Brickle, took note of how his son enjoyed playing with blocks, but would often accidentally topple his creations. This gave him the idea of interlocking blocks that would connect to each other, providing more sturdy structures. Originally, the blocks were sold by themselves, but by 1990 began being sold in sets with instruction books to build them, and the Minipenguin was invented to populate the newly created Armo structures.

By 2007, The Armo Group was basically rolling in money, so they got permission to build an entire city out of Armo blocks in the United States of Antarctica. It was aptly named Armo City and their headquarters was moved there, and it quickly became a popular tourist attraction.




Minifigure is a term which refers to the different characters that come in Armo sets. The original type of minifigure, the Minipenguin, was released in 1990, but as more species were introduced, this name became inaccurate, and the term minifigure was created.

The Minipenguin consists of three separate parts; the head, the torso, and the feet, all of which can be rotated 360 degrees, along with the arms on the torso. The head has a small hole in the top, which allows the penguins to wear hats and wigs.






Outer Space[edit]

Secret Agents[edit]

Snow Wars[edit]



One-off sets[edit]

  • In 2008, a set based on Night of the Living Sled was released. It featured the titular sled, the mad scientist, a portion of his laboratory, and the two penguins.


A program introduced by Armo in 2014 that lets penguins post their own ideas for sets that others can vote on. If a Concept gets over 10,000 votes, it is reviewed by Armo and may be made into an official set under the Armo Concepts line



  • This is a parody of Lego.