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The Army of Club Penguin, or ACP for short, is the largest and best (in terms of wins in snowball fights) in Antarctica. It was founded by Oagalthorp in 2006, a year after CP replaced the older Penguin Chat. It was framed by STINC but it was revealed and ACP was cleared of all charges by 2008. It has a sub-army known as ACP II, formerly the breakaway for framed but not imprisoned ACP members.


ACP was founded in 2006 by Oagalthorp because at that time, there were few armies only and he thought they were lousy. He recruited 50 members that day and their intentions were to fight in snowball fights and protect CP from Leopard Seals, though the second intention was dropped in September 2006 and focused on snowball fighting.

When they mastered Warfare, they defeated the Nachos soon after.

Despite it's success and kindness, however, Fort57 wanted ACP all to himself (for personal reasons). He attempted to go into the ACP Elections but lost to Sheepman. Therefore, he gained the support of the government of the USA of destroying them by lying to them. In 2009, two years after the lie, an annoymous PengTube user posted a video about the conference between Fort57 and the government on PengTube. It was revealed that at the time, he was a janitor at the South Pole Council and upon hearing the two discussing ACP, he placed a hidden camera on the table (under disguise as a pencil) and recorded the incident. He had no time to post it till the framing was over. The script could be found here.

The ACP and STINC went to war and ACP sadly lost. They were all jailed however some escaped(including aaronwadhawa) and formed the ACP II to continue ACP's activity. the idea was from aaronwadhawa if we just wait for them to escape, we will die. they know we are here! just form it again so Sheepman at last created it. The fugitives include Sheepman. Meanwhile, STINC disguised themselves as the ACP and started wrecking chaos in Antarctica. ACP's name was tarnished.

In late 2008, ACP II finnally had the chance to approach the government or South Pole Council. They explained to them the lies and the government sent a spy to, of course, spy on the STINC. The accusation was true and ACP was free of all charges whilst STINC was totally locked up, except some who like the ACP, escaped and continued the reputation of STINC.

Oagalthorp had found three members, two of whom were the fugitives, to be the successor of him as he was retiring in early 2009. The winner was Kg007 and Oagalthorp retired. He rejoined the group in April as an "executive member". ACP now continue to fight in snowball fights and help the USA do good.

ACP II merged with ACP in June 2009. It is now a sub-army with Sheepman as the leader, aaronwadhawa as 2nd Boss, and XxchiblixX as the Main Boss. after everything, the main Enemy were the NINJAS


ACP, as the largest army of Good (still dwarfed by the HUGE STINC coallition), mainly protects rural areas from things such as leapord seals, minor Darktonian minions such as Mischief Makers, and the ocassional vandal, hacker, or ner-do-well.

ACP invests most of its time, money, and resources into combating the wretched STINC, their arch enemies who successfully framed both them and UMA for years on end.

Smaller branches of ACP serve as a tiny but powerful militia in metropolitan areas, often being deputized or even hired as subsidiaries of the police.

After having their name cleared, ACP soldiers were readmitted into the PSA and became valuable commodities there, too.

As an apology for the wrongdoings done upon them in the past due to framing, a large, copper statue was erected in the center of ACP Town for compensation.

ACP is part of the Free CP Alliance. They destroyed the Purple Republic during the Purple War.


  1. Oagalthorp
  2. Sheepman
  3. Fort 57 (STINC's first leader really)
  4. Rapidy (Possibly STINC's second)
  5. Kg007
  6. Shaboomboom
  7. Boomer 20
  8. Saint119
  9. Dryvit
  10. Aaronwadhawa
  11. Lane Merry (During Purple War and beyond).



He does a lot of work. He becomes the Commander in Wars. He hates ninjas. He always dresses up like them and joins them, noting their plans (kinda like a secret spy). He saves ACP from ninjas. His work is also to make plans and do the land navigation.


He doesn't do the thinnest sliver of work. He just hides it from the rest and pretends when no one isn't even watching. He wears a black cape and blue mask and says "X-MAN"

Boomer 20

He is the founder (no, not founder, but WORKMAN) of the ACP. He commands, just commands. He is a Fat penguin. He says "I'll fire that stupid X-Man someday...". He also doesn't like crowds

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  • The real ACP site: [1]

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