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"Around the World"
Around the World cover 01.PNG
Single by Cadence featuring Meaghan
from the album Causing Mayhem
Released September 13, 2010
(see release history)
Format CD single, digital download
Recorded June-August 2010
Genre Dance-pop
Length 4:19
Label Club Penguin Music Records
Writer(s) Jennette Williams, Meaghan Patzemoorah, Pomfret Hodgson Peter Kings, Ray Kodo, Yusei
Producer Petey K
Certification Gold
Cadence singles chronology
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"Around the World"
"Good Times"

Meaghan chronology
"Snow Fairytale"
"Around the World"

"Around the World" is the fourth single by Antarctican recording artist Cadence. It was released as the lead single from Cadence's second album, Causing Mayhem (2010), on October 25, 2010 for digital download and was then released elsewhere on October 29, 2010 for digital download only. It features a guest appearance by Telaphonian recording artist Meaghan. The single was written by Cadence and Meaghan along with Flipperstomp member Pomfret Hodgson, Penguin Band member, songwriter, musician and producer Petey K, Ray Kodo and Yusei. The song was produced by Petey K and released by Club Penguin Music Records.


The song was at first just a demo in June 2010. Cadence and Meaghan had met up originally to create a mixtape. They produced and recorded five tracks together, including "Around the World", but they decided to shelve the idea and focus on their studio albums. Two months later on August 6, 2010 they decided to collaborate for an official single. Meaghan had no co-writer to write her lyrics, so she decided to feature in one of Cadence's song. Cadence immediately started planning for the single. They got together again on August 14 and wrote the song, then got together with Petey K to produce the track. Petey suggested to release the track as a single and to put it on her album, "Causing Mayhem" - they did just that. Cadence then announced the single on Chitter on October 5, 2010. It was originally going to release on October 14, but the date was forwarded because of the mass amount of singles that week.

An alternate design of the cover.

Cadence talked about working with Meaghan and about the song: "Me and Meaghan were gonna make a mixtape, but as I said in another interview we decided not to. There was a demo too but we scraped that and re-done it, which turned into "Around the World". My second album, Causing Mayhem, is much more about having fun and mess around. Each track follows on from the other, and this one is about holidays - just relaxing and chillin' with your mates. I loved working with Meaghan - I've worked with her before and she's truly professional."

Critical reception[edit]

Raymond Vegas of "Music Spy" gave the song a very positive review:

A great collaboration, to start with. Cadence and Meaghan are almost the unstoppable. Petey K from Penguin Band did the music, and he's done a pretty good job. Parts of the lyrics could've have some more tweaks, but what more could an R&B/pop song ask for? It's catchy, so it'll be stuck in your head for quite a while. I would suggest that this is more of a holiday-based song than just a fun song. I heard some steel-pans playing in the background - a nice touch, Petey.

What is really original about the song, is that there is a tiny rap in it by Cadence. You'll hear that in some of her other songs too, but you won't hear that in any other R&B/pop song. This is just a bit of what you're hearing from her new album, "Causing Mayhem". It releases in December, and I can't wait. With collabs such as Nyninyne, Loony Scoundrel, DJ Crow and many more... it is sure to be a hit. And so is this song, all "around the world". 4/5 stars

Chart performance[edit]

On September 19, 2010, "Around the World" debuted at number 1 on the CP Singles Chart, knocking "Delight" by DJ Crow featuring Omar Grest and Young Wade off the top spot. It remained at number 1 for 6 weeks.

Music video[edit]

The music video was directed by Dodger Bobby in October 2010 and was uploaded to PengTube on November 2, 2010. The video starts off with Cadence laying down with sunglasses on at the Beach in Club Penguin. The scene zooms into the sunglasses and the song starts. The scene shows Cadence in a field of trees and wildlife. She goes through all of it and then comes at the coast of the island, where there are juice stalls and small shops, along with a lot of penguins. Cadence walks around the stalls and around the coast and starts off her verse. The scene zooms into a penguin sitting on a seat at a juice stall. The chair swivels around and shows Meaghan. She gets off and sings her part of the chorus. The song carries on in the same context. The video got approx. 90,000 views on the first day and currently has over 6 million views.

Charts and certifications[edit]


Chart (2010) Peak
CP Singles Chart 3
Antarctican Hot 100 Singles 1
UnitedTerra Singles Chart 6
Freezeland Singles of 100 3
Telephonian Singles Chart 1
Pengolian Slappin' 40 6
Puffle'and Bouncin' 100 Singles 11
Dorkugal Singles Chart 5


Country Certification
Club Penguin
2x Platinum

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format
USA September 13, 2010 CD single, digital download
Club Penguin
Worldwide September 27, 2010 Digital download

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