Artilleryskogo De Maple

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Артиллерийского Von Maple
Kholodnaya artilleriiskogo.png
Yep, that's how he looks like to this day.
Title Артиллерийского: The Cannon Man
Gender Male
Race Northern Penguin
Health Excellent
Status Alive and healthy
Location Von Maple Sanctuary.
Birth date December 25th, 1914
Occupation Soldier
Interests Artillery, Military, Warfare

Artilleryskogo Von Maple (Russian: Артиллерийского) was a penguin with a heavy Russian accent. He also seemed to have an obsession with artillery.


Artilleryskogo hatched in 1914 in a Russian base underneath a tank. Despite several soldiers appearing in the base, no one saw him. In his early childhood, he tried to go back to Antarctica and successfully done so. In the age of 13, he joined the army of Rusca. During the Khanzem War, he was in the medical tent to treat a bullet wound when he met Tania Tvarkov, and it was love at first sight. After a few months, they were engaged and married, making the Von Maple Family and the Tvarkov Family bonds exist. During the later parts of war, he was near an explosion that ended up with him half-dead and bleeding terribly. Since Tania's blood type was the same as Artillery's, she decided to give him a blood transfusion using her blood, thus making him immortal. To this day he remains young, and strong, but he isn't the oldest living Von Maple, because he is erm ..cheating.