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h all, h s hs? (Translation - Hi all, who is this?)
Title Asd-Fghjkl
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health Good
Level 100
Friends The Qwerty Family and people who like him
Enemies People who think he is annoying
Archetype Good
Asd-Fghjkl is a close cousin of Qwerty Uiop, and, believe it or not, he can only say words in the second row of a Qwerty keyboard. For example, "H h! ' Asd-Fghjkl" would be "Hi there! I'm Asd-Fghjkl" in normal penguin speech. A paranoid hypochondriac, he's the most pitied of the Qwerty Family, along with his aforementioned cousin. This is because he habitually worries whether a comet/lightning bolt/etc. is going to fall on him that second, or that he's going to catch some sort of unique illness. This is a great nuisance.

His father is Qwerty's uncle, while his mother is a Willowan penguin, with partly Alemanian descent. He lives in a large but simple igloo in Club Penguin, with his puffle Asd-Fghjkl Jr. (also known as Asasasa Qwerty Jr.), and his sister Zxcv Bnm. He is also a few streets away from another cousin of his called Lkjhgf-dsa, who simply adores him, and her evil, zany sister, Tyuiop Qweryuk.


Early Life[edit]

Asd-Fghjkl hatched as Asasasa Qwerty in 2000 to Kjhgfd Qwerty and Ytrewq Qwerty in Club Penguin. For his first birthday, they bought him a goldfish named Asasasa Qwerty Jr., as a surprise present named after him. He simply loved the creature, so, as a consequence, he started playing basketball with it. In order to accomplish this, he managed to cover up the enormous hole of the goldfish-bowl with kitchen-use plastic, then wrapped it in five layers of bubblewrap. While this event worthy of a PETF court case became fairly well-known in his area, he managed to - somehow - get away with the shocking deed.

After all, in the end, they couldn't take him and the goldfish to court because when he went to the local river and taped on only two layers of bubblewrap by mistake, the goldfish-bowl broke and it majestically escaped. As expected, he became very upset indeed.

He was just two at the time, so, as compensation, his parents bought him a bouquet of forget-me-nots as a late birthday present. As expected, he immediately cheered up, but unfortunately, they were not everlasting, and so a cycle of his parents continuously buying compensations began. Believe it or not, all this traumatised the poor chick, and this is probably why he is so paranoid about pointless stuff.

Fortunately, like his cousin, he began liking books by the time he was seven, so his parents began buying him those instead.

Later Life - President of the Schoolroom[edit]

He progressed perfectly fine for the remaining five years. During these years, he learned how to garden and became very good at it (very ironic, as he doesn't like flowers anymore), learnt how to play the snare drum, and built a cannon, which still works. This is very useful when scaring away any potential robbers, such as the postman. It can also be used for firing confetti. After having encountered these sort of useful deeds, his parents became very proud at the thought that he was so talented, and expected him to be the top of the schoolclass.

He eventually got elected as the President of the Schoolroom when he was twelve, against all expected odds, and kept the honoured position until he left for high-school. The fact that he quoted witty stuff 24/7 and fixed the school areoplane whenever it broke down probably helped. Unfortunately for him, some other chicks got jealous, and they got into scuffles every time the school gates closed on them. Sadly for them, his fighting skills were better than any of them would have expected, so after a week since his promotion, they gave up.

Later Life - Losing his Voice[edit]

While it does sound like he lived a privileged, easy life for as long as he could remember, in August 2015, things became very bad.

As he was walking home on that month's Guy Fawkes night, joking with his friends, they happened to pass by a bunch of Puffish schoolchicks celebrating the day in the playground. As expected, they were playing with all sorts of fireworks, without adult supervision. Curious, Asd-Fghjkl and his friends approached them, but just then, a particularly heavy firework that was definitely not made for chicks to handle sans supervision crash-landed, point down, on his head.

As guessed, the ordinary procedures followed - an ambulance was called; the Puffish chicks all got a tweak on the ears; Asd-Fghjkl was taken to the emergency ward, and the doctors examined him. He was eventually taken to the surgeons, but their job was quickly finished, and he came to his senses the next day. They told his parents that he was absolutely fine, and they had managed to fix his vocal chords in time, escaping the sad fate of cousin Qwerty Uiop.

Unfortunately, something had obviously gone wrong, and the first thing he said was " ha ha d?". Evidently, he was trying to say "What happened?", but he couldn't speak the "w"s, "t"s, "p"s, etc.. This confused his parents, and after a quick test, they discovered that he could only speak the letters "a", "s", "d", "f", "g", "h", "j", "k", and "l". In short, almost the exact same thing that fell on Qwerty Uiop had happened to him. Infuriated, his parents sued the hospital, and the poor chap was never the same again.

The moral?

Don't be a know-it-all play with fireworks without rebel adult supervision.

Later Life-Current Life[edit]



Qwerty Uiop[edit]


Tyuiop Qweryuk[edit]

Asd-Fghjkl Jr.[edit]

Asd-Fghjkl Jr. is the aforementioned penguin's pet puffle, which, in the same manner as him, can only go "s ak" instead of, say, "squeak". Despite being an incredible copycat, he is very intelligent, and can translate penguin words into puffle. This is of great use whenever a gang of puffles try a hold-up at the local corner-store.

He was born sometime in 2013, and, after having lead a happy life at the Pet Shop, he was eventually adopted by a kind owner when he was a year old. Sadly, being an absolute ninny, he ran away as soon as the kind owner invited some friends to his igloo and opened the door to let them in. He returned to the Pet Shop, and stayed there until Guy Fawkes' Night, 2015, when Asd-Fghjkl's parents adopted him as a surprise present for their son. He had to wait a while, as, naturally, Asd-Fghjkl was out, getting hurt, sent to the hospital, etc., so he only saw him a few days later. When he finally heard Asd-Fghjkl's speech impediment, he, being a copycat, copied everything he said. In a few weeks, he was simply unable to use any other letter in the alphabet, which is a shame, because if he had some more education and knew the rest of the letters, then he may have become the world's cleverest puffle-scholar.


Asd-Fghjkl, before having his freak speech impediment, was a very stylish chick/teenager indeed. Because his schools did not have any official school uniforms, he was often seen sporting antique-looking jackets/coats, shiny brogues, and gloves imported from Liguria. For some undefined reason, he also wore a fancy wig on weekends even if he wasn't doing anything in particular, accompanied by a blue or green scarf and a hat of any sort. He also wore this combination to school parties. His choice umbrella was also fairly unusual - always lemon-yellow tainted with orange and purple. His feather colour was red.

After the incident of the firework, his style was observed to have seemed to have changed overnight. He auctioned off the jackets/coats, fancy wig, shiny brogues and the gloves, and bought 2015's latest fashion instead. To this day, however, he hasn't changed the style, making him look very idiosyncratic indeed, even if he's invited to an igloo-party. He now uses a black umbrella, pooh-poohing jollier choices by stating that the rain couldn't care less about the colour of things. His feather colour is now pale red.


Asd-Fghjkl, before losing his voice, was a sociable, out-going friendly penguin. He was always chatty to his friends and parties, had lots of friends, and was concerned over his fashion style. He had very little enemies, and even if some penguins did not really like him, that was usually out of jealousy or because it was to balance out his Mary-Sue-ness. He had nothing he could fear to an exaggerated degree. In short, he was largely an extrovert.

After he lost his voice, however, he became pretty jumpy and nervous. He became very reserved and quiet, and a bit of an intellectual. He lost a great majority of his friends due to this, and it doesn't look like he'll get any more. He couldn't care less about his fashion style. His enemies now, more or less, pity him, and only a few select individuals really hate him. He also became pretty paranoid and hypochondriac. In short, he's now like a more sorry version of Penguin Micro.

Despite this, when he's in a "happy" mode, he can be a little bit like his old self again. One of his catchphrases in this mode is "Hi all; who is this?", or something remarkably witty.




  • If he appears in popular culture, then he is often portrayed as having absurd worries. For example, he might say "If we read that book then we might provoke the skyscraper over there to crash down on us!".
  • Naturally, some of the funds made from whatever he turned up in goes towards him and his family.

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