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Asiapelagoean United Organization
Flag of
Location of
A map of the Asiapelago.
CapitalSoul, South Joseon
Largest Hokio, Japaland
Official languages English, Chinese, Japanese
Recognised regional languages Filipino, Korean, Malay
Demonym Asiapelagoean, Asiapelagonean
Government Assembly
Organization Comprised of many independent nations. 
 -  Rise of the Japalandese Empire Early 1900s 
 -  Khanzem War 1913-1918 
Currency Wan, WikiBuck$, Yen, Amatarian Coin, e.t.c. (W, WB$, ¥, AC)
Drives on the Right

The Asiapelago is a region of Antarctica located far off the coast of West Pengolia. It has had a mostly isolated history until the past century, with the region seeing rising involvement on the Antarctic stage, as well as rising populations and economic growth making it a major competitor to the Ninja Archipelago.


The Asiapelago was discovered by cave-penguins in the early 10th millennium BC, who were travelling to find a suitable place to live. Some stayed in the region, others travelled to the TerraLands - now known as UnitedTerra, and the Frosian Islands. The native penguins would later evolve into two distinct ethnic groups - the Zhouese-Peletoniums of Zhou, Joseon and Japaland and the Enclave-Peletoniums of Hindonesie, the Finipines and Malesia. Not much is known about the region until the Zhouese invented a language system which spread and evolved around the Northern Asiapelago, creating the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

In recent times, outside powers mostly used the Asiapelago for trading cities and colonies without much involvement, until the Khanzem War. The Empire of Japaland had grown strong in comparison to its neighbors and decided to join Khanzem in conquering the continent. Eventually the Grand Ol' Land and the Ninja Archipelago came to their aid, and helped with reconstruction once the war ended. These new influences helped to inspire industrialization and modernization in the region, as well as some decolonization by the Ninja Archipelagoans.

In recent decades, many new nations have been founded and discovered, including Amataria, both Joseons, and Shops Island, who has quickly become the strongest nation in the region.


The Asiapelagoean United Organization is an economic organization founded by nations in the Asiapelago in the 1960s to improve the trade of goods. Today, most independent nations and autonomous-territories in the Asiapelago are part of the organization and participate.


Nations, territories and other islands described as being part of the Asiapelago, in alphabetical order. Click the maps to enlarge them.

Name Map Part of In AUO? Notes
Amataria Amataria Flag.png
Better Amataria.png
N/A Yes
Austiceia Austiceiaflag.png
Puffle'and Yes
  • A Puffish Commonwealth, meaning they have some autonomy.
Finipines FelipenasFlag.png
Felipenas map.png
N/A Yes
Freezestonia FreezestoniaFlag.png
Shops Island Yes
  • Semi-autonomous state of Shops Island.
Hindonesie Hindonesie Flag.png
Hindonesie Map.png
Batavia No
  • Hindonesie is a prosperous Batavian colony that is popular in its spice, tea, coffee, rice, and sugar production.
Japaland FlagOfJapaland.png
Japaland Map.png
N/A Yes
Joseon, North Flag of North Joseon.png
Nation on the top.
N/A No
  • Officially the "Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon".
  • It is called "North Joseon" despite being further south than its neighbor.
  • Declared independence from Japaland in 2010.
Joseon, South SouthJoseonFlag.png
조선의 공화국
Nation on the bottom.
N/A Yes
  • Officially the "Republic of Joseon".
  • It is called "South Joseon" despite being further north than its neighbor.
  • Declared independence from Japaland in 2010.
Malesia MaLOLaysiaFlag.png
Shops Island Yes
  • Semi-autonomous territory of Shops Island.
Moon Island NewRoMIFlag.png
Mŏn Eland
Shops Island Yes
  • Semi-autonomous state of Shops Island.
Shopper East Ocean Territory EastOceanTerritoryNew.png Shops Island No
  • Though they have no voice in the AUO, they are represented by Shops Island.
Shops Island ShopsIslandFlag2013.png
The large island on the left.
N/A Yes
  • The strongest nation in the Asiapelago and one of the strongest nations in Antarctica.
  • It controls an entire Empire.
Zhou Asaina flag.png
Zhou Map.png
N/A Yes
  • Largest country in the region by area and population.



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