Astro Penguin

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Astro Penguin
Start Willy wants to go to the Moon.
End Willy and his chair floated.
Location Club Penguin Island
Rewards Willy ends up in space.

On a bright, sunny, Saturday morning, Willy Redgilitalis (red-jill-it-al-iss) was sitting by the fireplace thinking of something to do while his friends were away for the weekend. While sipping a cup of hot chocolate, he looked out the window and saw that the moon was still in the sky, and he thought to himself, "What if I could become the first penguin to be up there? That would totally be cool!"

He swung the door open and ran to the Beacon, where he picked up some jet pack fuel and three jet packs.

"These should be just enough to carry me to the moon!" he said with delight. "Now, I just need a space helmet so I can breathe".

Fortunately for Willy, Space Adventure was live at the Stage, and he was able to buy himself a space helmet. He returned home, anxious to build his rocket. Willy looked around the room, and said, "Hmm... how what should I use as a rocket?" He did not really have a lot of furniture in his igloo to build a proper igloo, so he decided to use the chair sitting by his dining table.

Wanting to return home before dinner time that day, he strapped on the three rockets to the wooden chair with belts and put on his space helmet. To Willy, he had a little bit of difficulty assembling his rocket but was able to succeed. He then moved the chair outside and exclaimed, "Finally! My contraption is complete! I can finally be the first ever penguin in space!"

Willy jumped into the chair, and pulled the trigger to launch the rockets. As quick as a lightning bolt, he was launched into Earth's atmosphere. Willy was stunned by the speed he's going at as a result of three jet packs. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he yelled.

Meanwhile, Chill had just finished ordering a pizza from the Pizza Parlor and walked outside to see something flying and screaming at the same time.

He frowned and looked at his pizza, then said, "I gotta lay off on my pizza."

At the Dojo Courtyard, Larry and Barry, non-Ninjas, were waiting outside the Ninja Hideout, wanting to enter, when Larry spotted something in the sky that appeared to be a UFO.

"Is that a UFO over there?" asked Larry.

"Yeah," replied Barry.

Sudden panic rose upon them, and they got up and started banging on the door to the Ninja Hideout, begging to be let in.

"Let us in!" yelled Larry.

"There's a UFO!" screamed Barry.

Still flying through the air, Willy opened his eyes to find out that he had entered space. He was amazed to find out what space was like. UFOs flying everywhere, boxes, and mutated penguins with flippers instead of feet and feet instead of flippers? This was just like the Box Dimension!

After a little while, Willy finally landed on the moon. With excitement, he hopped off his chair and put his arms up in the air in celebration, also noticing he felt a lot lighter than he did back on Earth.

"Woo!" he exclaimed. "I am the first penguin in space! Zero gravity rocks!"

Unfortunately, by hopping off his chair, the mass of the three rockets and the chair were just light enough that they floated away. He put his flippers down, realizing he should have thought about gravity before deciding to fly to the moon. As with the chair, Willy floated away, never to be seen again.