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Atum Will Made It
Atum The Rapper.png
A portrait of Atum in 2014.
Background information
Birth name Angelo Darius Atum III
Born July 10, 1992 (1992-07-10) (age 27)
Colonial Antarctica
Origin Tomville
Genres Hip hop, trap
Occupations Producer, songwriter
Years active 2005–present
Labels EarFlippers (2014–present)
Tomville Records (2010–present)
Associated acts RaeSreppilf

Angelo Darius Atum III, better known by his stage name, Atum Will Made It, is an Antarctican record producer and songwriter that resides in Tomville. He's the older brother of Tomville Mayor Johnny 115, despite having a different last name. Since Tomville is a small community, Atum is considered a very famous penguin, and gets a lot of attention for his chrome Wexus AFL. In 2005, Atum began producing hip hop and rap records for local artists, soon receiving attention of underground artists and working his way up to becoming one of the most-sought after rap producers in the music industry. He has worked with the likes of Penstubal, Gary the Gaget Dude, and more recently, DJ Crow. He owns his own record labels, EarFlippers and Tomville Records, and has mentored ignant-rap duo RaeSreppilf.

Early life[edit]

Angelo Darius Atum III was hatched on July 10, 1992 in rural Eastern Shops, about where Tomville is located now. His father, Angelo Darius Jr., was a farmer, while his mother, Glo Glo, was a doctor who worked in modern-day Goberna. Because his dad was a farmer and his mom worked far away, young Angelo was home alone most of the time. He listened to Dr. Ray in his free time, and he played on his dad's rusty 1960's drum kit.

In 1999, Angelo's little brother, Jonathan, was hatched. Since baby Johnny had autism, Angelo's parents devoted a lot of their attention to their special needs son. On January 15, 2000, the lonely little penguin took a cab to the city, where he met a music producer. The producer helped Angelo make a song. Angelo enjoyed this, and this was the start of his music career. Every week, his parents would let him go to the city and record with the producer.

Music career[edit]

2005–07: First projects[edit]

In December 2005, the teenage penguin helped produce half off the songs on Penstubal's first album, Write It Down! A month later, in January 2006, Angelo released a song, I'm Red And I Know It to positive critical reception. It made it to Number 16 on the Penguin 100 music charts, and sold over 1,000,000 copies in stores. That June, Angelo release his second song, Growing Up. Unlike I'm Red And I Know It, Growing Up was panned by critics, and only made it to 93 on the Penguin 100. This song, however, is best known for being the first song in which Angelo went by Atum.

Upset by the failure of Growing Up, Atum took a break from singing/songwriting until April 2007, when he released three new successful songs: pPhone, Red Baby, and Oh Yeah! All of the songs peaked at Number 15 on the Penguin 100, which was quite impressive. On December 21, Atum's first album came out, Introduction, with four of the five songs he had recorded (he refused to put Growing Up on there). As of July 27, 2013, this album has sold over 30 million copies both in stores and on IceTunes.

2008–09: Mixtapes and The Late 00's[edit]

When Atum took on his second production project in February 2008, producing Penstubal's next second album, he came up with a new name: ATUM WILL MADE IT. Atum spent almost all of 2008 producing music for various artists.

Around Christmas Time in 2008, Atum released his first cover song: a cover of Jingle Bell Rock, except he rapped it. Oddly, this cover received overwhelmingly positive reviews and tons of sales on IceTunes. In February 2009, he and Cadence collaborated to make Swag Shake. Though receiving positive reviews, sales were poor. So, to make Swag Shake successful, Atum released the cover song and Swag Shake on a small album called The Late 00's, which received great reviews from critics. However, the album was released in May 2009, just one month before Atum went crazy.

2014–present: Comeback and Pay-Off[edit]

In 2014, Atum returned by launching his label EarFlippers and releasing a comeback mixtape Pay-Off (2014), which was very well received. By this time he began working with some of the biggest names in the industry, many of which featured as guest appearances on the mixtape.

In 2018, Atum collaborated with DJ Crow for the first time to produce 3 tracks off his sixth album, BLANK. (2018) – producing "CONTROL.", "GRATITIUDE." and "STREAK.".


Studio albums
  • Pay-Off 2 (2017)
  • Introduction (2007)
  • The Late 00's (2009)
  • Pay-Off (2014)


Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2006 "I'm Red and I Know It" 16 Introduction
"Growing Up" 93 Non-album single
2007 "pPhone" 15 Introduction
"Red Baby" 15
"Oh Yeah!" 15
2008 "Jingle Bell Rock" The Late 00's
2009 "Swag Shake" (featuring Cadence)

Production discography[edit]

Year Artist Tracks Album
2005 Penstubal All tracks produced Write It Down!
2006 Atum Will Made It "I'm Red and I Know It" Introduction
"Growing Up"
2008 Penstubal All tracks produced Are You Ready?
2007 Atum Will Made It "pPhone" Introduction
"Red Baby"
"Oh Yeah!"
2008 "Jingle Bell Rock" The Late 00's
2009 "Swag Shake" (featuring Cadence)
2018 DJ Crow "CONTROL." (co-produced with DJ Crow) BLANK.

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