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The writer of the Club Penguin Times.
Born November 9, 1975 (1975-11-09) (age 44)
Gender Female
Nationality Antarctican
Other names AA, Miss. Arctic
Years active 1994—present
Home town Club Penguin Island
Height 3ft 4
Weight 12kg
Known for The Club Penguin Times
Spouse(s) Gary (currently dating)

Jenny Gertrude Arctic, commonly known as Aunt Arctic is the writer of the Club Penguin Times who lives in Club Penguin, Antarctica. She has been in charge and has been writing the Club Penguin Times for many years now, and has been more successful than she could imagine. Many call her by her pen name, which is "Aunt Arctic", but also by her initials, "AA" and by "Miss Arctic". She is currently 42 years old and is dating fellow Club Penguin colleague Gary.

Other than being a writer, Aunt Arctic is a mother-figure for all penguins and the founder and director of the Penguin Secret Agency and the Elite Penguin Force.


Early life[edit]

Aunt Arctic was born in the Arctic family somewhere in Antarctica as "Jenny Gertrude Arctic" on November 9, 1979, and lived with the Arctic Family for most of her young age. At school, she wrote lots of fantasy stories and essays - and she won almost every writing contest there was at school. However, she only wrote stories in her spare time and when her friends weren't around so that she wasn't considered nerdy. Her award shelf in her bedroom expanded because of all the awards she was getting. She was actually the prize of her family because they were a very poor family from the start and her parents never actually adored her quite much; but after she started winning these contests, her parents started kissing up to her and encouraged her to write and enter these contests. She was allowed to keep her medals and trophies, but took her prize money all the time. Her parents didn't know that her medals and trophies were made out of gold and silver (they thought that they were just fake) - Jenny found out that her parents were taking advantage of her, so before her parents questioned her if the medals and trophies were gold - she told them that they were just fake.

So after she found out her parents' vile secret, she entered these contests without telling her parents, and hid all the prizes in a special compartment she made in her attic, and told her parents that writing competitions had come to a sudden hold in her school and that she "lost" all her awards.

At the age of 14, after all these years of hiding her awards and such, her parents entered her in out-of-school competitions and also cheated to make her win. She got fed up of her parents and then stashed all her awards and medals and prize money into recycling bags - including the limited clothes she had - and ran away in the night. She left a note to her parents on the kitchen table which said:

Aunt Arctic at age 36.
"Dear, parents,
You were very mean and greedy, and took advantage of me,
I found out about this some years ago and was entering contests without telling you,
You then made me cheat starting from last year which I hated, and I was fed up,
So I left home to pursue a career in writing
You did wrong.
Lots of love,

Her parents had realized that they did wrong, but by the time they had read that note and started crying, Jenny was on her way to a new city. Mr and Mrs Arctic never called the police to go looking for her - because they knew it was for her own good.

Teenage years[edit]

After she ran away from home, she moved to a place which is known as South Pole City now in 1993, but after a year or so of not finding a job, she moved to a place which was called "Penguin Island" then, and Club Penguin Island now. There was a new high school which had opened just into the woods which was called "Penguin High" - she stopped entering writing contests in her time at high school because she knew that she would then be classified as "nerdy", and there weren't any serious writing contests in "Penguin High" anyway. During high school, in 1996, Jenny met someone who would become a very successful scientist and inventor - Gary. They became friends, and by prom night at age 16, Jenny had a boyfriend. They dated throughout most of high school, but before going to college at age 18 (Gary was aged 21 at the time and didn't go college until 23), they grew apart when they had a fight on what to do which each other's lives - science and writing. So they split, and they moved on.

She got a Language Arts degree when she graduated in Penguin University in late 1998 at age 18. She then went back to Club Penguin Island to pursue her career in writing - and didn't hear about Gary for a long time.

Writing career[edit]

In 2000 when she was 20 years old, she got permission to make the national newspaper called the "CP Times" after the penguins approving her saw her degree, university and college grades and recent work - they accepted her. Two years later after creation in 2002 when she was 22, the "CP Times" was cancelled due to a discovery:

"CP Times contains fake information in editions 57 and 63. Reports also found that CP Times are using paper in an extensive way that hurts the trees from Rockhopper Island and Ross Island." - Jakous M. Sarkozy, reporter in Television ABC

Arctic didn't know that she was harming trees and had fake information - and she knew that she would never do such a thing, but she realized that she was wrong and hadn't took careful precautions. The "CP Times" was cancelled and replaced with The Daily Colonia. Later, the Daily Colonia disbanded and the official newspaper became Aunt Arctic's new CP Times, using all the needed measures to make it un-criticized. In 3 years time in 2004, the new newspaper also got cancelled due to bankruptcy. They made a new newspaper after that from 2004-2006. During that time, she had three week-long holidays to Sunshine Fjord, Dorkugal (to visit Laua Auza) and North of Eastshield. In 2006, as "Penguin Island" became Club Penguin Island, The South Pole Times were replaced with The Penguin Times (2006-present). In 2007, she was granted "Best Penguin" from the agency, and her success had started. Around 2008, she was also made chief editor of the papers after she only had a small column in the newspaper called "Ask Aunt Arctic", which is still successful today.

In 2007 she had come up with the pen name, "Aunt Arctic", and uses it more than her real life now.

Secret Agency[edit]

In 2005, Aunt Arctic founded the Penguin Secret Agency and kept her identity a secret; her code name was The Director. Almost nobody knew about her code name, but, as the Director, she announced a plan to capture Herbert P. Bear in 2010. This plan failed as Rookie accidentally set Herbert free. In 2011, she announced plans for a massive inter-agency collaboration that would scour Antarctica, eliminating a large number of the crime rings that had previously evaded law enforcement.

Along with all the other agents, Aunt Arctic was captured in Operation: Blackout. However an agent set her free, and she revealed her identity in return.

Personal life[edit]

After dating Gary in high school, after Gary heard that Jenny had come to Club Penguin and was in charge of the newspaper - he had located her igloo and apologized to her (as he had started the row a decade or more ago). Jenny apologized too and they started dating again in 2008 - she is now learning science and inventing from Gary in her spare time and Gary learns about creative writing in his spare time too. Their relationship is currently CLASSIFIED - and only very close friends know about the relationship.


The Director[edit]


  • Aunt Arctic loves pancakes and puffles.
  • She is tall for a female penguin.
  • Aunt Arctic has a long line of writing ancestors. For instance, her great-great-grandfather, Brother Arctic, wrote the Whootsagtwasgehtindruck propaganda paper from the Khanzem era.
  • Ponyo Penguin asks in issues #7,345, #9,321, #12,468, #16,999, #20,000, #30,000, #41,456, and #50,000 if she owns any puffles. Aunt Arctic's reply from issues #9,321 and later is "Your April Fool's joke is getting kind of dry."
  • Aunt Arctic is afraid of bad spelling.
  • She also is said to have an interest in cryptids at one point, writing about the cryptid known as Kongamato, in 1989.

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