Aunt Arctic's Family

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Speaker.png Click here to listen to Aunt Arctic's Family's theme!

Aunt Arctic's Family, or the Arctic Family is a family of creative, rather well-known penguins. Most every obe of them are either artists, authors, or journalists.


Here is a list of the family, in order of oldest to youngest.

  • Brother Arctic (deceased, 1910s Khanzem News writer)
  • Grandfather Arctic (Aunt Arctic's Grandfather)
  • Grandmother Arctic (Aunt Arctic's Grandma)
  • Great-Uncle Arctic (Aunt Arctic's Uncle)
  • Father Arctic (Aunt Arctic's Father)
  • Sue Arctic (Aunt Arctic's Aunt)
  • Mother Arctic (Aunt Arctic's Mother)
  • Aunt Arctic
  • Uncle Arctic (AA's brother)
  • Cousin Arctic (Aunt Arctic's Brother)
  • Lennie Arctic (Aunt Arctic's Other Brother)



  • The family theme song was chosen, because the family doesn't like to give up.
  • It is a running gag to name the Arctic family with titles of family or address, like "Aunt", "Cousin", "Aquaintance", and "Grandmother". Only Lennie breaks this, being the first to do so in well over one hundred fifty years.

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