Auzua Mostafique

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Republic of Auzua Mostafique
Auzua Mostafique


We've got to share, we've got to care
Earth Song by Michael Jackson
Island map
Capital Bezul City
Capital-in-exile Bezul City
Government Merger taking place.
Prime Minister
 -  1992 - 2006 Bezul Mostafique
 -  2006 - Niel Ohled
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Ruling party
 -  2006 - 2009 Penguins United Party
 -  2009 - 2010 Aikks Democractique
 -  2010 - Penguins United Party
Historical era Current era.
 -  Expedition of Sub-Antarctic April 14, 1992
 -  Founding May 9, 1992
 -  Construction of Bezul City 1995
 -  Democratic Elections 2006
 -  Became Free Republic 2008
 -  Merger with MAI 2009 - 2011 (and beyond)
 -  Transition Process 2011 and beyond
 -  2011 5,000,000 km² (1,930,511 sq mi)
 -  2011 est. 10,000,000 
Density 2 /km²  (5.2 /sq mi)
Currency New Auzua Dollar (A$)
Today part of Margate Antarctica Islands

The Republic of Auzua Mostafique, native name Auzøa Mostafiq and common name Auzua Mostafique, was a republic located southwest of Club Penguin Island, west of MAI and northwest of Lasoun. It was founded on May 9, 1992, during an expedition along the Sub-Antarctic and merged with MAI, the process beginning in 2009 and finalized and completed on November 7. 2011. The country was the biggest exporter coconuts and was also known for its tropical beauty and extensive culture.


Auzua Mostafique was founded by adventurer Sir Bezul Mostafique, who set out on a quest to rule his own land due to monopoly held by the king during the Colonial Antarctica era. He was one of the first few to be set against the regime due to its undemocratic laws, not allowing anyone else to rule or govern the land. On April 14, 1992, the Adelie penguin set out on his expedition to explore the then-uninhabited [[Sub-Antarctic Islands with 35 crew members. On May 9, 1992, after continuously travelling in the northwest direction, Bezul sighted shore that would later become the republic. The island then was only inhabited by several tribes, who would later be reogranised into larger villages and given positions in government.

The island never had a common name, thus Bezul named it "Auzua Mostafique", the word "Auzua" being the heritage he hailed from and also a term for natural beauty. There was a steady influx of penguins from all over Antarctica, but there was no official capital, so they were spread across the entire country. Therefore, Bezul initiated "Plan Bezul", which was to construct a capital city, as well as several neighbouring towns along the east coast. By 1995, the proposed developments had been completed. The capital was named Bezul City in honour of Bezul Mostafique, who was crowned prime minister, and neighbouring towns named after tribes.

Bezul Mostafique was credited for being a supporter of natural conservation. In 1996, he proposed a set of laws to ban deforestation within the land that would later be known as the Alazmaze Forest. He did allow tribes to continue residing within forest grounds. In 1997, he allowed settlements to be built freely on the west, north and south coasts of the island. He initiated many conservation plans that helped protect the ecosystem of Auzua Mostafique.

When the USA was formed in 2001, recognition of neighbouring states started. Auzua Mostafique was officially recognised as a state and trade relations began with other countries. Coconuts were found to be a resource native to the island, as well as several other fruits. These items would later become one of Auzua Mostafique's biggest industries, alongside ecotourism.

In 2006, democratic elections were held for the first time since the founding of the nation. Three political parties, the Penguins United Party, the Penguins Power Party and Aikks Democratique contested in the election, which would determine the new prime minister and ruling party. The Penguin United Party won with 51.4% of votes, and Niel Olehd became Prime Minister, with Bezul staying on as president. In 2008, Auzua Mostafique became a Free Republic of the USA to improve its trade and begin military protection.

In early 2009, Auzua Mostafique began its merger with MAI, in which certain key sectors of the country would be controlled by the MAI government. As a result, the Penguins United Party lost most of its power, eventually ceding its ruling party position to Aikks Democratique. In 2010, a set of impromptu elections crowned the PUP as the ruling party once more.

Eventually, on the 5th of November, 2011, Margate Antarctica Islands announced it would be officially merging both Auzua Mostafique and Lasoun with its state on the 7th and 6th respectively. At midnight on the 7th of November, the deal was officially signed and Auzua Mostafique became a state of the Margate Antarctica Islands.

After merger[edit]

By-elections for the new State of Auzua Mostafique was announced to be held on 6th of January, 2012. The PUP will remain as interregnum ruling party, and was allowed to participate in both municipal and general elections effective from 2016. On the 6th of November, 2011, it was announced that all Auzuan citizens have to switch their passports at any local Immigration Bureau office or airport in MAI. The deadline for completion was on 6th of November, 2016. Auzuan passports were valid until January 1st, 2015, according to an Immigration Bureau report. By the end of 2011, approximately a million Auzuans registered for MAI citizenship.

November 7 marked the entry of Bezul Mostafique into Parliament as a residential MP. November 8 marked the entry of Secretary-General of the PUP into Parliament.