Avatar Warmech V2

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Next Generation Avatar Warmech V2

300px-AvatarWarmech CC3 Art1.jpg
Fight or run, I suggest run.

That is a prototype, so you know.
Type Warmech
Effects Damage, lots of damage/
Source Metals, power, a driver, resources, oil.
Location Warmech
Cost to buy 1,000,00 pebbles
Cost to sell Cannot be sold.

Avatar Warmech V2 is a state-of-the-art weapon of mass destruction blueprinted by Dara, captured by War Bots, built by the Snowzerland army, and employed by Snowzerland.


One word, run.

When employed, the Mech can cause a lot of destruction before defeated, and because of its 5 inch armor, it can take quite a beating. Your best shot of defeating it is deletion or concentrated fire.

The weapon has several different ammunition types for battle with just about any enemy. Most are listed in the array. It is massive and will take a huge beating from anything, even though its size makes it slow. Its relies heavily on its legs, meaning that in the event the legs are destroyed, it is extremely weakened. This is considered to be its "Achilles' Heel".


The "Orginal"[edit]

The original Warmech as the the most powerful land weapon of a decade, it nearly won the Great Snowzerland War for the Snowzerland army. It, alone, destroyed a entire USA brigade. It took over Ten battles for it to be taken down. It was, fortunately destroyed at the finale battle of the Snowzerland War.


  • Next to the AMOEBA, is one of the most dangerous weapons out there.
  • Many War Bots consider this machine to be their "Father" (below Swiss Ninja, of course!)
    • IN groups.............You don't wanna know.
  • It is extremely slow because of all the armor and weapons, its a easy target. All that on two legs......
  • Destroy the legs and it wont be able to fight back.
  • For some reason some villains tend to steal multiple copies of the Avatar Warmech V2 to fight the Hero Mechas. They usually end up getting destroyed, but for some reason they keep regenerating in Snowzerland.
    • This is the only way the warmechs regenerate; if they are destroyed in any other way other than getting stolen and blown up, they don't return.


  • 4 small Ditto missiles
  • 6 lasers (On the 6 arms)
    • Or when needed, they transform into deletion swords.
  • 2 snowball cannons
  • 6 small Deletion Missiles
  • 2 Knicicle launchers
  • 1 Deletion cannon (On the chest)
  • Not really a weapon, but there's 6 deletion spikes on each foot.

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