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Type A body-controlled robot
Source Made in Underworld
Location Antarctica
Cost to buy priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

Avatars are special androids controlled by Demon Penguins. Mectrixctic created the idea because she wanted a safer way for the Demon Penguins to surface. It took a lot of research, engineering, and labor, but the avatars were created. Luka Wryren had a major part in making them, as well as 3-D Demon, and a group of Demon scientists.

How they Work[edit]

A demon penguin has wires attached to it. A helmet is put on, and a drill goes into its brain. This allows them to control the avatar's every move. The Demon will feel, see, smell, taste, etc what the avatar does, but still be in the safety of the underworld. While as an avatar, the demon penguin is virtually a normal penguin. It is immune to most of the weaknesses except for hearing speeches from the P.O.P.E., where it will crumble to dust, but immediately revived. Also, and avatar is much stronger than a normal penguin, being able to pick up things 10 times it's own weight. This can't be said without saying that the avatar is also heavier than a normal penguin.

A Demon Penguin can change the color of its avatar with a push of a button. It can also give the avatar holographic clothing. The holograms are special in that they are 3-D and have texture. They can do this by buying clothing and scanning them, but some found a way of doing this by just entering a code, which may be illegal because they now have clothing without buying it.


  • They are a parody of Club Penguin Avatars, as well as avatars in general.
  • If a Demon Penguin dies while using an avatar, it will be instantly revived by a Demon Penguin watching it, or by a robot. Since they are revived almost instantly, they do not become weaker, unlike other undead demons.
  • The skin and feathers of an avatar are organic, but stronger than normal penguin parts.
  • Mectrixctic and Christina have avatars.
  • Avatars cannot be deleted by a normal Deletion Missile. However, a highly intensified beam of deletion energy (like those emitted by Slicer Missiles and Deletion Lasers) can damage them somewhat.
  • An avatar has real functioning skin and feathers that are genetically modified to be extremely strong and durable.