Axe S. Grant-Ed

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Axe S. Grant-Ed

In case you were wondering, he can't actually see through those.
Born Axel Sunday Grant-Ed
October 6, 1997 (1997-10-06) (age 22)
Penguiki, Warmslates
Residence S.H.A.R.K. Base One
Gender Male
Nationality Warmslatian-Antarctican
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Citizenship Warmslate.png Warmslatian
USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Occupation S.H.A.R.K. Agent
Software Developer
Tech Support
Years active 2016-present
Home town Penguiki
Known for Perfoming countless hackings on other organizations, namely the EPF
Title Axe S. Grant-Ed
The Official S.H.A.R.K. Tech Support Specialist
Parents Marina Grant (mother)
Tim Ed (father)

Axel Sunday "Axe" Grant-Ed is the official hacker of the S.H.A.R.K. organization. Living and working amongst the other S.H.A.R.K. agents, Axe is the lead hacker, being single-handled responsible for most of the hackings performed by S.H.A.R.K. After joining the organization during its many recruitment campaigns, Axe has since worked endlessly behind the scenes on behalf of S.H.A.R.K., and occasionally doubles as tech support whenever something computer-based goes wrong.


Axe was hatched in Penguiki Island in the Warmslates to Marina Grant and Tim Ed, giving him the last name, Grant-Ed. Living on the hot beaches of the Warmslates, nothing of much interest happened in Axe's life, though he was highly fascinated by the inner workings of computers and other technology of the like. Axe also got into art, something which he thoroughly also enjoyed, discovering his appreciation of decoration. Axe picked up the ability to use computers really quickly, something that also became a hobby of his.

After his early life in Penguiki, Axe moved to the mainland Antarctica around 2016, to possibly get a job as an artist. Finding out that it wasn't as easy as he thought, Axe thought of doing something tech-orientated, based on his love for computers and other tech-related things. He then committed to making this a reality, searching for jobs online. He found a job in South Pole City as technical support in a local call center, where he worked a rather boring job, answering and making calls for several months. He then shifted to working as an IT specialist for an office in the city, only being relied upon when either a printer broke down or the internet wasn't functioning.

Eventually, Axe discovered an opportunity to work in Crookharbor, where a job as a hacker was needed, in exchange for a sum of money. Despising his previous jobs working in offices in South Pole City, Axe moved to Crookharbor, where he took the job. Being very familiar with the ins and outs of computers, hacking was rather easy for Axe, who decided he would rather stick with becoming a hacker, and opened up a business in the city where he could be hired. Axe became well-liked by some of the local criminals in the city, who often approached him to do things in exchange for money, from infiltrating a mainframe to helping them get better internet connection.

After some time, in early 2017, Axe wasn't getting as much business offers as usual, and was approached by Bernie892, as commander of S.H.A.R.K., who offered him a position in their organization. Bernie promised that together with his help, S.H.A.R.K. could achieve greatness and continental domination, and in exchange for joining, Axe would have access to any and all of S.H.A.R.K.'s stolen tech, which included broken EPF spy phones and unused computers among others. After agreeing to join, Axe proved to be a major help with building S.H.A.R.K.'s specialized "Otherverse", a dream reality powered by a series of computers, only being accessible by sleeping. He also helped with reprogramming ALBERT, an AI salvaged from a broken robot, in order to operate and oversee the activities of the Otherverse.



Axe currently works full-time and exclusively for S.H.A.R.K. as the organization's own computer expert, performing a variety of jobs and fulfilling most of their tech-related roles. Starting from 2016, Axe has since been in S.H.A.R.K.'s employment, and is often underappreciated and taken for granted by most of the organization's members despite how significant and essential he is to all their online operations.

Some of Axe's jobs and roles include hacking security systems during raids, creating and updating malware to use during these raids, fixing broken computers, checking for problems during internet outages, and maintaining and monitoring the electrical and computing systems of S.H.A.R.K.'s bases among several others. Axe also builds numerous mini-computers and other machinery in his spare time, some of which go on to be used and incorporated by S.H.A.R.K. Most of these inventions don't make it past this phase, however, due to being purely aesthetic and otherwise useless.

Before his days as a hacker working for S.H.A.R.K., Axe worked as a technical support and computer specialist in different offices back in South Pole City. Axe then changed to become a "hacker for hire", moving to Crookharbor to begin a business that started out quite successful.


Originally born as a blue penguin, Axe is a maroon penguin, and because he is not naturally maroon, is believed by most to have acquired the colour through illegitimate or illegal means. He is almost always seen wearing the exact same equipment every single day (a list of which can be seen below), although this may vary depending on the situation.


  • Screen Goggles - Axe wears a pair of his own customized "screen goggles", which has its programming modelled off of a stolen EPF visor helmet. The goggles themselves were made out of a pair of ski goggles, and have binocular-like lenses to see the display inside, as well as an antennae on the back to receive signals. A screen is also present on the front, displaying everything Axe sees, although this doesn't serve any purpose other than being cosmetic, and to add to Axe's overall appearance. There are also speakers built-in to the straps of the goggles, allowing him to receive audio.
  • Gadget Wristwatch - A complex device that fits as a watch on Axe's arm. It is equipped with a touchscreen, several buttons and some dials, and is meant to link up to other tech items Axe carries around with him, such as his screen goggles. Only Axe knows how to operate this item however, and incorrectly pressing certain buttons can cause a series of mishaps if any of his equipment are present. The watch has a magnetic strap, which Axe obtained from taking the metal out of a broken slap bracelet.
Axe's wristwatch, complete with all of its various buttons. He usually wears this, though may alternate between other watch-like gadgets.
  • Utility Belt - This belt usually holds screwdrivers and components such as bolts, screws and other hardware. A red light is present on the front, but serves no function other than to add to Axe's appearance.
  • "Hackpack" - Usually always carried around with Axe is a backpack which he named the "Hackpack". Similar to his belt, it simply serves as storage for all the parts he carries around, making the bag quite heavy. Axe normally stores the Hackpack with backup versions of his usual gear, including his goggles and watch. A small radio dish is present on the side of the bag, which (again, like the screen goggles) serves no purpose, and is simply there for aesthetic reasons.


Axe tends to have a relaxed personality, often taking his job with a carefree attitude, and isn't too concerned about most things. While this keeps him from worrying too much or panicking about things, this attitude also leads him to sometimes underestimate how important an issue actually is. Collecting all kinds of technological items he can find, both old or new, Axe also takes a liking to things that catch his eye, such as shiny or glow-in-the-dark items. Axe admires the more aesthetic side of tech-based items, even if they're just cosmetic and serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

Because of Axe's "collector" personality, he is known to be a very messy person, with his workshop being overcrowded with pieces of unused tech. Axe finds it hard to keep tidy, and avoids throwing stuff out no matter how old or broken, often insisting that "everything has a use" and "nothing can't be fixed" whenever he is confronted about it.

Strengths & Abilities[edit]

Having had experience in hacking, coding and computer software, Axe can usually remember up to 20 digits at a time, and can sometimes go even further than this number. Being S.H.A.R.K.'s hacking specialist, Axe is a highly accomplished and experienced hacker, being able to infiltrate many computing systems, although this isn't the case all of the time. Axe often tinkers around with his technology, putting together and taking apart machinery and old computers, salvaging them for their parts, and using them for whatever else he desires. If given the right components, Axe can build simple, working computers, or change screens to display a specific message or image.

After years of self-learning and self-teaching through the internet, Axe has mastered the ability to code, and is well-versed in the world of computer science. This allows him to design websites, programs, and computer macros that can help him automate whatever command he wants from a computer, provided that the computer has the ability to execute the command.

Having messed around with electrical wiring and circuitry in numerous instances, Axe has some knowledge of how they work.


Due to often carrying around equipment or spare parts around with him in his backpack (which he almost never goes without), Axe is usually weighed down, and can't run as fast as others, which usually results in the contents of his bag flying everywhere. Axe wears a pair of his own customized "screen goggles", which has a screen display on the front side, conveniently giving away everything that Axe sees on his side of the goggles, which can be used against him. Axe is also basically blind and completely oblivious of his surroundings while he is wearing his goggles, as he cannot see through them, and they aren't equipped with any cameras or visuals of the outside. This makes him especially vulnerable while he has them on, and Axe has to take them off in order to actually see where he is going or what he is doing.



  • Wikipenguino X - Being Axe's boss as the Supreme Leader of S.H.A.R.K., Axe works for Wikipenguino X. If Wikipenguino X is ever suffering from tech-based problems or a faulty internet connection, Axe is usually the one to come save the day before Wikipenguino X throws a tantrum over it.
  • Bernie892 - Bernie was the one who recruited Axe into S.H.A.R.K., taking an interest to his abilities.
  • Lieutenant Drone - Axe usually works under the Lieutenant's command, usually helping from behind the scenes.
  • Hi-Jacker-Jack - Axe and Jack both came from similar backgrounds, both having former jobs as tech supporters, and both take an interest in seizing control of electronics for their own purposes. The two often talk to each other every now and then, comparing their knowledge on hacking. Axe often consults Jack for advice, specifically for pointers on how to hack a system as quickly as possible, an ability that Jack has an unnatural proficiency in.
  • Red-Eyed Randy - Randy's infamous "red eye" was created by Axe, after Randy lost his previous red eye patch. Randy has been grateful for Axe ever since, often coming to him for any issues with his new eye gadget, and is perhaps the only person in S.H.A.R.K. that actually appreciates Axe and his job.



  • Wikipenguino45 - While the rest of the organization hates the members Venturous Three with a burning passion, mostly inherited from their founder, Axe doesn't despise them as much as the others. Having never met Wikipenguino in person or even gone against him (primarily due to working only behind the scenes), Axe doesn't hate him the same way the others do. However, Wikipenguino was partially responsible for destroying the Otherverse, and ALBERT, two tech-based projects started by S.H.A.R.K. Having worked endlessly on these projects, Axe was rather frustrated at Wikipenguino for having hours of his work erased, seemingly permanently, which Axe uses as a reason to not like him.


  • Due to being hatched on a Sunday, Axe's middle name is "Sunday", which he simplified to "S." in his full name to sound more "professional".
  • It is believed that before his career in tech, Axe was considering becoming an artist.
  • Axe wears only one glowing red and black shoe on his left foot; not because he wants to, but because he damaged the right shoe, and would rather not wear mismatched shoes or a different pair.

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