Axis of Tyranny

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Were you looking for the Axle Powers, which is neither an Axis nor evil?

The Axis of Tyranny is a phrase invented by the Shoppers and the Puffish to describe the loose alliance of specific nations. Nevertheless, the nations that are part of this group consider the name VERY offensive, and they do not use it. The nations that are part of this alliance were changed dramatically in The Great Yowien War.

After the war, the term became more recognized across Antarctica, and has even been used in some UAN meetings.

Nations commonly labeled as "Axis" members[edit]

East Pengolia image flag.png

  • East Pengolia - The most powerful of the three. East Pengolia has gained the distrust of the USA, Castilla, Snowzerland, Shops Island, and many other nations alike. It was the main weapons producer of the Great Yowien War, and is a proud communist state.

Flag of North Joseon.png

Puffalian Axis[edit]

The Puffalian axis was the group of nations allied with Puffalia during the Frosian War in 2014.


  • Puffalia - The head of this axis, Puffalia started the Frosian War.


  • Puffarus - Close ally to Puffalia, provided soldiers.

Asaina flag.png

  • Zhou - The lasrgest nation in the Axis, provided support to the Puffalians.


Former Members[edit]

Yowien Empire flag.png

  • Old Yow Kingdom - One of the founding members. They were relinquished from the group when they lost sovereignty.

Flag of Magic.png



Barbearer flag.png

  • Old Barbearer Islands - Temporarily considered a member during the war, when it was allied with East Pengolia.