Axle Powers Capital Territory

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Axle Powers Capital Territory
Motto: "Land of the Fallen"
CapitalArmy Base One
Largest city Army Base Six
Official languages English
Demonym Axle
 -  President of Shops Island Lavender
 -  Supreme Leader of the Culldrome Isles Steven Snowen
 -  President of Munijoch The Globalist
 -  Hierarch of Ed Island EDFan12345
Legislature Axle Powers Chambers
 -  Upper house Axle Council
 -  Lower house Axle Legislature
 -  Collapse of Puffalia and Puffarus June 22, 2014 
 -  Provisional Government June 25, 2014 
 -  Made Axle Powers Capital Territory December 30, 2014 
 -  estimate 0 [1]
Currency WB$
Club Penguin Gold Coin (primary)
Internet TLD .ax
Footnotes [1] - No permanent population; only inhabited by Axle troops and politicians.

The Axle Powers Capital Territory is territory owned by the Axle Powers specifically, but not by any of its members, although they have equal roles in maintaining and protecting it. The territory is the head of the Axle Powers Chambers, which it was moved to from Shops Island.


For early history, see Puffalia, Puffarus, and the Frosian War.

After the Frosian War, Puffalia and Puffarus were left quite literally in ruins. None of the allies trusted and Puffalian and Pufforuscan lands to have their own government, so the Axle Powers agreed that a permanent occupation of the lands was called for. They set up military bases across the island which were not dignified to any single nation, and instead were open to all Axle militaries.

In December of 2014, the Axle nations started holding talks as to what should be done about the conquered land. As purely a military base, it was strategically useless. There was no more permanent population, and the landscape was destroyed. So, they decided that this neutral Axle Powers territory could (and should) be made the capital. On December 30, 2014, on the one year anniversary of the Axle Powers' foundation, the land first known as the Allied Occupation of Puffalia and Puffarus was renamed the Axle Powers Capital Territory. Over the next few months, Axle Powers offices and officials were moved out of the four member nations, and were assembled into the new capital territory.

In March of 2015, construction began on the official Axle Powers Headquarters and Offices, courtesy of Munijoch and Culldrome Isles. An agreement was made that apartments would be created to house on-site workers within the territory, as to prevent collapse of the offices whilst business is not in session.



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